frequently asked questions


How old are you?

I'm 23.

Where do you live?

I know, despite the title of my blog I still get asked a fair bit - I live in the city of London, UK.

Why did you start your blog?

When I moved to London about five years ago I didn't really have that many girlie London friends that I could ramble about makeup to. I felt a bit lonely and craved for some girl chat. I logged online while looking for a review of a MAC product one day and stumbled upon the delightful world of beauty blogs and youtube channels. I read them solidly for around a year before deciding to start my own. I was shaking with nerves and was so scared about publishing my content online. I often sat up til 4/5am just waiting incase I got a comment. I got addicted and since can't put my laptop down!

What do you take your photos on?

I shoot on a Canon 50d DSLR. I use an 18-55mm lens for standard use and 50-200mm telephoto lens for close ups. I am a freelance photographer though so don't ever feel pressure to buy a DSLR just for your blog - you can create incredible snaps on a little point and shoot, that's how I learned.

Do you blog full time?

At the moment, I don't. Please do bear this in mind!

What else do you do then?

I DJ at the Camden Barfly, as well as doing social media and community management for some brands. I work with bands and musicians on PR and press, too. I have my fingers in many pies, all of them tasty. Mmm. Pie.

Where can I buy your lipstick: ZOMG?

It's a Limited Edition shade sadly but if you join the Rockalily mailing list over on you will be the first to know when it comes back into stock. If you're desperate to get hold of it, contact Ree Ree from Rockalily herself and she'll be able to help!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

I know right now the blogging world has become a marketplace for PR companies and brands to advertise and share their products, but you must know from the start when you set out your blog what your intentions are. If you wish to progress and make a living from your blog - there's no shame in that - but make it clear. If you're blogging because you love the products and want to share your passions make that clear too. This way you'll attract more readers due to your honest nature. I think on both accounts it's important not to stress about comment count and follower count, at the end of the day they're just numbers and don't define what your blog is. If your blog has amazing content it will get found, trust me. Instead of stressing about followers, stress about content. Followers are just a by-product of fantastic content and you'll soon see them come flocking in, I promise.

Hope that helped. If I haven't covered something you would like to see answered don't hesitate to tweet me @londonlipgloss or email me at !