Tuesday, December 18, 2012

is eye cream the biggest beauty fraud?


"aaargh, under-eye wrinkles! laughter lines, right? RIGHT?"

This is something i've been pondering for a really long time now and thought i'd weigh in with my thoughts on it. Eye cream. That product hailed as the miracle worker - often most plugged out of all in beauty advertising - has become somewhat of extra effort rather than an actual necessity. I find personally I notice absolutely no difference in whether i'm using an anti-wrinkle eye cream, or an eye brightening cream, or even something like Nanoblur, which seemed to have little to no effect on me. Okay, so you might argue I still have young skin at 23, but i'm not 17, and I know that early to mid twenties is the key time for skin prevention in the future. I do my bit for my skin, I drink pints of water and I eat healthily alongside my skincare routine, but honestly? Eye cream has been something i've tried tons of and noticed absolutely no change at all over the last few years. I'm really starting to wonder if we're all just throwing money down the drain y'know!

When you switch cleansers or moisturisers, your skin reacts and either behaves or misbehaves accordingly. I've switched up eye creams from rollerball applicators to squeezy tube applicators to just plain old in the tub cream and after years of trying - my eyes look exactly the same. I don't think as a nation we'd ever get the real truth from cosmetic companies as to whether or not our so called beloved miracle eye creams actually work or not, because it's of course a whole new product range that beauty companies can sell us.

So i've decided to look into the real core of skin and find out truthfully what the difference between the skin immediately under our eyes to the skin surrounding and leading to our cheeks and forehead is, just to see if these claims made by eye creams can potentially actually work. It is fact that the skin around the eyes is about seven times thinner than the skin on the rest of your face - makes sense right, it's a delicate area. For this reason, it struggles to stay youthful. This is because it's prone to expression lines from your eye movement and also dryness/lack of hydration in that area. But realistically, is an eye cream the answer to these problems? Isn't normal moisturiser good enough?

What I did about 8 months ago, was gave up the eye cream for good. Actually I passed it on to my ma. (She reckons she's had a little change, but nothing dramatic.) Instead I worked on different ways to make my eyes look brighter. See, I have a little problem with lack of sleep (blame Twitter) and lack of finding good concealer (big article on this coming soon paleys) so I need my face to look as crisp and bright as possible, without revealing my sleepy black eyes. I found a couple of really good ways that help and I thought id share them with you. Number one is to try resting cucumber on your eyes for a few minutes. The natural water base of cucumber I found really helped wake up my eye area - and also me, ha!

The best tip came from being inspired after meeting Emma Hardie. She showed me how to massage away wrinkles from the face - as one of the main reasons wrinkles appear is due to muscles not being toned/the blood flow not being awakened - so instead of purchasing an eye cream, get your usual moisturiser and rub it gently around your eye area in circular motions, always rubbing in an upward motion and never a downward.

Honestly though, I think eye cream is a bit of a beauty fraud, and no matter how much expensive stuff we throw on our soft undereye skin, our wrinkles and dark circles will always be there. What do you think? Do you think eye cream is a bit of a fraud or do you think it actually works? Get a bit of a discussion going on TLL! Please leave your thoughts below and let me know if you try the tips!
Love, Zozo

Disclaimer: Sorry eye creams, I wish we could be friends. Unfortunately for now, i'm putting you on the naughty step of skincare!

Second disclaimer/question: a new direction for TLL in actual coherent articles like this. What do we reckon? If you enjoyed this article let me know in the comments! 


  1. I've tried all sorts of eye creams, from expensive to inexpensive and like you, I've found virtually zero results. I've given up now and will probably never use another eye product.

  2. Yep, like this post a lot.

    I do think you have to have drastic wrinkles and/or bags to actually notice a difference. I assume so anyway, having also used eye creams myself for quite some time (since a teenager) but my "default" eye-setting appears to be tiny fine lines and dark under-eye shadows. I don't think any cream - whether it costs £1 or £1000 - will make your skin or eyes look any better than their default.

    I find what makes the biggest difference is whether I'm hydrated or not. So if I'm looking kinda wrinkly, I just drink a whole load of water, and the situation has improved by the next day. No idea about the blue under-eye circles though.. let's just say I'm looking forward to the concealer post.

  3. I'm the exact same, i've tried so many and yet none have worked. I agree with you here, eye cream is the biggest beauty fraud! - absolute waste of money.


  4. Nooo! Eye cream is probably one of my must-haves. Without it my eyes look far worse - I think the main reason you won't have seen a result has to be age (yes, I'm jealous) but eyecream and hydration around the eye area for me is a number one beauty issue and a normal facecream tends to not feel *enough* for me. Part of it has to be finding the right one for you though as I've found ones that are rubbish too.

  5. I'm 32 and I do have lines around my eyes - but eye cream doesn't do jack!

    It's not the skin that's different, it's the fact that eye creams are no more than expensive moisturisers in smaller pots!

    The best way of eradicating under eye dark circles is to drink a crap tonne of water, lots of leafy greens like spinach and kale and get plenty of sleep. Beauty comes from within.

    I think most skincare is a waste of time - my skin is no worse (in fact probably better!) now that my skincare consists of supermarket baby wipes and a liz earle facial oil (all natural ingredients) than when I used a plethora of high end cleaners, toners day creams, night creams and eye creams!

  6. Hi Zoe!

    Loved the new type of post - it was a really interesting read!

    Not sure if eye creams are a fraud or not...personally i think they would be more preventative than anything else anyway so i apply one every morning in order to hopefully prevent lots of lines around the eyes when i'm older. I'm only 25 but like you have a few small expression lines and i haven't noticed any difference to them at all but i also haven't noticed any new lines...whether this is proof the cream is working or not i don't know!

    I have noticed that sometimes when i'm lacking sleep, the cooling eye cream does help reduce any puffiness so even if i'm just using it for this reason i think i'll keep on doing it - it might be worth to mention though that i only use a cheap cream from Superdrug (their Vitamin E eye cream) and so i'm not really breaking the bank with this potentially useless habit!

    Hope you do more posts like this in the future :)

    Shivvy x

  7. I love this new type of post, I am definitely interested to see some more!

    It's a really refreshing change to see a beauty blogger saying "actually guys, you don't NEED this product" for once rather than seeing things I'd never even heard of described as essential.

    I am only 21 and look much younger, so I've never used an eye cream but I haven't ever seen the point and I doubt I ever will! Concealer is the only solution for dark circles if you ask me. That or embrace them!

    Emily Jane xo

  8. I am inclined to agree. I have bought eye creams in the past, I still have a little tub of Benefit Eye-con in my bathroom, but I honestly don't see how it's any different from moisturiser!

  9. I have never used eye cream but wanted to start (I'm also 23) but didn't want to waste the money on something that might not work. Thank you for this post- I really enjoyed it x

  10. Loved this post. it is very interesting, i agree I've never found anything that upsets the skin around my eye or changed it (I'm super pale too so I notice the dark circles) it's so annoying because anti-aging stuff you will never know how well it works. Unless you have an exact twin with the same lifestyle as you that just doesn't your anti-aging skincare... Dont think they exist really?

  11. This made a nice change from all product reviews, I'm liking this new sort of direction :) as for eye creams, any moisturiser will do the job in my opinion. I just use a combined cleanser and toner and use a bog standard Vaseline moisturising lotion. I feel all anti-aging products are a bit of a con!

  12. I find it's more of targeted thing, I like to have one for when it's needs a brighten. That's only if I have the money to splurge out and buy some (which at the moment is never!). I like the massage tips, will be trying those out!

    Thumbs up for these kinds of articles :) x

  13. Eye creams are to prevent wrinkles, not take them away. You are suppose to start using a light eye cream in your early 20's in order to see results. My mother has used the Pond's cream since her early 20s and she has minimal wrinkles now in her mid 50s

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth! :)

  14. I love this!!
    I have never ever used an eye cream - will do that massage thing now!!

  15. I don't actually need eye cream as I am not even in my twenties yet but I found this post really interesting, honestly the eye brightening cream and anti-wrinkle cream look exactly the same though. X

    thelianey.blogspot.com xx

  16. Totally agree. I've tried them and they just do nothing. I find the only thing that makes a difference is when I actually bother sleeping well and drink enough water. x

  17. Agreed. I'd say half the stuff comes from massaging your face! x

  18. I'm in my thirties (late thirties, cough) and this year I noticed the signs of starting to look like a raddled old bat because my eye bags have gone from fine to 'Whoa there!' seemingly overnight. I use an eye gel and the caffeine roller jobby but I can't see any difference. I also get some dark shadows under my eyes, which I can't bloody conceal because then it sinks into the crinkles and my undereyes look like the back end of a Shar Pei. I look forward to your post about concealer for pale people, as one of them *fingers crossed* might not set like polyfilla in my wrinkles. Forget all that NC15 business, I'm the colour of A4. Ha! xx

  19. My sentiments exactly! I think using eye creams does more for us mentally than physically. For me, as long as I at least think I'm preventing something, then I am happy. However, I have yet to find an eye cream that has really shocked me with results.


  20. I'm really enjoying the new direction, there's more to sink your teeth into, I like a bit of a debate and don't feel like I'm being fed the same thing as on every other beauty blog. This was a really interesting read.

    I agree with eye creams too, I've never noticed them to make any difference. Massaging your skin is a good tip I heard a couple of years back so I was happy to see you reaffirm that!!


  21. I'm the exact same, i've tried so many and yet none have worked. I agree with you here, eye cream is the biggest beauty fraud!Getting FREE Christmas Gifts Here,http://www.japan-lingzhi-2daydiet.com/Christmas.html.

  22. I don't think eye cream is "da biggest" fraud since there are bigger ones like pore minimising stuffs(lol)! Dude they don't minimise they just cover it.. well let's not stick the point.

    I am 29 years old (thanx to oily skin, I don't show it!) and I started using eye creams when I was like 26-27.. When I was 23 years old I remember a SA offered me to buy an eye cream since it is the approximate age to start using it. I was really against using a tons of products (especially anti aging 'cause I was considering eye cream as an anti aging product) at that age. But when I passed mid-twenties and when read and learned a bit more about skincare I started using (usually cooling kind of) eye creams. There is no miracle I can tell but like using a moisturizer eye creams balance the skin around your eye area. After that my eyelids were less oily and half of my milia problem was solved using the right product.

    Using a normal moisturizer for your eye might be a solution for now but you should really consider the ingredients of your usualy moisturizer since there are some key elements which can be used on skin but must be avoided around eye area (like silicone)..

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  24. By the way there is no miracle ingredient in skincare (as a chemist I can tell) and drinking a lot of water and leaning on green leafy product improves the condition of not only your eye area but whole skin so that is kind of a moo point not to consider using eye cream.


  25. Great post!

    I am in two minds about eye cream. I think the ones brimming full of nasty chemicals (Loreal, Lancome etc) probably do more harm than good.

    I do like the feeling of a nice organic/natural eyecream under my eyes. As these creams contains less fragrance etc, they are more suitable for use on this delicate skin.

    But, if you are using a gentle oil or chemical-free moisturiser on your face, I dont see why it would be a problem using it under the eyes too :-)

    I am loving argan oil right now as a facial moisturiser. It is also renowned for use under the eyes.

    Have just posted on my fave Argan oil brand on me blog.


  26. I've tried a few diff eye creams and I would totally agree with you - Origins GinZing eye cream is the definition of eye cream fraud. However eye serum is something else. I really like Estee Lauder ANR for eyes, I've definitely seen a difference with that. xx

  27. I'll definitely try that tip out! x

  28. I like articles like this!

    I've never seen a difference in any eye creams I've used. At only 19, I know I don't need to worry so much about wrinkles, but I get such bad bags under my eyes - regardless of how much sleep I get - so I used eye creams for ages to no avail! x

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  30. I've been using different eye cream for about a year now and have never noticed a difference. Now I only use them if I get them as a sample. My normal everyday moisturiser is more use Xx

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