Wednesday, November 28, 2012

vice is 10 years old *giveaway*

VICE Magazine is 10 years old giveaway

So, legendary East London magazine VICE is ten years old this week and to celebrate it's foray into being a young teenager, i've managed to nab some swag from them for the ultimate VICE themed giveaway. Yay! 
VICE has been at the forefront of unique and daring journalism for the last ten years and has created some of the most innovative and groundbreaking articles and campaigns. Up there for me is the constant support for M.I.A - noticing her before most press - the launch of Dalston Superstars - the alternative reality tv show and also recently Noisey creating the incredible new video for Die Antwoord.

So if you wanna get your hands on some sweet VICE books and DVDs as shown above, as well as a wicked Black Lips vinyl, all you need to do is leave me a comment below telling me what your favourite VICE article is from the last ten years.
Here's some ts and cs:

- UK only
- You must be following this blog by GFC
- Comment below to enter
- You must leave your Twitter handle otherwise I can't contact you if you win!
- Competition ends 30th November at midnight.

Good luck, and Happy Birthday VICE Magazine!
Love, Zozo

Disclaimer: The gifts were provided for me from VICE.


  1. Ahh awesome giveaway! :)

    I follow you and my twitter is @toric_ x

  2. I'll be honest I remember hearing about vice along time ago but never looked into it, I have however just spent ages on its website reading the articles, so interesting and different! I have just finished The cat offers itself, where a cat was cured of cancer through a herbal remedy (i've always been interested in things like that)Also looking through the awesome photos! @megan_wsb x

  3. Being a resident of London myself, I thought the Vice article about the unseen effects of the olympics was pretty striking and really put capital life into perspective. Particularly seeing people being removed from their homes to make way for stadium construction. The negative aspect of the documentary was quite shocking and really made you think about how much affect the games had on some people

    My twitter name is @comtox.


  4. I love Vice! I've been getting it through my door every month for the past 3 years. Also, I love your blog!

    My twitter is: @rachelsulek

    :) xx

  5. Oooh lovely! I'm following you via GFC and my Twitter handle is @letsgetwilde :)

  6. hiya zoe! i follow via gfc (bloglovin too!), and my twitter is @djpremierinn. :) xx

  7. Hi Zoe, great competition! I follow by GFC and my twitter is @TreatmentAdv x

  8. Hi Zoe! What a great comp, happy birthday Vice :)
    I follow on GFC, my twitter is @pottsy_

  9. This is awesome, I would love to enter!! Amazing prizes.

  10. Basically if I were to win this I will get a tattoo of your face across my chest.


    L xxx


  11. Happy Birthday VICE

    I would quite like to win this competition. I don't win things much, although I did get a free green tea from PRET today. (I hope this does not make me less worthy, but I thought it important to be honest).


  12. I have read VICE since I was 15. I endeavour to work for them one day. my blog is if you're interested

  13. Is that Black Lips I see?! Favourite Vice article, without doubt, is the one (I can't remember the exact title) called "We went on a PR holiday to Marbella", because who could resist that heady mixture of foam and hormones? and an ex-member of BEP. And Dalston Superstars was a good'un too. My twitter's @rebeccacohen and blog's xx

  14. Never really got the mgazine unfurtunately i recently move to London, bub i always been following the website. My favourite is a documentary about the Republic of Kazantip! Never seen something like that ans since then i'm collecting money to go check it out! AMAZING

    Really hope to win


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  16. My girlfriend's Dad visited & picked up the copy on the table & opened it on 'The Vice Guide to Shagging Muslims' so that's probably my favourite article. I'm convinced the mags cursed in that respect - a mate of mine was volunteering at a Citizens Advice Bureau & got sacked thanks to the American Apparel ad on the back cover of the issue he left on his desk.


  17. In short: The Vice Guide to North Korea has to be my favorite article.
    I am absolutely fascinated by all the surreal articles about places like the underground palace of LSD or the Battleship Island. I have friends into shipwreck diving and it makes me wanna go commando on a flying Nautilus. Articles keep showing up about visiting abandoned places. I have thing for old mansion's attic, cave and dungeons. The catacomb of Paris are fascinating too. It's like breaking into the past and you can still feel people's presence. Walls are screaming at you and any decaying belonging is begging to tell you their story. Some articles are like doors to the twilight zone.
    YADIFUCKINGDA I'm willing to swap drugs and/or sex for a ticket to the VICE party tonight!! Deal? @macmental

  18. Great prize! Thanks for offering, you can reach me on @markjenkins on Twitter. Thank you. Mark

  19. Favourite article is the guide to Libya for vice tv. If it has to be a text based then Hamilton Morris 'does cocaine make you smarter'. @sdoone

  20. vice is literally one my favourite magazines everrrr, was forever pinching my best friend's big brothers copies! He noticed after a while though, so we had a bit of a Vice library going ooooon! It was like the best book club ever!


  21. Basically love the Pretty Girl Bullshit column, but 'Engagement Chicken' ( is just the best.

    I mean.. 'maybe we should re-name this "subtly encouraging monogamy chicken"?' Classic.

    It's @holleyalex :)

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  23. Time must be an illusion!! The crazy ish' about being in a computer simulation, That blew my computer mind.That prize would be an honour.,VICE

  24. Oh sounds amazing!


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