Thursday, November 22, 2012

power to generation m

Power to Generation M - Canon - Sophie Beresiner

I have had the pleasure of meeting Sophie Beresiner a few times in my time beauty blogging, and she is incredibly skilled at what she does. Meticulous, classy and always knowledgeable, her eye for beauty brings joy to the pages of LOOK magazine every single week. You've probably seen a few of these Power to Generation M photos and videos kicking about recently, and they are a pleasure to watch. This one from Sophie immediately resonated with me because it's all about finding the joy in beauty and her simple yet effective shots look amazing. There's also something about the way the Canon shoots video that always makes me immediately get goosebumps all over. In this video, Sophie takes a break from her usual methods and creates a unique beauty installation.

I shoot with a Canon myself, and have worked photographing anything from Biffy Clyro to MAC Cosmetics with the brand for years. My Canon has been by my side since day one of The London Lipgloss and without it I wouldn't be blogging today. I wouldn't ever go anywhere else to buy an SLR and everyone that knows me knows that. I'd like to think that I too, bring Power to Generation M.

Head over to now and watch the rest of the Generation M videos.

What do you think of Canon? Do you shoot on a Canon? Do you like these videos about bringing Power to Generation M? Let me know what you think! Cameras are so important to blogging.
Love, Zozo

Disclaimer: This post contains paid for content but I have chosen to feature Sophie as I loved the video.


  1. I want a cannon so much! Zoe I really do absolutely adore your blog :)


  2. i use cannon too!