Thursday, June 07, 2012

nioxin hair treatment

Nioxin Hair Treatment at Michael John Salon, Mayfair

Yesterday I had the pleasure of a post Jubilee treat in a little TLC from Nioxin at the absolutely beautiful Michael John salon in the heart of London's Mayfair. Basically, and i'm going to try and explain the treatment in the simplest form, it's designed to enhance the fuller appearance of hair for thickness and volume. Upon my arrival in Michael John I was taken downstairs to the little haven that is their lower-level salon, and the hair therapist said that she felt treatment number 3 was the best option for my hair type. Firstly,  my hair was cleansed twice with the Cleanser to ensure the scalp was completely clean. She them applied the Scalp Revitaliser though my hair and my scalp did feel really squeaky squeaky clean. That was placed all over my hair then left for 5 minutes to work it's magic. I was told that it might tingle a little bit upon application but I honestly felt absolutely nothing at all.

After this was washed out, my hair was towel dried and the Scalp Treatment was applied all over but not washed off. My hair was then blow dried properly and the instant result was remarkable! My hair had never felt so soft, I think ever, and it looked shiny, glossy and healthy. I was beyond surprised at how quickly the results showed - I was expecting it to take a few washes before I noticed anything but the difference was unreal. Here's some snaps of how healthy and full my hair looked after the blow dry:

Now i'm going to be using Nioxin at home for the next month or so and if my hair looks like it did last night after every wash I can see myself getting addicted to it! I wish you could stick your hand into your laptop and stroke my hair so you could see just how soft it was - I didn't stop playing with it all night. It felt amazing and that in turn made me feel wonderful. Let's see how I get on using it for the next month!

Nioxin retails at home for about £25 although it seems to vary retailer to retailer.

What do you think of Nioxin? Do you think it's something you'd give a go at home? Are you curious to see how I get on, cause I certainly am!
Love, Zozo 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. Ohh your hair looks absolutely gorgeous, I would definitely give it a go! x

  2. Your hair looks so lovely and sleek, would definitely love to give this a go. The salon looks amazing too! xx

  3. Never heard of it before! Your hair looks lovely Xx

  4. Your hair looks amazing! I love hair treatments and this looks great! x

  5. your hair looks fab!! xo

  6. Awe. Very fabulous. I wish I could also have that for myself. :)
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  7. Looks amazing! I bet it feels even nicer than it looks!

  8. Wow! I love your hair, that colour is awesome! Wish I could get my hair dyed that colour :) x

  9. I'm seeing this everywhere, I neeeeed it!

  10. I reaaallllyyy want to try this!