royal english daisy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
It's early Summer, and late Spring. You're lying in the grass in your prettiest summer dress, drinking pimms and eating strawberries and plucking daisies from the ground exclaiming "he loves me! he loves me not. he loves me!" as you gently pull each intricate white petal from the daisy's vibrant yellow core.
You're in England, of course.

The Royal wedding is close approaching, and I, being a huge ambassador for anything British, am overjoyed, and can't wait to see it all unfold. There's a lot of Wedding tat out there. Oh man, a lot. But there is also a sweet, British, and feminine alternative offering from Yardley London - embracing everything that is our own English Rose - Kate Middleton. Our future Princess.


There are three products in the Royal English Daisy range, there's a 50ml Eau de Toilette, a 75ml Body Spray and a Moisturising Body Lotion.







The scent is a very true floral scent, quite soft, with earthy tones. It smells so fresh and quite natural actually. I'm really enjoying it, it seems to linger all day and it's just a very summery, pleasant girly smell.

My favourite is the perfume, and I love the body lotion too. I used the body lotion after the shower and then popped the perfume on and it helped the smell linger on my skin for much longer. I loved the smell of them combined and it's becoming one of my favourite scents.

It's so hard to describe a scent online as you can't even swatch it or really build up a picture so I urge you to pop into Boots from mid March and check your Yardley London stand and have a sniff yourself, I think youll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

When it comes to perfume, i'm usually a sucker for outrageous bottles, or cool and hip brands. This isn't the type of thing i'd pick at all, and i'm really glad I got the chance to review it, as it's become my little favourite scent and it's so unusual that i'm getting compliments from people who haven't smelt it before.

The products are really reasonably priced too, with the Body Spray retailing at only £2.49, the Perfume at £9.99 and the Lotion at £5.95, i think this is one bit of the Royal Wedding us ladies can really enjoy.

What do you think of this range? Is it subtle enough to be a lovely tribute to the future Princess or are you not buying into the theme at all? Will you be purchasing anything from this range?
Lots of love, Zozo xxxxx

All of the products featured were provided for me as PR samples for review purposes.

special editions from gosh - nail polish in lavender love

Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Hello! So I swung by my new Superdrug and spotted the lovely clean GOSH stand, which I had a little browse of. They had some new special edition nail varnishes for spring, and I immediately dropped the other nail varnishes I picked up to purchase one of them in Lavender Love.


Gosh have released four new polishes for Spring, all focusing on being high gloss and full impact pop colour.

from left to right - Neon Baby, Lavender Love,  Misty Mauve and Groovy Grey

Lavender Love instantly caught my eye as It was so unique to any other polish I own. I think Misty Mauve looks quite a lot like Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream and I immediately picked it up in store only to go "oooooh" and then when I pulled it out in the daylight and walked over to the Barry M stand and noticed that yes, they were pretty much exactly the same. So i'd skip that one if you already own Blueberry Ice Cream. The other two look quite nice though and I might go and take a closer look at those! Anyway, here's Lavender Love:



You can see how bright it is, right?! It's amazing. It's less lavender pink but definitely very lavender blue.



I absolutely love this shade. I'm a huge fan of GOSH polishes anyway, you can see that from my previous posts. This one is absolutely no exception, it applies like a dream, with one coat alone being thick and gorgeous. I only did two coats and look how vibrant it is. Oh man, I am in so much love.

The GOSH polishes retail at £4.99 each and are available from Superdrug.

What do you think of these polishes? Do you rate GOSH much, are you looking forward to the rest of their Spring offerings?
Love, Zozo xxx

soap and glory glam-a-lot body spray

Monday, March 28, 2011
Hello everyone, I hope the start of your week went well. I went out for a little shopping trip today (more posts to come soon on other things I bought) and to my lovely surprise I saw that all Soap and Glory was on sale in Boots. I did pick up a few other things but I wanted to talk about this 'cause it's my all time favourite S&G product.


I normally buy it as part of the scent 3 pack with Girligo, Mist You Madly & Glam-A-Lot. This usually retails at about £9? But the bottles are minis. This one is just my favourite scent, it's gorgeous. I managed to get the full size (250ml) for just £4.50 instead of £6.50 and so I snapped it up instantly.



This is one of my bag staples, If i ever did a what's in my bag video this would be in it. It smells slightly floral, but mostly clean and fresh. I love spritzing it on throughout the day for a little smell pep up!


It's a lot kinder than a canned body spray, I hate the kinda 'plastic' smell those have, this is a mist based fragrance that just smells cleaner, the smell sticks around longer on your skin and it is just a bit classier really!

As with all S&G products I love the packaging, it's so ruddy cute. You know I love all things rockabilly and 50's and this appeals to me basically instantly.
I am preeeetty curious as to why EVERYTHING was on sale, I wonder if they're discontinuing, or whether they've a new range or what? Usually when things are on promo, theres promo marketing. Thing is i've worked in retail being a visual merchandiser for so long to notice when the marketing incinuates a promo or a sale, this was definitely sale marketing, with the intention of not bringing it back? Plus there wasn't much left, and all the products were a bit bashed and unloved. Any thoughts on this?

What do you think of Soap and Glory? Do you use this product? Let me know, I love to hear your thoughts!

Zozo xx

i lay staring at your innocent skin wondering how i screwed this up

Sunday, March 27, 2011
Hello, happy Sunday. Firstly I wanna apologise to Lone Wolf for changing his lyrics to fit my blog post, the actual lyric has a naughty in it and i'm very adament on never swearing on my blog so, i changed the word. :) I mentioned last week i'd been to Topshop (before the protestors got there, lolz, idiots) and picked up a playsuit. I also picked up this gorgeous little american flag tee for only £18 and I love it. I guess this is my kind of a Sunday Summary or Sunday photo thing but i dyed my hair darker the other day, and thought i'd share with you my new hair, my new top and a make up look. Sorry the photos are all photobooth, my camera wasn't charged and well, i'm feeling a bit rough and couldn't be much bothered to charge it!



Top - Topshop £18


I'm wearing:
Topshop Crayon (forgot the name baaah)
Black from the Body Shop Brush with Fashion a la mode palette
RMK Eyeshadow in Gold
Maxfactor Eyeliner
MAC Opulash in Bad, Bad Black
Body Shop kohl in brown

MAC Face and Body in White
MAC Studio Fix fluid in NC15
Topshop Blush in Flush
Touche Eclat

MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouveau



I've had a pretty terrible weekend, from work being hell on earth on Saturday and then one thing or another leading me to miss the gig I was so looking forward to, and then staying up all night being ill. There are lots of things going on with me at the moment and they're all pretty rubbish, wouldn't talk about them on here but if I do sporadically tweet lots or not at all, or blog lots or not at all, don't be offended. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment and i'm hoping it'll be sorted.

I'm still addicted to Pink Nouveau
The Decleor cream I got at the event smells like pure heaven and i'm in love
I'm so grateful for all my new twitter and blog followers
I love Hold Your Horse Is more than ever
I am going to try hard not to let you upset me
I am going to try hard to be strong
I still don't know who Rebecca Black is.

Zoe x

murad launch event and first opinions

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Hey everyone. So earlier this month I was very fortunate to be invited along by Gemma to the Murad bloggers event, which was at the County Hall Marriott - famous for it's spas and well, it's location! The launch had a huge variety of products available ranging from their Acne and Wrinkle solutions to their sensitive and sun damaged soft skincare.


Both Gemma and I got a one to one talk with Dr. Murad who told us that he believed the secret to healthy and happy skin was not just in the products we use but in the way we live our life. Happiness and healthy food are key ingredients to the wellbeing of not only your body but your skin too.

^ thats the doctor on the left!

We had a great chat with Zoe, their PR assistant, who told us that Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton were huge fans of the range, and also lovingly told us that they are actually friends in real life - this filled us with joy!




So, Murad do so much excellent skincare that I could write about for days. I've only tried 1 product so far, and i've only been using that for a couple of weeks so this is just my first impressions really! These were the products I got to review:



My mum has recently been complaining that her current skincare isn't fulfilling her needs, and that she wanted to try something new. I passed on two of the products to her, which she started using immediately, and I kept the cleanser for myself. This way we can see if the anti-aging segment can help younger skin as well as revitalising older skin.

 ^thats my mummy, we'll see more from her in future posts about Murad :) <3

So, the very successful Acne and Spots range has all different products to suit your individual needs. There are loads of individual products but you can also buy them in specially made 'regimes' that are formulated to work best together.

There is an acne and wrinkle range with 3 different products for mature ladies worried about acne and still wanting an anti-aging product.

There is also an acne complex range with 4 products which aim to clear blemishes within 4 weeks.

There is also a blemish complex range with 4 products again, that aims to rapidly clear breakouts and restore smooth skin.

And a scarring program with 3 steps that aims to fix discolouration and dark spots to even out the tone of the skin.

So i've been trying the Acne and Wrinkle reducing cleanser.

^ see where i've been using it haha

This cleanser is lovely, it's so soft, and leaves a little tingly feeling on your skin after washing. It looks like this when you squeeze it out:



It melts into a deliciously soft cleanser as you mix it with water and rub onto your skin. It's been doing a great job of waking me up in the mornings.
Now, the important part, so far i've noticed the main thing is that my skin just looks brighter. I don't think it's completely had it's time to shine yet in combatting my annoying under-the-skin blemishes (pesky things) but i'm hoping to see great results in this. Definitely one to watch!

My mum so far is reporting that she is loving her skin at the minute. She suffers from redness, due to a very bad sunburning accident that's permanantly damaged her skin on her nose and cheeks (it's not noticable, it just causes oiliness and problems), and she gets spots on her chin, which she was concerned about. She's been using it for a week, every single morning and night, and I visited her last weekend and her skin looked lovely! It looked clearer, much brighter and was a lot less red. This really suits her skin so far and i can't wait to pop back on mothers day with a report, and hopefully some snaps for you all to see.

So thats been a pretty hefty introduction to Murad, i've a lot more reviews to come from Murad and their sister brand Doctor Brand, which you should keep an eye out for in the future!
I'm off to wash my face with the cleanser before bed, lovely.

What do you think of Murad? Do you use any of this range?
Love, Zozo xx

superdrug makeover - wimbledon

Friday, March 25, 2011
Hello everyone! Hope your week was good and you're all ready for the weekend. In my hometown of Wimbledon (well, my new adopted hometown for the last few years or so) our Superdrug was picked to have a makeover, and there were a few new interesting talking points I wanted to share with you. I popped in to their preview opening day today and here are my thoughts.
I took all these photos from the Superdrug Loves twitter as I tried to pap my own but you know what it's like trying to photograph a store...felt shifty! It's for blog purposes!

The entrance to the store. It is divided up into sections including makeup, essentials, perfume and hair.

The new till area. They've got all these lovely little new features including tissue dispensers to clean up your hands after trying makeup, a make up testing area to try some of a selection of the best products from certain brands and these little details, Superdrug's Top 5 Mascaras :

Theres also the biggest selection of hair dye i've ever seen in my life ever, you can just about see it in the photo above, behind the mascara selection.

Even the Pharmacy has been pimped and looks like it's got a clean 'spa' feel to it.

The make up testing area, you can see each brand has a little segment with their popular products on to swatch and play with, and theres tissues and bins on the table above.

There's a huge section of their MUA range, big extended counters of their standard make up ranges (loads of Rimmel, Bourjois etc), a brand new Accessorize make up range and lots of new things including the much sought after Kiss Broadway Nails, previously only available in the USA. 

I don't know if this is this only Superdrug store that has been 'pimped' like this, but it's awesome. Everything is really clean, and easy to shop. The layout is so much better and I really enjoyed shopping in there today. It looked like they had hired some new fresh faced staff too, better than the usual grumbly and unhelpful staff I get in there (sorry, but true - i even overheard two staff in the hair aisle once very loudly talking about VERY intimate issues). I hope this continues, and that it's not just a fad 'new store' thing. They also very kindly popped by our store with cookies and Olay samples, which was a nice touch.

If you are interested in checking out the store the official store opening is tomorrow, in the Centre Court Shopping Centre in Wimbledon. (Pop into Gap adults too, thats where I work!)

What do you think of the changes Superdrug made to this store? Do you think the make up 'test' area will stay nice or will it get all grubby and sticky within days? Is it a good idea to seperate everything into areas, and do you like the new layouts? I'm guessing this is some kind of new thing they're trialling, i'd be interested to see if they roll it out to any other stores!
Love, Zozo xxx

anita miller

Thursday, March 24, 2011
Is the name of Zooey Deschanel's character in the film Almost Famous. I spotted this playsuit in Topshop yesterday (some of y'all may have seen my tweets) and for some reason it made me think of her instantly. I think that old, soft coloured dressing style of whenever the film was set (70s me thinks) and I loved the way this item was just so unique. I put it on and for the first time I think ever, Del said "wow". I think 1. he was tired, and 2. it's just so different from the stuff I usually wear. Anyway I love popping it on and pretending i'm Zooey Deschanel...


Playsuit - Topshop £36


There has been a possibility recently that we may actually get a sun holiday this summer, and what with all the sun shining this week I think it just persuaded me to buy it. I can see it with beach wave hair, a big floppy straw hat and some sandals...obviously not on me then! I'm in love and I cannot wait to wear it some more.

The odd thing that I didn't notice until I tried it on is this kinda cut-out detailing at the back of the playsuit:


At first I was like 'oh...not sure' but now I really like it on. Adds another dimension of detail and just looks mega cute with the floral style. I'm really not a big floral person at all, I'd go as far as saying I don't 'get' that whole trend, but this just looked so different to me. It's more traditional floral, like your nanas old curtains, rather than that in your face brash modern floral you see all over the high street.
I've been watching a lot of vintage tv lately, and listening to old music. At the minute, I love Dolly Parton, and I think my fashion is going backwards as i'm starting to wear more and more 50s/60s style clothing. Next time i'm home i'm gonna root through the loft and see what I can find!

I went for soft makeup, i'm wearing MAC Face and Body, Topshop Blush in Flush, Illamasqua pigment in Delirium, Maxfactor eyeliner and MAC Opulash. My lipstick is MAC Snob. Hardly any make up, really! I love the fresh, bright look.


What do you think of playsuits? Am I going fashion mental (next i'll be in rockabilly dresses with polkadots on...honestly i've bought one) or am I making fashion sense? Or does it not matter? I always have such issues trying to fit my 'style' blog in with other style blogs. Dang it! How are we embracing the playsuit this summer?
Lots of love, Zozo xxx

decleor aroma white c+ night cream

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
I'm back! Yay. Sorry for the little break in posts there, I had a lovely long weekend at home in Cambridge with my mum & dad to celebrate my little sisters birthday. I actually did nothing most of the time, just vegged out on the sofa. Was really nice to take a break and be in my real home, feeling it's warmth and homeliness but I am pleased to get back to my busy city life and my stinky Delboy!

Anyway, some time ago I was given a night cream from Decleor to try. It's got a really long name, are you ready for the full? Aroma White C+ Recovery Brightening Night Cream. Phew! Haha. Anyway i've had this now for over a month and have been using it regularly.


The cream comes in a gorgeously simple white pot, that is of considerable weight. Even though there is only 50ml of this cream in here, the pot feels heavy and luxurious. That was my first feeling upon opening the pot.


The cream it'sself is very thick, quite buttery and very nourishing. I've absolutely noticed a difference after using this product, i wake up and my skin looks brighter, fresher. I have less redness and the dry skin from winter i was developing on my cheeks has gone down considerably. You only need a tiny amount aswell for it to spread evenly over your face.



I really like this cream. I feel like it is doing a world of good to my skin, and I've never felt that confident about a cream before. It's perfect for my skin and works well with how fussy all the different areas of my skin are. I've woken up, headed all bleary eyed into the bathroom and actually thought my skin has looked nice each and every day, and it's one of those small things that makes you happy, right? Well, it makes me happy and I was so pleased to find this. It's an absolute staple in my skin regime now, and it's totally opened my eyes to Decleor.

Here's what they say about this product:

This soft and creamy RECOVERY BRIGHTENING CREAM enhanced with Shea Butter for optimal comfort helps to rebalance the skin’s natural functions by acting at the time when it is most receptive. It combines the “White Focus” plant complex with highly stable Vitamin C, with anti-oxidant properties and the ability to regulate the skin’s pigmentation process.
The night recovery cream acts on the skin to help:
  • even out the complexion and help reduce the appearance of pigment spots by promoting cell renewal (extracts of Peony and Tamarisk, Vitamin C+)
  • prevent the appearance of new pigment spots (extract of Saxifrage)
  • moisturise and help the skin to recover from aggressions of the day (Shea Butter)
  • sooth and relax (Liquorice extract)
In the morning, the complexion is visibly clearer, fresher and more radiant. The facial features are relaxed and ready to face the day ahead.

This Decleor cream retails at £51.50 for 50mls and can be bought at Decleor stockists and spas aswell as online at

What do you think of night cream? Do you use it? Can you recommend me any other Decleor products?
Love, Zozo xxx

This product was provided for me from Decleor for review purposes.