lets talk, The Body Shop - 01

Monday, January 31, 2011
Hey happy Monday, hope everyones doing alright. Last summer I was very lucky to be invited to the Body Shops' summer blogger event where they introduced us to their new Baked to Last range. Ever since i've kept in touch with them and although i've been lucky enough to be sent some of their newer ranges i've found i've kept going back into the store and spending my own money on their stuff and everything i've bought i'm getting along really well with. So I thought i'd show some of you what they have to offer and give my picks of my favourite Body Shop products, cause if you were anything like me I had neglected their shop in favour of the new favourite Lush (whom I still love, sorry but nothing beats Angels on Bare Skin!) and I think that honestly the Body Shop still deserve your time and attention and the credit they deserve cause some of their stuff is ace. I'm not being paid or sponsored for this post, by the way, and i've popped a note next to each product about whether I paid for it or whether it was provided. So keep track of the blog because over the next two weeks i'm going to single posts about each product. Hope this is helpful to some of you!

So, today's product is focusing on:

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

This retails at £9 for 50grams of product and i've had mine for about 5 months now and hardly made a dent in it! This is what the body shop website says about it:

An easily absorbed, non-clogging, oil-free, hydrating gel-like moisture cream. It controls excess sebum and shine whilst delivering essential moisture to areas most in need, balancing the skin throughout the day. Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, soft and supple with a shinefree, matte complexion.

This definitely has a gel consistency, which I hope you can kinda see in the picture. It goes on really lightly, and I find it's absorbed into the skin almost instantly. It's quite watery in the sense that when you start rubbing it into your skin it dissolves into a more water-based texture and melts into the skin. I think the description is pretty right, it's like a shine control moisturiser/base. I find it gives me just enough moisture, and i've been using it underneath my Witch Tinted Moisturiser* and Witch Primer* and I woke up this morning and looked at my skin and for the first time in about 5 years thought it looked radiant and healthy (minus those bags!). I've had no blemishes since using this, and combined with the Witch primer it helps my make up go on much easier. I've sometimes just used this alone to control shine and then popped some pressed powder on the top for a light coverage. 
I use the seaweed range a fair bit from the Body Shop and i'd say it's for oily/combination skin. I think this is what it has on the pot anyway...

I have combination skin and I use quite a few of their ranges, I'd recommend you not to go for the entire range of one type, I think you can mix and match them and get great results. You'll see as I go on to review more products that I use a lot from the Vitamin C range and the Tea Tree aswell as Seaweed.

Overall: The Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream is really easy to use, lasts ages and melts straight into the skin.
Ideal for: Oily/Combination skin.
Best used as: A primer, or shine control moisturiser.

Stay tuned for the next Body Shop posts!

What do you think of the Seaweed range? Do you use this product? What do you think about The Body Shop? Let me know, I love to hear your thoughts and comments!
The product featured in today's post was paid for by myself with my own money and not provided by The Body Shop.
Lots of love, Zozo xxx

*Big Witch review coming up!

animal print dresses ootd x2!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry there's been a little break, I had to pop home to Cambridge for a few days. I will get back on the Witch programme as soon as possible, promise!
So one of the trends this SS11 is the revival of animal print which seems to be cropping up everywhere someway or another into most high street collections. I am a huge huge fan of H&M, probably my favourite high street store and of course I adore animal print. So you can imagine my pure unadulterated joy when I walked past their new collection and saw half the store covered in animal print, ace! In Wimbledon there are 3 H&Ms and they're all split up, so the Divided stuff is in one store, and the more formal in another and then kids and baby and then mens. The Divided store is on my way to work - and on the way to where I get lunch - so I see their collection a mile off and pretty much every single day. I'm a bit poor at the minute but I managed to pop in and get three new pieces to add a little splash of animal magic to my wardrobe. Today i'm gonna show you two of the dresses I bought and later on i'll introduce you to a new skirt :)

Also just quickly - apologies for the terrible mobile phone photos, i've been away from my slr again! I miss it. :(

Dress - H&M £7.99

Ooft that was all I was wearing haha. I just got out of the shower so thought i'd pop this on and show you how it sits. I've been wearing it with either leggings or little shorts and more opaque tights. I absolutely love this one it's like a leopard/snake hybrid. It came in a dark browny colour as well but i loved the green as it was so vibrant and different. it's 100% viscose too so mega comfortable and soft!

ew del's bathroom mirror is so dirty at the bottom haha! also i've had a haircut..

Now i'm gonna transport you back to Friday and show you the outfit I wore out in Wimbledon before I went home on Saturday. I went to a couple of Wimbledon bars and then to the Watershed with my bff Mike and our friend Lewis and his girlfriend. It was awesome, we partied and danced to cheesy music and Del came and got me at 2am <3 awesome night. I go out most Fridays with Mike, he's amazing!

we're in my bathroom now haha

Jacket - Topshop £55
Dress - H&M £6.99
Belt - H&M £2.99
Tights - Primark £1.50
Clutch - Topshop £50

This dress is really soft and can be worn dressed up or dressed down totally. I've worn it with just leggings and a soft black cardi or i've dressed it up here with my biker leather jacket and tights. I love this one so much! Totally embracing my inner scene kid here!! Hahaha!
So i'm gonna treat you to some photos of our night out...hehe..

Mike and I

Lewis and I

Mike stole my glasses and yes I think there is a willy on the window behind us!! naughty 

 Lewis and Rebecca

Much fun had all round! What do you think of animal print, whats your favourite? I don't really rock zebra that much, maybe I should give it a go. What do you think of the dresses I bought? Please let me know I love your opinions!
Much love, Zozo xxxx

raiders of the lush sale!

Saturday, January 15, 2011
Hahahaha I swear I think i'm so funny. Bad pun alert! Hello hello there, hurrah for the weekend right! Ergh, January mega sucks. Apart from one thing, January sales! Yippee. I of course was only really interested in the Lush sale and on the 28th December on my first day back to work I arrived early and dashed straight into the Wimbledon branch of Lush and was officially the first customer through their doors. I also promptly left my Starbucks on the counter and had to dash back to get it, doh! Anyway here's what I got..:

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Cinders Bath Ballistic

Lush Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

I also picked up the 500g Snow Fairy shower gel as all the products I bought were half price, so so cheap! Love life. I've popped one of each of these in my clothes drawer until I use them, can't wait to have many a delicious bath for a good few months.
If anything I had so much fun photographing these products - what a geek. They just photograph so well! 
What did you think of Lush's Christmas line? Which one shall I use first?! Did you get any good Lush stuff in the sale? Let me know I do absolutely adore all of your comments.
Lots of love, Zozo xxxxx

mac tartan tale golden crown eyeshadow look

Friday, January 14, 2011
Hello! How are you? I recieved such a lovely gift from my lil sister for Christmas - she got me one of the single pot Mac Tartan Tale eyeshadows and because she's my sister and she knows me inside out she picked the most gorgeous pale gold sparkly shade. It's got that lovely patterning print on the front of the eyeshadow though and I really don't want to ruin it! Anyway, I did and I thought i'd share it with you. As i work full time in retail now I mostly have to stick to soft, classic make up looks. This eyeshadow makes a little bling of sparkle to a soft brown taupe look and I wanted to show you how easily it is done.

First up, the eye look i've been wearing to work most days:

And here's a lovely photo of the eyeshadow in question:

So for the look I used:
MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque
MAC eyeshadows in Golden Crown, Sable and Smut
Topshop crayon in Sun Shower
MAC Opuash mascara
MAC Feline Kohl Power

 Rubenesque Paint Pot

Clockwise - Golden Crown, Smut, Sable

Opulash, Sun Shower and my battered loved Feline

I love this look because it's literally so soft and wearable. I think any skin tone could pull it off beautifully because of the soft golden tones in the Golden Crown eyeshadow and the red undertones of Sable. I love it! So quick and easy to do aswell, took me about 5 minutes, perfect for the early morning just before work (when i'm usually all sleepy!)


What did you think of the Tartan Tale collection? What eye looks do you wear to your work? Do you like the look I created, would you wear something similar? Link me to any posts you have on either of these, i'd love to read them!
Much love, Zozo xxxxx

suspender tights ootd

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Hello! Again, please excuse the pink hair, i could have been not lazy and taken new photos however I am lazy and thought these were nice enough hehe, so yeah, eep, forgive me! I recently bought the Henry Holland suspender tights (got mine from River Island, £15) and i've been trying to work them into casual attire. I hope i've managed to pull it off just about! Here's what I came up with:

Top: Topshop last season
Bow: Primark £1
Cardigan: Gap £25
Shorts: Kate Moss for Topshop first ever collection haha!
Tights: House of Holland
Shoes: New Look £26.50

This is something I usually wear to a gig or similar, quite casual but also a bit funky with the unusual tights. I wouldn't wear anything mega dressy with them though just because they're so bold you don't really need to! Other things I wear them with include oversized band tees and just other long tops, might do some more ootds with them if anyones interested?
What do you think of the suspender tights look? Do you own these, if so what do you wear them with? What do you think of the outfit i've paired them with?
Lots of love, Zozo xxxxx

witch challenge video diary - introduction/day one

Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Hello you! I've popped up my first Witch youtube video so please take a look! Hopefully there will be some other blogs up this week as i've been outfit shopping/lush shopping/body shop shopping/general shopping and i wanna share some new OOTDS and cosmetic review posts so keep your eyes out for those but for now feast your eyes on my silly little video for the skincare challenge! Please tell me what you want to see in this challenge, skin pictures day by day, reviews of the products, videos, blog posts, photographs...you name it & let me know, really means a lot! Much love, Zozo xxxx

witch challenge week - teaser

Monday, January 10, 2011
Hello y'all, hope you're well. I've had a fairly turbulent weekend but of course i've come through keeping my head up and i'm sure it'll all be alright soon. I wanted to take a blogging break as I felt I wasn't doing my baby blog justice, as I don't hugely have the time to devote to FOTD's/OOTD's much anymore however if you remember my twitter a while ago, I got excited about something coming up in the future and I was asked about a month ago to take part in this excellent challenge by skincare brand Witch.

They are to create a new cosmetics line - which as of yet I don't know anything about. I know i've got a parcel full of surprises waiting back at my home in Surrey so of course I will be blogging about it as and when it happens but I figured i'd tease you with the little teaser they have on their website so you can pop back here - and of course on the official Witch website to check out where i'm at, what i've been doing and of course, all about this brand new line!
The challenge means for an entire week I will be roadtesting the make up line in various activities in London, mostly what a woman does on a daily basis. (I won't reveal any yet!)
I'm so so excited and honoured to have been asked to take part, they've been emailing me letting me know what "putting the line through their paces" entails and it encompasses most things I love doing with lots of fun and so many treats thrown in. I really hope you'll enjoy watching me on my journey with Witch - a brand I've not tried before - and you'll love this new addition to my blog. So until the challenge starts on the 24th January I may be a little quiet, but as I am testing the skincare and the cosmetics I will keep a diary every single day of how their products fair, and as i've recieved them today I can get a good two weeks testing in before I begin to review.

Take a look on the official Witch website and bookmark it for the 24th to watch The London Lipgloss in action!


I'm also going to use this as an excellent opportunity to eat really well too, and see if over this challenge week I can get healthy glowing skin, with help from Witch (hopefully!) As i've never tried the brand before it's a great opportunity to get familiar with them, see what works for me and hopefully give you all something good to read (hehe) and perhaps a good insight into the Witch line.

Have you tried Witch before? Can you give me any advice before I start with their products? What do you think about the challenge idea?
Much love, Zozo xxx

we spent the evening unpacking books from boxes

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
Hey! How is everyone? Happy January!
I found this post buried in the depths of the unfinished posts I leave in my dashboard - whoops - and thought it'd be a shame to skip it, so it's a little RIP pink hair post too. 

I love simple, fresh makeup that looks dramatic enough to be a bold make up look but also subtle enough to almost look nude. I went for slightly bolder eyeliner because I love that whole Amy Winehouse/Dita Von Teese striking eyeliner flicks and I absolutely loved the simplicity of it. I've been faffing about with eyeshadows and what not almost every day for the last few weeks and it was lovely and refreshing to go to work with this look. So this is my FOTD:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC15 mixed with MAC Face and Body in Pure White
YSL Touche Eclat
Topshop Cream Blush in Flush

Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Daisy Daze

Sometimes nice simple faces are just as lovely! :) I've definitely rocked this look again since I wrote this post originally. What do you think about wearing minimal makeup?

Also while i'm enjoying an RIP pink hair post here are a few of photos of Del and I aswell as my friends at my friend Kat's wedding on the 4th December, in Bedford. I had so so much fun and opted for an unconventional wedding outfit considering it was a winter wedding. Hope you like it :)

Del busting some moves!

Anyway the other day I dyed my hair a new reddy plum brown colour, so currently i look like this:
Definitely nicked Del's t shirt to go out in! 

Hope you liked! What do you think of my unconventional wedding outfit? What do you think about the whole Winehouse/Dita flicky eyeliner style? :) Do we like my new hair or are we all missing the pink? Hehe.
Much love, Zozo xxxx

Top Ten Twenty Ten

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Hello and a very happy new year to you all. I decided to do something a bit fun seeing as my camera charger is at Del's house and i can't take any snaps of my mug for blog purposes! So I thought i'd do a little review of 2010. But i didnt want to just list everything i'd done in a great big paragraph, so i've made a little London Lipgloss top ten countdown, which i hope you enjoy reading! Please please feel free to fill in your own - link me to the post so I can read your top tens too! Obviously i'm putting number 1 as my best and number 10 as the least (but still great!) This year has been full of highs and lows and i'm very much looking forward to 2011 as I know it promises big things. Lots of love x Ps, check my new hair!


Top Ten Twenty Ten Moments:
1. Going on tour with Frank Turner
2. Photographing and meeting Biffy Clyro in Switzerland
3. Leaving University (best decision I ever made haha)
4. Sneaking into Leeds Festival
5. Dancing 'til my feet were red raw at least once a week
6. Getting the 5 hour bus to Leeds to see Grammatics last ever show
7. Starting a blog - of course!
8. Being brave and tackling things head on
9. Saying yes to everything, honestly, that got me half the things above
10. Meeting my boyfriend (sorry, mush)

Top Ten Twenty Ten Blog Favourites:
1. Partying with the Aussie girls on the London Eye on Bonfire Night
2. Bowling with the Sleek girls
3. The Body Shop surprising me with a £50 gift card for an xmas present, saved my xmas as I spent it on my Mum who was so thrilled!
4. The Body Shop event - getting covered in glitter
5. Meeting all the amazing girls i've met so far, including Sarah, Leanne, Steph, Millie, Fleur etc (so many more!)
6. The Body Shop treating Del and I to vip Annie Lennox tickets, Del was thrilled!
7. Finding a new found love for nails!
8. Enjoying playing with my camera in a completely different light
9. Reading everyone elses blogs and looking at their pictures
10. Generally has changed my life! Honestly.

Top Ten Twenty Ten Songs:
1. Lone Wolf - Keep Your Eyes On The Road
2. Grammatics - Broken Wing
3. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
4. Frank Turner - I Still Believe
5. Anison - Spatial Awareness
6. Ex Libras - Underachiever
7. Grammatics - Relentless Fours
8. Dive Dive - Liar
9. Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)
10. mistakes.in.animation - Bite It

Top Ten Twenty Ten Make Up Products:
1. Mac Pressed Powder
2. Mac Rubenesque Paint Pot
3. NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
4. YSL Touche Eclat
5. Mac Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick
6. Mac Eyeshadow in Woodwinked
7. Illamasqua Blush in Unrequited
8. Mac Eyeshadow in All That Glitters
9. Lancome Hypnose Mascara
10. Topshop Blush in Flush

Top Ten Twenty Ten Hair Products:
1. Manic Panic hair dye!
2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
3. Lee Stafford Matt Fat Powder
4. Aussie Take The Heat Spray
5. Babyliss Curling Wand
6. Lee Stafford Backcomb In A Bottle
7. The Body Shop Spray Detangling Conditioner
8. Tre Semme Extreme Hold Hairspray
9. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Fresh
10. Aussie Mega Shampoo

Top Ten Twenty Ten Beauty and Skincare Products:
1. Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser
2. Elemis Maximum Moisture Day Cream
3. Elemis Skin Buff
4. The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask
5. The Body Shop Vitamin C Exfoliator
6. Models Own Nail Varnish
7. Lush The Comforter Bubble Bar
8. Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom Cleanser
9. The Body Shop Body Butter (love these in pretty much any scent!)
10. Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Top Ten Twenty Ten Photographs:
1. My snap of Biffy in Switzerland

2. Del and me in Switzerland

3. Frank and I backstage at Two Thousand Trees Festival

4. Modelling in Wimbledon's Gap Holiday Marketing

5. Partying as Blondie (ish) in Camden

6. The 60s Aussie Hair event with my BFF Amy

7. Badmouthing German beer on tour

8. Partying the night away

9. Having mermaid hair

10. Recording Del's xmas single

And that brings us to now! Things to look forward to in 2011 including more Biffy tour fun, lots of photographs, hopefully a new job, my own freelance wedding photography business, much more Del time and lots lots more! Hopefully this year at The London Lipgloss will be a great one, and I wish you all the best 2011 too. I've loved blogging this last year and I hope to make The London Lipgloss better than ever in 2011 so thankyou all so much for being such great loyal readers. I hope this year means I can meet more of you, do better and greater things for this blog - the things I love doing and of course continue to be an active part of the blogging community. Love you all so much! Now it's time to party and we'll PARTY HARD!
Zozo xxxxxxx