Sunday, October 23, 2011

when benefit cosmetics met the london lipgloss

I had lunch with Lisa Potter Dixon, the makeup artist behind Benefit Cosmetics and Jasmine who’s head of PR last week to sit down and create our London Lipgloss ‘look’ using exclusively Benefit Cosmetics. Not only did I have a wonderful time learning all about their new products, I also got a chance to see first hand how some of them look on my skin. This was not only a great opportunity to get more familiar with current Benefit as I had fallen out of the loop with their new launches but also a chance to love the brand again. Due to other brands interesting me more and just a few products that I wasn't really into (love the blush but still not a fan of those cardboard boxes!) i'd sorta fallen out of love with Benefit. Which is a shame, because I see their products at the forefront of cosmetic launches, their tints being recognisable all over the world and half of the products in their range having deeply inspired a lot of other ranges - notably high street ones. So with the help of Lisa and Jasmine, we set about making sure I understood the brand properly and fell in love with Benefit all over again. Oh and not only that but they let me bring my sister and my Mum too - talk about super sweet or what! (Note, I don't usually bring my family! They'd planned a visit to London and Jasmine was just too nice and let them come along, couldn't believe how kind this was!!)

One of the products I particularly loved and then fell out of love with before was the You Rebel Lite tinted moisturiser. Lets skip back two years. Why did I love it? Fab coverage, not oily, super moisturising to the skin. Why did I eventually fall out of love with it? It was just too dark for my skin, and i'd already decided by then that I wanted to spend the rest of my days promoting pale skin and being healthy - it was simply far too orange for my skin. Lisa showed me the most perfect and easy way to use it and make my skin look flawless. Ready for her secrets and how you can get 'The London Lipgloss' look at home? Oooh!

Me and Benefit's Head of Makeup Artistry Lisa Potter Dixon

First apply the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion moisturiser to the skin. This has added SPF 15 which is especially great particularly for pale girls like me because the one thing I do not leave my house without now is SPF. Straight after applying this, mix a bit of You Rebel Lite, Pore-fessional and Girl Meets Pearl on the back of your hand. The Girl Meets Pearl adds natural looking shimmer and glow and also helps tone down the You Rebel for paley girls like me! You can also use this with the original You Rebel if you're darker toned. Apply this to the face with a brush smoothing into all areas and finish dabbing a bit of extra Pore-fessional mixed with Stay, Don't Stray under the eyes to conceal any blemishes. Lisa then finished the look with Coralista blush to bring out the rosiness in my cheeks. I'd never used a coral toned blush before and we both decided it looked gorgeous on me and was a really great Autumnal look - so be brave and try coral blush if you're pale! Here's how my skin looked after:

Not a trace of orange, see? Perfect for pale girls once used properly!

She then used the new Christmas kit - 'I'm Glam, Therefore I Am' on my eyes, picking out the purple shade to make my blue eyes pop. She simply brushed it over my whole lid, lining through the crease with the slightly darker shade. She explained that it was so easy to create a soft wearable daytime eye using just one shade with a little darkener in the crease and this was literally done in about 30 seconds! I was dying to try the new 'They're Real' mascara so Lisa let me see first hand how fab it was to apply. Blog world and makeup world has been bursting at the seams with nothing but praise for this mascara and it being the sort of brush I need to go for - plastic bristles for short stubby lashes - I couldn't wait to see the effect it would have on my eyes. Jasmine explained to me that not only were the store we were in sold out of They're Real but it was the second fastest selling makeup item of all time in the UK when it was released - and if you remember rightly it went out on a flash sale in just four days. Wow. The all time fastest selling product is YSL's Touche Eclat, and Benefit came second to it in just four days of sale - incredible. And after all that I was expecting great things on my lashes. Was I disappointed? Oh boy, no. I was thrilled! My Mum even went 'woah!' as I applied it!

We then simply finished the face with their Silky Finish Lipstick in Jing-a-Ling, which is a rosy pink pearl finish, similar to my lipshade but just different enough to give a little colour and finish. Lisa then finished the look completely with their Brow-zings in the right tone for my eyebrows. Love this! It's a waxy finish on one side and a powder on the other. Lisa explained the best way to apply this was to put the wax on first but go against the grain of the hair growth, thus not clumping the hair or creating a false looking slicked brow - but more a natural, shaped and defined look. Then set it into place with the powder and voila - perfect brows!

And here's the finished look and all the products used to create it!

Oops just noticed Bella Bamba is in shot and not Coralista - i'm wearing Coralista in this look but Bella Bamba is just a darker version really - best for night!

So there you have it! All the tools you need to create a gorgeous, natural look inspired by Zozo and ready for daytime wear! 

I loved my lunch with Benefit (I also had some 'posh fries', they were covered in chilli sauce and guacamole, yum yum!) and my Mum and my Sister each got makeovers too which they LOVED. My sister so much that she dashed to John Lewis (Fouberts Place, this store shown, was sold out!) to buy They're Real! My mum has learnt new tips on how to apply her moisturiser and foundation for the best coverage and my sister learnt she didn't need to wear as much makeup as she did. Me? Well I learnt that Benefit is actually a brand I can love as much as say, Illamasqua, and when I went back to work I could not stop looking at my glowing skin. I've since recreated it at home this weekend and theres a noticable difference on how natural and gorgeous my skin looks. It's all down to this little gem Pore-fessional, which there will be a full review of very soon. I'm very excited about the future for Benefit, as Lisa showed me one of their new eye palettes they're working on developing into the range which proves that Benefit can do colour just as well as their competitors.

There's going to be lots of very exclusive giveaways and more 'looks with Benefit' coming up on my blog, which you wont be able to find anywhere else so make sure you stay tuned and come back for your chance to win some Benefit and some more tutorials inspired by my pale girl look ready for Christmas - ooh i'm excited! 

What do you think of the classic 'London Lipgloss' look Benefit created on me? Would you wear it to work/college/uni/daytime? Do you love any of these products? Have you now got your eye on anything featured? I tell you what, I want that Christmas gift set - how gorgeous?? I need to say a big thankyou to Lisa and Jasmine for spoiling all three of us - my mum and my sister went home absolutely beaming with joy - best makeup day ever!

Love, Zozo 
Disclaimer: All products featured were used on me at the Benefit store, Carnaby Street. Some of them are PR samples given to me for my consideration and this 'look inspired by' was created in partnership with Benefit Cosmetics.

Also, all the photos featured here were taken with my brand new iPhone 4S - do we like the photo quality? Am going to have to start taking it to events and using my DSLR just at home 'cause it was breaking my back!


  1. this looks really great :) nothing over the top but still looks put together!
    i'm super pale like you so am glad to see that there are other companies i can try - i tend to stick to brands that are 'known' for their foundations if that makes sense (something i dont necessarily think benefit are) so its good to know i have other options!
    i'm already a lover of coralista so i needed no convincing there :) xx

  2. Wow, looking gorgeous Zoe! I'm 'embracing the pale' too, and it's tough going. I got stared at by someone at Shell garage the other day who said word for word 'wow, you're the palest person I've ever seen! You look like a ghost' thanks for the compliment! eek! xxx

  3. So jealous looks like so much fun. I've had my eye on some of the sets for Christmas!

  4. aaaaah zoe im so jealous! you little stunner! what a fab opportunity, you look like you had a great time, i adore benefit and you created such a natural, timeless look! :D


  5. @Laura yes I completely agree, this was one of the things that swayed me away from Benefit to begin with which was their foundation shades, usually only coming in threes! It was so good to find out that if you just used the right combination of products - and some of their new products formulated better for pale skin - you can get a gorgeous look, which is shown in that photo of my skin! Mad! I'd never tried Coralista before, it's so going on my blush 'want list' now!! xx

    @Sophie haha I can't believe someone stopped you at the garage! So proud of this comment though, i'd much rather be a ghosty than have people going behind my back "ew look how orange/badly tanned she is!" or even worse how saggy my sunburnt skin is, ew. So thrilled to hear you're embracing the pale!

    Thanks for your lovely comments girlies xx

  6. @Chantelle it was so much fun - I was just gutted I had to go back to work afterwards! We're going to do another before Christmas using the kits so keep an eye out for that, and I know right, I neeeeeed that I'm Glam kit!! x

    @Emily Thankyou so much! I'm so glad you used the word 'timeless' as that's totally something that I often feel Benefit embodies - that gorgeous, timeless look that can define a person. I did have a wonderful time, look at me rummaging through those products, couldn't help myself haha!! x

    Thanks xxx

  7. Pic qual. is great. My earlier blog pics are from my iphone 4, and the qual. I think is great :).

    Great blog post, love Benefit :).

  8. I love the theyre real mascara! Great photos! Im really starting to like Benefit(except their foundations, wayy too dark for me!)

  9. Love the photo quality! I haven't tried too much Benefit before, think I might get one of their sets :) xx

  10. This post is one of my favourite ever posts on your blog Zoe! I love benefit products and probably always will thanks in large part to Bad Gal and Hello Flawless.
    You've also made me want to try coralista, I've always stayed away from it in the past as I thought it'd look too harsh against by pale skin but I trust your judgement and may give it a whirl : )


  11. Love this post!
    I absolutely love Coralista, it's my all time favourite blush. Being a pale girl too I was a bit scared at first but the Benefit girl showed me how to make it work for me, and 18 month later it's still by far my most used blush. I've repurchased several times. Excited to see what else you have coming up. X

  12. Fantastic post, I love Benefit, and your skin does look amazing and so nice and natural! It's so exciting to find a brand that does wonders like Benefit!

  13. i love benefit, i really need to have a spree there :D

  14. I love benefit especially their Watts up and professional :) Love the quality of the iPhone 4s can't wait until I can upgrade and get it :) Xx

  15. can't wait for future benefit posts from you, i'm quite pale aswell so it's great to get some tips on how we can wear makeup properly without looking daft and orange!! xx

  16. I love it! I've so wanted to try their skincare range since they came out! I love your posts, they're so informative & entertaining to read :D

    Lois xxx

  17. I’m also a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics!
    ~Pauline @ Benefit makeup Philippines