Sunday, October 30, 2011

sunday sofa catchup 02

 Photo credits: First group Cosmo Shot: Milly, Second group Cosmo Shot: Lily, Lily and I at Elle: Jaime.
I've been in my new home for a full week (and a little bit) now and i'm still absolutely loving it. Both myself and Del are stoked with it because it's the first time ever we've been rewarded for the hard work we both put into our lives really. Del has worked tirelessly for years to help promote the music scene locally, and essentially for free and/or often actually losing money from his own pocket. I've worked in a crummy shop for so long trying to go out of my way to earn a good wage and live a nice life before finally landing an incredible job and we're now finally being rewarded with this lovely flat which we're both treasuring and loving every single minute of. It's really the first time in my life that i've ever actually seen a nice reward for something i've done in my life and it's just lovely.

This week I attended the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and waited with baited breath to see who the worthy winner was in my category of Established Beauty Blog - and the winner was of course the fantastic Zoella, a blog I was reading before I started my own so a definite true deserving recipient. I actually never once thought I would win, so instead devoted my night to ensuring all of you lovely beauty community - my favourite community - could find out everything you needed to know from the awards. Thus I engaged in some live tweeting, which ironically turned out to be that I was tweeting the award winners faster than the Cosmo twitter itsself! My tweets were retweeted and the response I got when Anna won Best New Beauty Blog was crazy, and the lovely Anna was honoured to see the whole thing unravel infront of her eyes! We posed in the photobooth and did a little jig to the tunes aswell as generally enjoying the pleasure of each others company. I loved hanging out with all my faves and I want to thank everyone I went with for making it a truly joyful night. I also attended a few other events the week before, as shown in the images :)

Other than that this week i've been discussing my future collaboration with a beauty brand for a makeup product to be sold in the uk very soon! I can't reveal much at all and tbh I don't want to as I want it to be a big surprise, so i'm planning shade names and spent one evening this week picking out the shade I wanted that represented me. Turned out to be a very hard job!

Looking forward to this week, still moving new things into the flat, and buying things we need (namely the internet!!) and generally spending some time with Del. More launches and beauty party fun times are coming aswell as some general partytimes. See you then!
Love, Zozo 


  1. if you dont tell me who that cosmetics brand is im going to have to stop being friends with you! unless you name a shade after me then you can be excused ;)

    Lily @ llymlrs//etcllymlrs

  2. Wow that sounds so exciting about the makeup collab!! Look forward to hearing more about it.

    So glad you're settling in to your new flat well :) lovely to see good things happen to deserving people!

  3. I am so excited about this collab you are doing!! Tell us, tell us nowwwww. :)
    Gorgeous pics of you and the girls at Cosmo.