Sunday, July 31, 2011

17.7.11 - 30.7.11

It's been a super busy two weeks this post around and I did a lot of things from crashing in a field for a weekend, trotting out and about around London town and as per always eating my weight in food. Here's my two weeks in photos:

1. I popped along to Estee Lauder HQ - which yes, is amazing as you think it will be - and previewed their new A/W collection. I will as always have a full collection post on this coming really soon with lots of hq photos and the like. There were lots of palettes, lipsticks and gorgeous new fragrances!

2. This is our friend Jay, Del and I went with him for a Pizza Hut buffet before going over to his flat ti watch The Apprentice final all together. There was lots of unanimous love for Tom so we were all very pleased when he won. What was with Helen the snake trying to sneak in a last idea infront of Lord Sugar?! Very unimpressed!!

3. Argos had their Christmas in July press event last week and so myself, Charlotte, Gemma and Amy went down and played with Lego, lots of MeMeMe gifts and much makeup and hair excitement! I fell in love with this epic thing for your video game console where it's like a little platform and you get about six figurines which you can place on the platform and when you place it it goes into the game AND acts as your memory card. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

4. I also embraced the Christmas love at the Sainsburys press day where they'd transformed their HQ into a gorgeous home-from-home style showroom that made me fall in love with christmas all over again. There were beds, lampshades, bathroom goods and above all loads and loads of cute Christmas decorations - I particularly loved this postbox with cards spilling out of it.

5. We've all been working so hard at work this week that my lovely boss decided to nip over the road and buy us all a Lola's cupcake for an afternoon treat!

6. This isn't technically something i've done but while waiting a million forevers for the tube one day I spotted this advertisement and LOVED it! It was a guy looking for someone to come and work for him, and he was advertising it via billboard. I haven't seen it anywhere else in London but i'm a super marketing geek and loved this so much, such a great idea.

7. Our amazing German girl Luisa is leaving to go home (tomorrow actually, sob sob) and she LOVES frozen yoghurt, so the wonderful Sky treated us all to a frozen yoghurt delivery from Soho! Luisa was beyond thrilled and it was so lovely at 11am to have a little frozen yoghurt treat!

8. Last week it was Benitos Hat's third birthday so they celebrated by selling all burritos for £3! We took the walk from Bond St to Oxford St and went and picked up a burrito each. They were so delicious - I really love this mexican. If you're in town check them out. They also do Horchata which I know will please Gemma!

9. It actually ended up being my last post (one before this) but I was honoured and thrilled to meet the delightful Liz Earle in her store last week. She was so lovely and really pleased to meet us all, wanting to learn more about what we all did. She was so great at talking, telling us everything we needed to know without bombarding us with information - it was really relaxed and chatty.

10. Standard week in photos picture, Del and I went and had Nandos at 10pm after i'd been a busy bee running from Estee to Argos, we met in Camden and ate a cheeky Nandos with the free chicken I had on my card before heading to the Barfly to say goodbye to one of our friends who is leaving to go travelling!

11. We went down to the Peel in Kingston and saw a band from the USA called Lemuria play. They are kinda pop punky/90s emo style and were really good fun!

12. Del and I were doing some flathunting, and one of the ones we looked at is right next to a big Wetherspoons, so we popped in at around 10:30am and had a cooked breakfast! It was about £3 each and so tasty, yum.

13. Last but not least, I was very pleasantly surprised when my Mum and sister decided to pop up to London for the day and as I work really centrally I met them for lunch! Was so lovely, really relaxing and a really nice Friday treat. Thanks for coming to see me!

Phew that was a lot of photos. So many other things happened too but if I photographed everything you'd spend half of your Sunday just reading this post! These next couple of weeks look a bit more chilled out for me, the event hysteria of new launches/Christmas in July has died down a bit but now I do have the long task ahead of reviewing everything I have - I'd show you a photo but i'd be worried people would think I were bragging or owt - seriously I need all the help I can get! You'll see some guest reviews popping up for me very soon from a few girls i've sent products to to help me out a bit but lets just say I have no floor at the moment and a lot of over spilling product bags. I can't wait to bring everything all to you, please do stay tuned to The London Lipgloss as there are a lot of exciting things happening here very soon.

This is a great opportunity for me to say thankyou so much for sticking by my blog and to new readers thankyou for joining. My readership is growing faster than I could ever imagine and everyday I am astounded when I check my Google Analytics. This means more than the world to me as my blog has become my life, not only am I obsessed with writing for it i'm addicted to every single thing about it and i'm just beyond thrilled that you are too.

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards nominations - and if just one person votes for The London Lipgloss it will make my entire blog worth it.

Love, Zozo xxx


  1. looks like you have been super busy :D

  2. I want me one of those burritos.Oh and the cupcakes, and maybe the pizza?

    I honesly looked through these photos and the food ones popped out first - fatty!


  3. I think blogging always becomes everyone's life :) Its a fun place to be and got to love everyone's determination! I saw your name on the list for the Africa London fashion week event :) Hopefully meet you there! <3 xxx

  4. The desk at the Argos press day looks great. Need to browse their catalogue!