Thursday, June 23, 2011

a week in skincare - thursday

Ahh Thursday is one of those funny inbetween days, you can usually get away with a sneaky party after work as you know you're off on Saturday but you're all ready for the weekend and it's just not here yet! I love Thursdays personally, don't know why, it's just become one of my favourite days of the week. Just seems to be a good day all round! Here's my Thursday skincare:

The Body Shop Camomile Makeup Remover | Lush Fresh Face Mask in Cosmetic Warrior | Elemis Toner | The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Awakener | Decleor Hydra Floral

So again, I wash off any left over mascara from bedtime (there always seems to be some stubborn bits clinging on!) and wash my face with the Lush fresh face mask. I like a few of them especially Love Lettuce but I tried this one this time round in Cosmetic Warrior. I can't smell the funky smell that a lot of people complain of (but i've had a few ops on my nose!) so it seems quite pleasant to me. It's definitely not my favourite Fresh Face Mask, but it's nice and leaves my skin feeling soft. I love this Elemis toner, not only does it smell lovely and feel refreshing on my skin it's just a nice addition to my skincare for the day. I don't use it every single day in favour of the Body Shop Vitamin E spray which just seems to sink into my skin quicker, a convienience thing definitely, but this one is worth the time doing. I also use this Body Shop eye refresher to wake up my eyes a bit, I only use one end which is the rollerball end, i'm not a big fan of the wand, it just doesn't seem to do anything really. I then finish up with some Hydra Floral, as I do everyday!

I'm still really mulling over these eye products. I wonder what their real use is, and whether they really do anything at all to help the under eye? The more time goes on the more skeptical about it I am, and i'm not really convinced any of them do much good. I like the rollerball ones simply because they're one of those nice placebo morning effect things that you get used to, like coffee. I feel that coffee and orange juice in the morning wakes me up. No idea if it really does, I don't think it does at all, but it makes me feel like it does and maybe thats the more important thing. These rollerball eye creams make me feel awake, clean and that my face is cleansed. What they're really doing? Probably not much at all. But that doesn't matter to me, because they make my skin feel nice. What an odd thing!

What do you think of my thursday skincare? Do you use any Lush Fresh face masks and love Elemis? I would love to know your thoughts on the great eye cream debate too!
Much love, Zozo xxx


  1. Great I am in love with your post. What a shine and beauty too.Yonka loved it.

  2. Reallly want to try this Lush mask, I've tried the Cupcake one which I really liked!
    I'm gonna try an under-eye product but I'm sceptical as to what difference they make.. s'pose it's nice to atleast feel like you're more awake even if they don't do anything to your skin :/


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