Tuesday, May 31, 2011

rockabilly lipsy

Last Tuesday I went to the Pixie Lott for Lipsy new launch afterparty at Chinawhites. I really didn't know what kind of approach to take in what to wear, I knew that around 90% of the crowd would be wearing classic Chelsea dress attire, or the bodycon style dress (I was right, btw) and I wanted to stand out a bit, and I just wanted to mainly feel like myself in my own skin. I knew I had an old Lipsy dress from one of if not the first ever Lipsy collection and I knew it would be perfect.


Dress : old school Lipsy (think I paid around £50 for it)
Shoes : Vivienne Westwood for Melissa £98


I really like the overall look, it felt really glam and totally not like my usual party attire at all. I will definitely be embracing this style in the future for posh events (if I ever get to go to anymore haha!) I loved digging out my old Lipsy dress again - I hadn't worn it since I was about 15/16. My mum bought it for me to wear to a friends mum's wedding, and at the time I really didn't like it at all and protested a bit about wearing it. I dug it out again about 3 years later for my Aunts birthday at Butlins - it was a 70s night and I went as Blondie.

l-r, my cousin sophie, my cousins wife anna, my auntie paula, my baby sister, me and my mum (with her eyes closed!!)

So to discover this dress still fits (well only just, it was a struggle getting it over my new hips that have bloomed since I was a teen!) and still suits my style is just an incredible feeling. I love nothing better than revisiting clothes and fall in love with them all over again. I feel very fortunate that apart from a few areas of me 'blossoming' (if you will) my size hasn't really changed much and so I can recycle my old clothes from the nineties all over again. Check the first Lipsy label:



So this is the make up I went for:

NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc mixed with
MAC Face and Body in Pure White
NARS Orgasm Illuminator
Topshop Blush in Flush
YSL Touche Eclat

Rimmel London Express Liner eyeliner for the cats eye
Bourjois 16hr Kohl Express on the waterline
Covergirl Lash blast mascara

Carmex mint tube
All For Eve lipstick in Eve Red

I was so impressed with the staying power of Eve Red, it really stayed put all night. It was really soft and didn't make my lips feel clammy or like I was even wearing lipstick. I think I prefer the formula to MAC's matte lipsticks. The colour was also so vibrant and I was surprised how well I thought it suited my skin tone.

What do you think of my old school Lipsy dress? Do you like the outfit I pieced together?
Love, Zozo xx


  1. where do you buy that kind of lipstick from? :) x

  2. Big thumbs up to rediscovering old clothes, makes it feel like you've bought something new without spending a penny.
    Jealous of your ability to pull off the bright red lippy. Mine is being sent to a friend as I'm not brave enough for it!

  3. Aw you look lovely, it's a gorgeous dress! I agree, it's awesome to find old clothes you haven't worn for years and they still fit, it's like having something new again!

  4. You're so gorgeous Zoe! Loving your shoes and you're so lucky you can still fit in all of your old clothes! Well jealous! Xxx

  5. eeee i love those shoes so much!
    also I'm convinced I keep seeing you all over Wimbledon, do you wear glasses? eeek creepy stalker comment right there gonna throw in an I like your lipstick too comment to make me seem more normal :)

  6. You look absolutely fantastic. Jude xx @jadlgw

  7. Your makeup looks lovely!

    Also, those shoes! I've been after a paid of Lady Dragons for years now just can't bear parting with that much money though!


  8. I loove rediscovering old clothes, though I havn't found anything as nice as that dress! You look great :) xo

  9. You look really pretty! I actually love your hair colour but it looks good blonde aswell.

    Hope you had an ace time, I saw on twitter all your celeb spots!


  10. I love your outfit and I've lusted over those VW shoes for a while <3
    The red lipstick looks great on you - I'm still trying to find my perfect red.x

  11. Absolutely love it! You look lovely my dear xx

  12. @chloe it's by All For Eve which you can buy on QVC or here http://www.allforeve.co.uk/ :)

    @princesselfy aw sucks you're giving it away, did you try it out? i think this red in particular does suit every skintone, it's quite blue toned so should work! i say be brave and rock it with pride!

    @rafflesbizarre exactly, i felt like i'd gone out and bought a new dress - and i am so fickle about buying new things just to feel nice, yet i felt nice all night in this! such a find.

    @emily thankyou so so much! try it out :)

    @grace eee shush *blush* thankyou! i was very surprised i did manage to fit in this although it totally was a bit of a struggle to yank it over my hips haha!

    @sophie yes i do work in wimbledon and so spend 99% of my time there, you probably have seen me! i look mostly awful on work days though as i just don't care, haha, and yes i do usually wear glasses just have a weird reflection/photo complex haha! come say hi if you spot me about again :)

    @jude aw thankyou m'love, such kind words *blush blush*

    @amy i know, i totally felt the same but they were just less than £100 which made me feel less bad, i just absolutely couldn't resist and that classic female musthavemusthavemusthave moment took me over and the shopping demon in me went "yum"! i chat no sense i swear..

    @emma keep digging in those old wardrobes! i get so much joy out of shopping my own wardrobe, it's like my own personal vintage store where all the clothes are clothes i fell in love with or that my mum fell in love with and bought me. think all those years ago my mumma secretly knew i'd love it years later!

    @eloise aw thankyou, i'm in love with the colour the salon dyed it, i always look at the end bits of my fringe as they catch the sunlight, it's such a gorgeous tone. i did have much fun, we felt a little awkward but it was wicked to see the hoff! pixie is so so beautiful in real life though, very envious!

    @zoe you need to get the shoes! they are comfy but a little squiffy to walk in sometimes, the rubber is a bit bendy. thanks, i'd recommend this lipstick a lot, it seems to suit most women in one way or another. i just bought from an indie red lipstick seller so be sure to check out my review when it goes up as you might be able to find the perfect red from her shop!

    @lauren fankcoooo! really means a lot, making me all smiley! i loved dressing up, i felt like dita for the night :)

    thanks y'all xxx

  13. Gorgeous dress! Wouldn't mind owning a Lipsy dress myself, just need the right occasion! :P

  14. LOVE this outfit so much! You look absolutely STUNNING! :D

    Maria xxx

  15. Just been catching up on a few of your posts Ive missed gal, but I have to say you suit blonde hair so much! :D Your and your mumma and sis look so alike. That dress is lovely aswell. Hope everythings good with you missus, lots of love xxxx