Monday, May 23, 2011

nail trend - diy ombre nails

I love ombre hair. I really do. I know it's bang on trend and if you're not rocking Cheryl red chances are you're rocking ombre but I love it. Think it suits so many girls and is a wicked hairstyle. I've seen ombre nails on a lot of blogs recently (i'll pop links to my faves from around the net at the bottom, do get in touch if yours hasn't been included and i'll stick it in) and wanted to give them a go for myself! Only thing was, I couldn't decide between pink or blue ombre..

Here are the nail varnishes I used:

Blue hand:
 left to right : Barry M in Navy, Nails Inc in Denim, GOSH in Lavender Love, Barry M in Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M in Blue Moon

and the polishes I used to create the pink hand:
left to right: Barry M (but the name has scratched off, ahh) MUA, Barry M Bright Pink, BeautyUK nails in Pink Explosion and Barry M in Raspberry.

I love the effect it has, I think next time I do it I wont paint my nails in two colours (damn you indecisive mind!) and just stick to one. I love the way it looks, quite a few people have been marvelling at my nails while i've been on the till at work. Love how easily the trend can be juxtaposed from clothes to hair to nails. Sweet!

Here are some of my fave nail ombre trend posts:
running on happiness

I actually commented on one on a blog the other day then promptly forgot whos it was, if you remember please tweet me when this goes live and i'll add it on, also if you have one I wanna see!

What do you think of ombre nails? Will you be rocking this trend? Be sure to show me if you do!
Love, Zozo xxx


  1. Ombre nails have been around for aaages! I've still never actually got around to doing it though. I love how you've done two different colours! Very Zozo :)

    If I ever get round to doing it I'm going to mix my own colours. xxx

  2. i especially love the blue look, it looks really good :) i have a feeling i need to try this! x

  3. I love your Ombre nails and I will have to try this in a while, I'm not very good at painting my nails you see and I can't paint my right fingernails to save the world - (I'm right handed) Got any tips on how I could get better and try out this new trend? :) xxx

  4. this is such a cute yet simple idea. i might have to do this sometime :P
    love the fact you've used different colours on each hand :)

  5. I love this but I don't have that many shades of nail polish! Very cool idea!

    Burn the Blonde X

  6. Seen this posted on a few blogs and really live the look of ombre nails, especially in natural browns/peach colours!

  7. This looks so cool! Love that you did one hand blue & the other red/pink. Have been meaning to do this for a while, will need to get around to trying it out! Lovely post. :) xx

  8. Oh this is such a fun idea and is a great way to mix together trends such as brights, pastels and ombre this Summer. I love the pinks especially! x

  9. I want to try a black-grey-white of the many things on my nail to-do-list!x

  10. I tried this the other day.. but didn't work out that well due to lack of nail varnish shades! Yours looks lovely though :)


  11. i like these nails on you but i can't imagine it being something i'd do on myself! i prefer to do them like a gradient.. mixing the blending up one nail, darkest at the tip and lightest at the cuticle. if that makes sense! xx

  12. I LOVE the idea of ombre nails, I'm so going to try this on the wekend! I have Lavender Love and its sooo pretty

    Fab post lovely xoxo

  13. Awesome idea *goes and raids nail polish bowl*

    I think I might have to invest in a few more shades too, just because, y'know. *shrugs*

    BTW - the blue looks lush!

    Rebecca xx (