Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hungry dog? try pippin's pantry! comment to win some too!

No, this isn't a sponsored post or a favour, just incase you were about to question! My old school chum EB has set up a little online store for tasty homemade doggy treats that look quite frankly, delicious. I stumbled across it having a nose around Facebook, as you do, and asked if it'd be alright to feature her store on my blog, as i've not seen many homemade doggy snack treat stores floating around the internet. She kindly obliged and also offered one of my readers the chance to win a bag of dog treats to sample! How cool! Now I don't own a dog myself, but I love those furry pals, and just thought this was adorable.

Pippin is EB's dog and as a rescue dog he felt particularly keen to spread the word, and he actually sent me some lovely words to say to you all!

Hi, I’m Pippin and I love tasty treats - but without all those nasty preservatives and un-natural ingredients you find in most dog treats in the shops. That’s why I started making my own biscuits at home – they are so yummy I thought I’d make them available to everyone! As a rescue dog I want to do something good with my biscuits so I am donating a percentage of the profits to Friends of Animals League to support all the good work they do. All the biscuits are homemade with natural ingredients – even your owners could eat them, although they may need stronger teeth!

I hope you enjoy my tasty treats,

Keep Crunching!

Pippin x 

I think it's so lovely that a chunk of the profit is going to charity, what a great idea. Not only can you buy from Pippin's Pantry online here (for only £2 a bag!) you can also catch them tomorrow at the Greenwich Market from 8:30am, so if you live local or fancy a little trip down to pick up the fresh treats i'd recommend stopping by! Also be sure to say Zoe sent you, EB is a wonderful girl (who I do miss dearly!).

If you want to purchase online, be sure to state if they are gifts or not, cause EB will even customise them with gift tags addressed to your dog or the giftees dog. If not just tell them your dog's name and they will address them to the dog!

Now, if you wanna get your hands on some tasty treats for your dog, here's all you gotta do! Leave a comment on this post telling me the name and breed of your dog (include a picture if you like, i love looking at pets!), and what treats you would like to give him/her - choices are between Honey biscuits or A crunchy cure for wind. Leave your email address too so I can contact you and the competition closes a week today - Tuesday 31st May.

I love supporting indie companies and not only is EB a lovely girl who's given a lot of her life to helping rescue dogs and cats, I think this is a seriously cute idea to spoil your dog. It's even better as EB - I mean, Pippin ;) - handbakes all the biscuits in their kitchen and sends them out fresh for your doggy!

If you purchase do let me know and don't forget to comment to win a bag!
love, Zozo xxx


  1. the dog (and it's name) totally reminds me off that TV programme, 'Come outside'! I used to love that prog as a kid! (I don't want to enter, as I don't have a dog, just thought I'd share that pointless thought!) xxx

  2. i'm going to enter on behalf of my boyfriend's dog if that's ok!
    his name is toby and he's a westie :)
    here's a picture:
    personally i think he definitely needs a crunchy cure for wind haha!
    my email address is gibbigan@gmail.com

  3. haha elle i don't think i remember that show! love it though.

    aw laura he is adorable! consider him entered xx

  4. Dawww cute! My dog's name is Bella, she's an Alsatian. She has the most GORGEOUS face, I haven't got any pics on here though and this is the only one I could find on my sister's facebook: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/7524_1156062456764_1083804604_30410430_1627812_n.jpg

    Luckily she doesn't suffer from wind but loves doggy chocolate buttons and toast with honey on it so she'd LOVE honey biscuits!


  5. b'awww i love stuff like this! super cute idea. i have a little pug called louie who would love to get his grubby paws on some treats ha! honey biscuits sound goood :) this is him playing on the swings (aka his favourite pastime)



  6. How cute.

    We have two dogs at home. A scottie (called Holly) and a black lab (called Daisy) they are the funniest things, despite living together they lead completely parallel lives, they don't interact with each other at all, it's so strange!

    Holly - http://www.flickr.com/photos/agirlcalledrebekah/5239714050/in/photostream

    Daisy - http://www.flickr.com/photos/agirlcalledrebekah/5239709222/in/photostream/

    I think we need a bag of crunchy cure for wind in this house, Daisy in particular is getting rather farty in her old age - haha!

    Rebecca xx (ohpanda.blogspot.com)