Sunday, May 29, 2011


I really like these posts that most blogs seem to feature so I thought i'd start a little week in photos blog. I'm gonna try and keep it up but we'll see how that goes, Sunday is usually a blackout blogging day for me as i'm just so tired. This morning I woke up with the most hideous headache, think it may have been a migraine. Right now i'm dosed up to the nines on all sorts and feel a bit pecular, but much less headachey. Lying in bed finally. Rubbish end to what has been a great week!

1/ Last Sunday Del and I took a walk over Bushy Park, starting down the river and walking all the way up to Hampton Court. It was really lovely just to do something for free and hang out together walking in the sunshine. Del got rather taken by the little boats and promised he'd rent out one when he got some money together.

2/ Another week, another Frank Turner show. This time was Frank, Ben Marwood and Jonah Matranga on Thursday at New Slang in Kingston. If you lot remember well, I ran a competition giving away two tickets to this show, and I met up with the lovely Kirsti and Rich who accompanied us for the night. I took them to meet Frank and much fun times were had all round. It was Del's first New Slang since he used to work there around 2 years ago, and not only did everyone know him but he had an amazing time. New Slang was kinda the reason why we got together so, was nice.

3. I painted my nails leopard print and Hello Kitty, following the tutorial over at Do Not Refreeze.

4. A really grainy photo of David Hasslehoff and his daughters at the Pixie Lott for Lipsy Launch afterparty at Chinawhite on Tuesday. Among them were JLS, The Saturdays, Matt Cardle, Tinchy Stryder, TOWIE cast and others! We had much fun but also felt a bit out of place as it's totally not the kind of thing Del and I would usually go to!

5. Silly faces and happy tummies at Wagamamas on Friday - an after payday treat! 

Hope you enjoyed the photos of my week. 
Love Zozo xx


  1. I love week in photos posts. Looks like you've had a lovely week :) Love your nails xx

  2. I love Bushy Park! me and mother found a great place to the left on the park (coming from Hampton Court - I can't remember the name soz!), it's less crowded than where the pond is and has a little river and lots of pretty flowers haha - does great brekkie too! xxx

  3. Love photoposts they can reveal so much more then words x

  4. Fab photos :D haven't been to New Slang since my friend's gig (Johnny Foreigner) I can't remember when it was, but it was a LONG time ago!!

    Loving the nails, yay for boat rides this summer!

  5. I love these kinds of posts...mine would be too boring though! And the Hoff, jealous!

  6. awh i love jonah matranga, i'm seeing him on thursday <3
    glad you had an awesome week! xx

  7. lovely photos :D