Saturday, April 16, 2011

TREsemme and VO5 vlog chat

Hello everyone! A quick one just to say that a big hq photo blog post of the event is coming but for now, enjoy my youtube introduction to the two new collections!

Much love, Zozo xx


  1. Enjoyed watching this. It's always a lot of fun to watch bloggers doing videos.
    The event sounds like a ot of fun: the hotel sounds amazing.
    That Miracle Concentrate really seems good. Ooo, tempted by it.

  2. Great vlog - I can't wait to try out all the products, there are so many of them I was shocked when I got home and opened the goodie bags! Was lovely to meet you on Thursday :) x

  3. Great vlog post although not so sure that would work for me with my hair type and ish.