Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ahhhh i'm so so excited to be announcing this. All of you lovely girls that bravely entered to be in with a chance of meeting Frank are so lovely and I want to take you all and party with you all but I just can't. This show is gonna be a blinder and I can't wait to share it with....



I absolutely loved Kirsti's comment because she said that not only did she love Frank herself but it would make her boyfriend's life complete as he's one of Frank's biggest fans. She said they'd been to his every London show and I just know that Frank is going to love the dedication, and will enjoy meeting you both as much as I will.

I will of course inform you of all the details, but I will not be sending tickets to you Kirsti, instead i'll meet you outside the venue with the tickets (we can always meet in Starbucks beforehand if you like).

In the meantime if you could email me at to confirm you are able to attend and we can organise from there! Just to confirm you have won TWO tickets to this show, they are in my hand as we speak!

Congrats Kirsti, and i'm really looking forward to meeting you on the 26th May as much as Frank Turner is too!

The other winners of my make up giveaway are going to be announced really soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime I just want to say a big big thankyou to everyone who entered, it really meant a lot to me that you were just as happy to celebrate my 500 followers as much as me. And who knows, if this is just the 500 follower giveaway maybe we can get 1,000 in time for Reading tickets... ahah I jest, but this music and makeup theme will definitely run through my competitions in the future.

Lots of kisses and love, Zozo xxx

disclaimer, if tickets are not claimed by Friday they will be redrawn.