Friday, March 25, 2011

superdrug makeover - wimbledon

Hello everyone! Hope your week was good and you're all ready for the weekend. In my hometown of Wimbledon (well, my new adopted hometown for the last few years or so) our Superdrug was picked to have a makeover, and there were a few new interesting talking points I wanted to share with you. I popped in to their preview opening day today and here are my thoughts.
I took all these photos from the Superdrug Loves twitter as I tried to pap my own but you know what it's like trying to photograph a store...felt shifty! It's for blog purposes!

The entrance to the store. It is divided up into sections including makeup, essentials, perfume and hair.

The new till area. They've got all these lovely little new features including tissue dispensers to clean up your hands after trying makeup, a make up testing area to try some of a selection of the best products from certain brands and these little details, Superdrug's Top 5 Mascaras :

Theres also the biggest selection of hair dye i've ever seen in my life ever, you can just about see it in the photo above, behind the mascara selection.

Even the Pharmacy has been pimped and looks like it's got a clean 'spa' feel to it.

The make up testing area, you can see each brand has a little segment with their popular products on to swatch and play with, and theres tissues and bins on the table above.

There's a huge section of their MUA range, big extended counters of their standard make up ranges (loads of Rimmel, Bourjois etc), a brand new Accessorize make up range and lots of new things including the much sought after Kiss Broadway Nails, previously only available in the USA. 

I don't know if this is this only Superdrug store that has been 'pimped' like this, but it's awesome. Everything is really clean, and easy to shop. The layout is so much better and I really enjoyed shopping in there today. It looked like they had hired some new fresh faced staff too, better than the usual grumbly and unhelpful staff I get in there (sorry, but true - i even overheard two staff in the hair aisle once very loudly talking about VERY intimate issues). I hope this continues, and that it's not just a fad 'new store' thing. They also very kindly popped by our store with cookies and Olay samples, which was a nice touch.

If you are interested in checking out the store the official store opening is tomorrow, in the Centre Court Shopping Centre in Wimbledon. (Pop into Gap adults too, thats where I work!)

What do you think of the changes Superdrug made to this store? Do you think the make up 'test' area will stay nice or will it get all grubby and sticky within days? Is it a good idea to seperate everything into areas, and do you like the new layouts? I'm guessing this is some kind of new thing they're trialling, i'd be interested to see if they roll it out to any other stores!
Love, Zozo xxx


  1. That looks fab, such a nice place to shop, better than our scruffy little Superdrug!

  2. looks lovely. i always avoid superdrug, i find it to be messy and frequently the sales assistants are rude/unhelpful/downright irritating. perhaps the improved look will persuade me to shop there more often.

  3. makes my little 90s superdrug look...well...90s.
    Have you tried any of the accessorize makeup yet? contemplating giving it a go tomorrow


  4. i hope they revamp all the other superdrugs! xxx

  5. that looks pretty awesome. gotta be honest, if all superdrugs were like that i would shop there a lot more, i am sure.
    the dirtiness, often scruffy staff and general chaotic displays is what make me choose other shops over superdrug.
    rebecca x (

  6. Wow I wish our Superdrug looked like that! What's not to love about bigger, better makeup stands? I hope the Sleek ones get bigger, they're always small, dirty and sold out of everything! xxx

  7. This is so cool!
    They will never do my closest one up like this :( it's tiny!

  8. The store looks really good. All stores should provide testers and tissues in the make up section x