Saturday, March 26, 2011

murad launch event and first opinions

Hey everyone. So earlier this month I was very fortunate to be invited along by Gemma to the Murad bloggers event, which was at the County Hall Marriott - famous for it's spas and well, it's location! The launch had a huge variety of products available ranging from their Acne and Wrinkle solutions to their sensitive and sun damaged soft skincare.


Both Gemma and I got a one to one talk with Dr. Murad who told us that he believed the secret to healthy and happy skin was not just in the products we use but in the way we live our life. Happiness and healthy food are key ingredients to the wellbeing of not only your body but your skin too.

^ thats the doctor on the left!

We had a great chat with Zoe, their PR assistant, who told us that Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton were huge fans of the range, and also lovingly told us that they are actually friends in real life - this filled us with joy!




So, Murad do so much excellent skincare that I could write about for days. I've only tried 1 product so far, and i've only been using that for a couple of weeks so this is just my first impressions really! These were the products I got to review:



My mum has recently been complaining that her current skincare isn't fulfilling her needs, and that she wanted to try something new. I passed on two of the products to her, which she started using immediately, and I kept the cleanser for myself. This way we can see if the anti-aging segment can help younger skin as well as revitalising older skin.

 ^thats my mummy, we'll see more from her in future posts about Murad :) <3

So, the very successful Acne and Spots range has all different products to suit your individual needs. There are loads of individual products but you can also buy them in specially made 'regimes' that are formulated to work best together.

There is an acne and wrinkle range with 3 different products for mature ladies worried about acne and still wanting an anti-aging product.

There is also an acne complex range with 4 products which aim to clear blemishes within 4 weeks.

There is also a blemish complex range with 4 products again, that aims to rapidly clear breakouts and restore smooth skin.

And a scarring program with 3 steps that aims to fix discolouration and dark spots to even out the tone of the skin.

So i've been trying the Acne and Wrinkle reducing cleanser.

^ see where i've been using it haha

This cleanser is lovely, it's so soft, and leaves a little tingly feeling on your skin after washing. It looks like this when you squeeze it out:



It melts into a deliciously soft cleanser as you mix it with water and rub onto your skin. It's been doing a great job of waking me up in the mornings.
Now, the important part, so far i've noticed the main thing is that my skin just looks brighter. I don't think it's completely had it's time to shine yet in combatting my annoying under-the-skin blemishes (pesky things) but i'm hoping to see great results in this. Definitely one to watch!

My mum so far is reporting that she is loving her skin at the minute. She suffers from redness, due to a very bad sunburning accident that's permanantly damaged her skin on her nose and cheeks (it's not noticable, it just causes oiliness and problems), and she gets spots on her chin, which she was concerned about. She's been using it for a week, every single morning and night, and I visited her last weekend and her skin looked lovely! It looked clearer, much brighter and was a lot less red. This really suits her skin so far and i can't wait to pop back on mothers day with a report, and hopefully some snaps for you all to see.

So thats been a pretty hefty introduction to Murad, i've a lot more reviews to come from Murad and their sister brand Doctor Brand, which you should keep an eye out for in the future!
I'm off to wash my face with the cleanser before bed, lovely.

What do you think of Murad? Do you use any of this range?
Love, Zozo xx


  1. I've never heard of the brand but your reviews so far seem positive! I'm tempted to invest as I've suffered with acne for years and am always looking for new products to try out.

    Would love to hear what you think of the Doctor Brand stuff too as I was contemplating buying their blemish relief starter kit...have you tried any of their products yet?


  2. I've not heard of it either but i'm looking for something to even out my skin tone, I have awful blotches that i'm always parranoid about