Sunday, March 27, 2011

i lay staring at your innocent skin wondering how i screwed this up

Hello, happy Sunday. Firstly I wanna apologise to Lone Wolf for changing his lyrics to fit my blog post, the actual lyric has a naughty in it and i'm very adament on never swearing on my blog so, i changed the word. :) I mentioned last week i'd been to Topshop (before the protestors got there, lolz, idiots) and picked up a playsuit. I also picked up this gorgeous little american flag tee for only £18 and I love it. I guess this is my kind of a Sunday Summary or Sunday photo thing but i dyed my hair darker the other day, and thought i'd share with you my new hair, my new top and a make up look. Sorry the photos are all photobooth, my camera wasn't charged and well, i'm feeling a bit rough and couldn't be much bothered to charge it!



Top - Topshop £18


I'm wearing:
Topshop Crayon (forgot the name baaah)
Black from the Body Shop Brush with Fashion a la mode palette
RMK Eyeshadow in Gold
Maxfactor Eyeliner
MAC Opulash in Bad, Bad Black
Body Shop kohl in brown

MAC Face and Body in White
MAC Studio Fix fluid in NC15
Topshop Blush in Flush
Touche Eclat

MAC Lipstick in Pink Nouveau



I've had a pretty terrible weekend, from work being hell on earth on Saturday and then one thing or another leading me to miss the gig I was so looking forward to, and then staying up all night being ill. There are lots of things going on with me at the moment and they're all pretty rubbish, wouldn't talk about them on here but if I do sporadically tweet lots or not at all, or blog lots or not at all, don't be offended. There is a lot going on in my life at the moment and i'm hoping it'll be sorted.

I'm still addicted to Pink Nouveau
The Decleor cream I got at the event smells like pure heaven and i'm in love
I'm so grateful for all my new twitter and blog followers
I love Hold Your Horse Is more than ever
I am going to try hard not to let you upset me
I am going to try hard to be strong
I still don't know who Rebecca Black is.

Zoe x


  1. your top's amazing! and you're looking lovely. hope things sort themselves out for you and you're feeling happier soon :) x

  2. Don't worry, althugh I love beauty blogging, living your life (or sorting it out) is more important. Honestly, don't feel obliged to do ANYTHING you don't want to just because others may tell you to or you feel guilty... xxx

  3. Aww hope things get better for you hun. *big hugs* Love the top and you look so pretty. :) x x

  4. hope you're okay lovely! & you don't want to know who rebecca black is. you're better off being in the dark about her. ha.

  5. It's ok, I don't know who rebecca black is either. And I have NO idea why everyone hates her so much.

    Hope things pick up for you hun! Keep strong. x

  6. Hope things get better Zoe- and sorry to hear you were ill at the weekend. It's so rubbish when you get ill on days off!

    Pink nouveau looks gorgeous on you! x

  7. pink nouveau is such a perfect pink - one of my favourites and it looks gorgeous on you miss xx

  8. Hope you're alright and things get better for you soon *hugs*

    That top is lush :)

    Rebecca x (