Monday, February 21, 2011

topshop make-up nails in galactic

Hello, happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice weekend. The less said about mine the better, however, we live and learn and today's a brand new fresh day and I gotta face it with open arms!
One lovely part of my weekend involved a full day in London with the gorgeous Steph from Topshop Princess and we had a lovely shopping trip which consisted of a fair bit of time in the ol' Flagship Topshop. For some unknown reason I didn't take any pictures of Steph and I shopping? I'm a very bad blogger. We both had other things on our clothes and make up! I loved it so much though and I've def found a gem in Steph, she's an incredible girl and we get on like a house on fire.

Aaaanyway the sole reason for checking out Topshop's hefty make up stand was to check a cheeky glance at the new Sandstorm collection, however only half of it seemed to be in store? I picked up only one piece which I'll talk about later.
I do however absolutely adore their nail varnishes, for a long time i've not been so excited by a nail range and for some reason that stand of nail colours just seems to entice me so much. It's my new mission to collect as many as I can, teehee! I saw this one and immediately knew it had a place in my collection, i've not seen anything like it before on the high street. It's called Galactic and it looks like this:


Here's how it swatches (and i'm so sorry about the messiness, i didn't have much time writing this! bad zozo)



I've tried to capture it as beautifully as possible in artificial lighting. It's this industrial glitter fest on a metallic charcoal background. I love dark nails every now and then, not only does part of me feel a little bit rock and roll - I never ever painted my nails black as a kid, my Mumma didn't like it on me - I often think it can change the entire dynamic of your outfits. I find when i've painted my nails all gloomy and dark my wardrobe gets more interesting. One of my odd little things I guess. I'm 100% positive that the colour of your nails can directly influence the wardrobe choices you make, I think it's one of those subconcious things you don't really realise you're doing. I always feel a little bit cooler! (Although I just got lamer for typing that, right?) My ever mission to be the next Katy Perry, ha.

I'm not hot off the mark with nail trends but I saw this article a month ago showing a few celebs rocking the dark nails look, and it seems to be a hot thing among celebs at the minute:

l - r, Vanessa Williams, Tiffany Hines, Kim Kardashian

I've done a post on Topshop Nails before but their brushes are quite short and wide, and apply really easily with a few strokes.
They retail for £5 and if you don't have a Topshop near you, you can purchase online. If you pop into store you can also use your student discount, I get a tasty 10% off using my 16-25 Railcard, which takes it down to £4.50, which is really reasonable for a good polish.

I'm definitely hooked on these little gems and I think they're definitely the strongest part of Topshop's make up range.
What do you think of Topshop make up? Do you rock dark nails? Can you link me to any posts you have on Topshop nail colours, you can help me fuel my addiction ;)!
Lots of love, Zozo xxxxx


  1. I have done three recent Topshop nails posts. Not very good pix but...

    I have ordered 2 from Sandstorm as well.

  2. aw :) thanks for the little mention sweety! We bloody had a good time, so whateves, haha
    love this, think I may have to try some of them out. I really like dark short nails

  3. I love to wear dark nailpolishes. Mostly dark blues, blacks or black with glitter.
    But on the other hand I like really bright colours. Depends on the mood I'm in when I'm doing my nails, I guess!

    Never tried Topshop polish before, but I'm going to london in April and I'm defently going to check it out!
    thanks ^^

  4. Oooh I'm so behind with TS make up - I've wanted 'geography teacher' for so long, and now it seems they've gone and brought out a whole new range!

    This colour looks lovely - i'm definitely partial to darker nails...I think they can really make an impact.

    God that sounds sad. I guess what I mean is that it offers something a little different to the expected red!