Friday, February 18, 2011

so i keep having re-occuring dreams about justin bieber

That's not even a lyric or anything, I do. First dream I had my mum put Justin Bieber on at The Peel in Kingston for £24,000 and I had to go and pick him up from the airport and he was a right spoilt brat.
Second dream we were in the park and he tweeted me @londonlipgloss no less and in 10 minutes I got 3,000 followers. Weird. So um, stop infiltrating my dreams Justin Bieber. Probably all those anti-illuminati comments I keep making on the internet, getting me into trouble or something!

Anyway here's an OOTD for you, another classic Zozo 50's inspired outfit:

My top is so old I don't remember how much it was but i'm pretty certain it's from H&M! My shorts are from bottom floor Topshop and by a designer called Tara Starlet. I bought both of these things around three years ago now so, I can't really help anyone there haha. :)

What do you think? Happy Friday, hope it's a good one for you! Much love, Zozo xxx


  1. Ha ha poor you with the Bieber dreams! I LOOOVE those shorts. I hate Tara Starlet though, I don't fit I could fit ONE of my legs into their biggest size! :P

  2. Love your outfit <3
    Lol Bieber dreams!

  3. Hahahaha at your Bieber dreams!
    Like your outfit, I love high waisted shorts. X

  4. Super-cute shorts! I love your OOTD's, you should do more :D

    Jo xoxo

    My little blog...

  5. dreaming about the same person all the time must mean something ha ha x