Thursday, February 24, 2011

not da mamma!

Hey everyone, hope you're well. The title of this post comes from one of my favourite shows from when I was a kid...Dinosaurs! Anyone remember that show? I used to love it and i think i've still got it all on vhs somewhere ahaha. Anyway, whilst perusing the shelves of the ol' Flagship Topshop on Friday I found this amazing Tea and Cake tee, showed it to Steph and we both went "Oh god!" Steph was like.. "buy that right now!" Anyway I tried it on and it looked boss so I got it. So here is my dinosaur OOTD:


Tee - Tea and Cake /£20
Shorts - Had them since i was 11, best fitting pair of shorts i own!
Cardigan - Gap /£35
Leggings - H&M /£5.99
Socks - Gap /£4
Shoes - New Look /£25

This tee is seriously my favourite thing I own in the world right now, I absolutely love it! Such a geek.



Anyway it was my day off work yesterday and I had a lovely day. Slept in bed until 2pm which I never ever get to do, had a long Lush bath, walked the dog to the post office to pick up some post and then went over to see Del and cooked and ate pesto pasta. Then we settled down to watch more 24. I have to talk about 24 because it's just incredible. I'd never seen it before and pretty much as soon as I started seeing Del he was like... "so um, have you ever watched 24?" When he realised to his shock and horror that I didn't, he made sure we started from the beginning and we've been watching every episode from the start together for the last few months. We're currently at about 8pm Season 3 and i'm just absolutely loving it. It's something we've been doing together aswell and I know it's only tv but sometimes it's nice to share those common grounds. :)

We're both working really really hard on This Is Not Revolution Rock at the moment - our promotions and record label and we've got an amazing show coming up on the 07.03.11, which is Tubelord, &U&I, Shoes and Socks Off and at The Cricketers in Kingston. So come check it out maybe? I'll be there and i'd really love to see some faces.

What did you think of my dinosaur tee? Do you love novelty graphic tees or do you think they're silly? Will you be at our show in Kingston? (haha) Let me know, everytime i'm at work and I get a comment I get a big smile on my face!

Lots of love, Zozo xxx


  1. yes mate :) & it looks utterly amazing on! I love it, suits you so much
    Can't wait to see the other beauties you bought on OOTD's too

  2. Oh my, that is such an adorable tee! Looks lovely paired with a simple pair of cut-offs, and I love your shoes (: Aaah that sounds like such a great show, hope all your hard work pays off Zo! xo

  3. You've made my night...I'd totally forgotten how much I LOVED Dinosaurs!! Baby Earl Sinclair would sit in his high chair screaming 'Not the Mama' at his Dad!! Flippin hilarious! Great t-shirt as well! :)

  4. your hair is such a nice colour - really suits you, aww what a cute top :) xxx