Friday, February 25, 2011

mac lipstick in pink nouveau and a fotd

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's looking forward to the weekend, yay. A couple of weeks ago I bought MAC's Pink Nouveau lipstick. It's one i'd wanted for a while but they just never ever seemed to have it in stock. My lovely and beautiful friend Amanda was on her way into town and kindly rang me to see if I wanted any MAC (as she knew she was going in) and I squealed with excitement when I found out they had Pink Nouveau in! Thanks Manda <3

So here is my FOTD featuring Pink Nouveau:


I'm wearing the dinosaurs tee from yesterdays post! Haha. I love it.
I'm wearing:
Witch Tinted Moisturiser in 01
Witch Pressed Powder
MAC Stereo Rose MSF
MAC Porcelain Pink MSF

The Body Shop palette in A La Mode - there is a tutorial for this eye look coming up on Sunday where all the eye products will be talked about further :)


My hair has gone a much lighter purply pinky colour from the dye just gradually washing out. I really like it, the camera seems to have captured it much brighter than it is in real life in the first picture (it's more like the second one) but I love it and i want to make it more this colour. Any tips? I was thinking of popping a pink red over the top of the purple.. I'm really after this muted fuchsia colour.

Anyway Pink Nouveau is a true bubblegum pop bright blue pink and it's a Satin. It's supposedly the colour that Lady Gaga wore all through her teens and inspired her to create Viva Glam Gaga - which is why the two are so similar. I actually love Pink Nouveau more than Viva Glam now and I think it's going to become my signature colour!



And here's a close up of what it looks like on my lips. It's so soft and creamy and this is my first Satin lipstick by MAC but I think so far my favourite. Creamsheens are nice but can be a bit melty and feel a bit weird. Satin ones seem true to their colour, easy to apply yet really thick and just, well, feel nice!


What do you think of Pink Nouveau? Do you use any other Pink lipsticks similar? Can you recommend me some more MAC lipsticks for my collection?
Much love, Zozo xxxx


  1. Ohhh this has made me put this lipstick on my 'to buy' list.

  2. Love the hair with the lippie! xx

  3. Gorgeous pink. Your hair looks great too - love how its always changing! x

  4. oo i so nearly bought this today but opted for snob!!

    wish i had got it now!! you look fab!! great eye makeup as well!!!

    steph xox

  5. Such a lovely colour, i want! Looks very cute on you hun xoxo

  6. Do you know what? I don't think I have ANY Mac lipstick in my collection! I was thinking of buying a bright red one , but I have dozens of those ( i just like bright red lips, but who doesn't right?) , but I really like this colour so I might give it a try :)

  7. that's such a pretty bubblegum colour :)
    you look gorgeous by the way!! x