Monday, January 10, 2011

witch challenge week - teaser

Hello y'all, hope you're well. I've had a fairly turbulent weekend but of course i've come through keeping my head up and i'm sure it'll all be alright soon. I wanted to take a blogging break as I felt I wasn't doing my baby blog justice, as I don't hugely have the time to devote to FOTD's/OOTD's much anymore however if you remember my twitter a while ago, I got excited about something coming up in the future and I was asked about a month ago to take part in this excellent challenge by skincare brand Witch.

They are to create a new cosmetics line - which as of yet I don't know anything about. I know i've got a parcel full of surprises waiting back at my home in Surrey so of course I will be blogging about it as and when it happens but I figured i'd tease you with the little teaser they have on their website so you can pop back here - and of course on the official Witch website to check out where i'm at, what i've been doing and of course, all about this brand new line!
The challenge means for an entire week I will be roadtesting the make up line in various activities in London, mostly what a woman does on a daily basis. (I won't reveal any yet!)
I'm so so excited and honoured to have been asked to take part, they've been emailing me letting me know what "putting the line through their paces" entails and it encompasses most things I love doing with lots of fun and so many treats thrown in. I really hope you'll enjoy watching me on my journey with Witch - a brand I've not tried before - and you'll love this new addition to my blog. So until the challenge starts on the 24th January I may be a little quiet, but as I am testing the skincare and the cosmetics I will keep a diary every single day of how their products fair, and as i've recieved them today I can get a good two weeks testing in before I begin to review.

Take a look on the official Witch website and bookmark it for the 24th to watch The London Lipgloss in action!

I'm also going to use this as an excellent opportunity to eat really well too, and see if over this challenge week I can get healthy glowing skin, with help from Witch (hopefully!) As i've never tried the brand before it's a great opportunity to get familiar with them, see what works for me and hopefully give you all something good to read (hehe) and perhaps a good insight into the Witch line.

Have you tried Witch before? Can you give me any advice before I start with their products? What do you think about the challenge idea?
Much love, Zozo xxx


  1. nope I haven't, but I should ^_^ it seems pretty good.

  2. Wow. This sounds amazing - really love the idea of the challenge and can't wait to se your posts on it! x

  3. I've tried a few bits and their treatments for blemishes work AMAZINGLY - can't wait to hear your opinion on their stuff!! x