Saturday, January 15, 2011

raiders of the lush sale!

Hahahaha I swear I think i'm so funny. Bad pun alert! Hello hello there, hurrah for the weekend right! Ergh, January mega sucks. Apart from one thing, January sales! Yippee. I of course was only really interested in the Lush sale and on the 28th December on my first day back to work I arrived early and dashed straight into the Wimbledon branch of Lush and was officially the first customer through their doors. I also promptly left my Starbucks on the counter and had to dash back to get it, doh! Anyway here's what I got..:

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Cinders Bath Ballistic

Lush Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

I also picked up the 500g Snow Fairy shower gel as all the products I bought were half price, so so cheap! Love life. I've popped one of each of these in my clothes drawer until I use them, can't wait to have many a delicious bath for a good few months.
If anything I had so much fun photographing these products - what a geek. They just photograph so well! 
What did you think of Lush's Christmas line? Which one shall I use first?! Did you get any good Lush stuff in the sale? Let me know I do absolutely adore all of your comments.
Lots of love, Zozo xxxxx


  1. aww lucky. I wanted to pick some from the stock but the Lush store is to far from me. :{ You should try the gingerbread one first ^_^

  2. I absolutely LOVE Lush! What great deals you got :) I totally know what you mean by enjoying photographing their products haha. I only got the Gingerbread House bubble bar from their Christmas line this year, but Snow Fairy is absolutely delicious! Happy bathing :) xo

  3. I received Bearded Lady, Candy Cane, Cinders and Snow Fairy too, along with some other bits for Christmas. At the sale, I picked up two soap: The Godmother and Angel's Delight. I'm afraid I'm becoming addicted...

  4. love the wimbledon store since it got its makeover! xx

  5. Cinders is my favourite ever. Look out for the lush valentines lot! It's even more amazing. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?