Tuesday, January 18, 2011

animal print dresses ootd x2!

Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry there's been a little break, I had to pop home to Cambridge for a few days. I will get back on the Witch programme as soon as possible, promise!
So one of the trends this SS11 is the revival of animal print which seems to be cropping up everywhere someway or another into most high street collections. I am a huge huge fan of H&M, probably my favourite high street store and of course I adore animal print. So you can imagine my pure unadulterated joy when I walked past their new collection and saw half the store covered in animal print, ace! In Wimbledon there are 3 H&Ms and they're all split up, so the Divided stuff is in one store, and the more formal in another and then kids and baby and then mens. The Divided store is on my way to work - and on the way to where I get lunch - so I see their collection a mile off and pretty much every single day. I'm a bit poor at the minute but I managed to pop in and get three new pieces to add a little splash of animal magic to my wardrobe. Today i'm gonna show you two of the dresses I bought and later on i'll introduce you to a new skirt :)

Also just quickly - apologies for the terrible mobile phone photos, i've been away from my slr again! I miss it. :(

Dress - H&M £7.99

Ooft that was all I was wearing haha. I just got out of the shower so thought i'd pop this on and show you how it sits. I've been wearing it with either leggings or little shorts and more opaque tights. I absolutely love this one it's like a leopard/snake hybrid. It came in a dark browny colour as well but i loved the green as it was so vibrant and different. it's 100% viscose too so mega comfortable and soft!

ew del's bathroom mirror is so dirty at the bottom haha! also i've had a haircut..

Now i'm gonna transport you back to Friday and show you the outfit I wore out in Wimbledon before I went home on Saturday. I went to a couple of Wimbledon bars and then to the Watershed with my bff Mike and our friend Lewis and his girlfriend. It was awesome, we partied and danced to cheesy music and Del came and got me at 2am <3 awesome night. I go out most Fridays with Mike, he's amazing!

we're in my bathroom now haha

Jacket - Topshop £55
Dress - H&M £6.99
Belt - H&M £2.99
Tights - Primark £1.50
Clutch - Topshop £50

This dress is really soft and can be worn dressed up or dressed down totally. I've worn it with just leggings and a soft black cardi or i've dressed it up here with my biker leather jacket and tights. I love this one so much! Totally embracing my inner scene kid here!! Hahaha!
So i'm gonna treat you to some photos of our night out...hehe..

Mike and I

Lewis and I

Mike stole my glasses and yes I think there is a willy on the window behind us!! naughty 

 Lewis and Rebecca

Much fun had all round! What do you think of animal print, whats your favourite? I don't really rock zebra that much, maybe I should give it a go. What do you think of the dresses I bought? Please let me know I love your opinions!
Much love, Zozo xxxx


  1. I Love Love Leopard print, honestly if i could wallpaper my flat in it I would! Really love the second dress with the bow on x

  2. both stunning and you hair looks fab!

  3. I love the dress you wore out so getting it tomorrow lol love the blog just discovers it x


  4. Loving the hair, you rock that dress brilliantly.

  5. O my GOSH! I love that leopard print dress with the bow. Are those new products from H&M? I better look for them!! :)

  6. You are so gorgeous, I bloody miss you!
    And I bought that snakey/leopardy green dress, 'cept there is NO WAY I could actually wear it as a dress 'cause I am bigger than you. Hahaha :) but it looks fine with jeans too xxx

  7. @Charlotte Me too, so so much. hence why my phone is pimped into leopard print hehe. Most things i own have some form of leopard in them one way or another. i LOVE it :)

    @Tat thankyou so much, i'm really pleased with the way my sister cut it, i love it.

    @thinkpinkpeople aw thankyou. yes definitely pop into your H&M!

    @pink flower thankyou, eee :)

    @princesa livia yeah they're al from h&m's new collection, definitely check it out there are so many new animal printy pieces!

    @leanne i miss you lots too! oh yay, excellent taste surely. we'd better decide what we're gonna wear to imats before we go i think just incase we end up wearing the same outfit, haha. i can't really wear it as a dress either, the photos are strategically placed, haha. id never wear it out just like that, imagine! arrested! yeah i can imagine it with jeans, just im not really a jeans person, i find them a bit uncomfy! xxx

    much love xxx

  8. I gave you an Award, please check it out on my blog: http://danceofthegods.blogspot.com/

    Charlene xxxx

  9. Oooo love that first dress in particular - so cute! You wear it well, i'm not sure i would :D

    I'm your newest follower by the way!

    Jo xoxo