our christmas single - do they know it's christmas? needs your help!

Monday, December 20, 2010
Hey all! Hope everyone is well, getting into the festive spirit and making the best of this snow! Haha. Currently snowed in at my boyfriends (kinda un-good, got no clothes here, aaah!) and all our water is gone and it's a little cold but it's such a lovely excuse to cuddle up and watch festive tv together. Which is kinda what the holidays are about. And besides the fact that it's a little rubbish indoors we're both privaledged to have somewhere warm together and a roof over our heads, with internet and playstation just to name the least. Thats why this Christmas, Del had this wonderful idea to gather together as many local musicians from established bands and make a single for charity. That charity being Shelter, who do a wonderful job this time of year. The single went live on iTunes today, and I urge you to help them this christmas and give them 79p of your money to help them help people less fortunate than us. Hell, I froze to death out in that snow just a second ago for 15 mins, let alone having to contend spending a night out there. And without sounding cliche, the song is actually wicked, and 79p is a pretty cheap price to pay to get a good song to listen to and help someone else less fortunate than you this christmas :) Del and I are keeping none of the profit, it is all completely going to Shelter, we're just doing the work giving it to them for you and rewarding you with excellent tunes from Kingston upon Thames's finest musicians. Watch out for a cheeky cameo from yours truly on the guitar too ;). If anyone wants to repost or reblog this on their blog please please do just let me know because i'd love to see the posts. I'll pop out a tweet too that you can repost. You girls would be doing us a huge favour, getting this single a bit more exposure just so we can raise as much money for charity as possible! Thankyou.

Here's the link to buy the single on iTunes:
 And i'll leave you with Del's official press release:
This Is Not Revolution Rock
Do They Know It’s Christmas?
(2010 unofficial)

For the second year running, the race for Christmas #1 has descended into pettiness, and people have forgotten that really, it doesn’t actually matter and it’s all a bit of fun. A bit like how most people have forgotten that Christmas itself is a time for giving; a time for getting - to quote Uncle Cliff.

With this in mind, Kingston-based label This Is Not Revolution Rock asked some local musicians to contribute their time and effort to a Christmas single of their own. To be released on December 20th - and therefore not in the running for the Christmas #1 (see earlier point re: it doesn’t matter) - the single is a cover of Band Aid’s hit ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’. Recorded for free at a local university, and filmed/edited for free by Matt Francis (of Beatcast.tv), the makeshift group rehearsed for a couple of hours prior to the recording. On a day when snowfall in Surrey was treacherous and more sensible people might’ve abandoned the idea completely, the song features:

Drums: Chris Rouse (Hold Your Horse Is)
Bass guitar: Andy Tickell (Tellison)
Guitars: Thom Ashworth (Our Lost Infantry), Del Noble (mistakes. in. animation)
Keys: Matt Phelps (Our Lost Infantry)
Vocals: Alan Welsh (Tangled Hair), Robin Pearson (Hold Your Horse Is), Dan Frau (Anison), Matt Emery (Stagecoach), Katie Malco (solo), and all those listed playing instruments.

But then of course, it doesn’t really actually matter who’s on the record, does it? All we are is a group of friends with a common goal - to try and raise some money for charity - namely Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity whose work is made even more difficult in the winter months. We’re just trying to do our bit to help, and have a bit of fun in the process. So of course, you can get wrapped up in the ridiculous politics of the Christmas #1, or put your money towards a more worthy cause, and enjoy our version of a classic Christmas song. Merry Christmas!

This Is Not Revolution Rock – Do They Know It’s Christmas? will be released on digital download via iTunes on the 20th December. All proceeds go to Shelter.
Lots and lots of love, Zozo xxxxx