sheepskin and leopard print

Sunday, September 12, 2010
Hello Sunday! How was your Sunday? Mine was spent very lazily catching up on sleep and then eating a lamb roast followed by some cake! Currently packing all my stuff up as i'm moving out tomorrow to a brand new house, yay! Excited but also nervous. Cross fingers for me!

Anyway I did a little pre-uni shopping and so thought i'd show you an outfit post, as it's been a while. :)
I'm missing the help of an assistant lately (long story) so they're a bit rubbish, but bear with me. Serife will have to be my new picture taker when I move in tomorrow, whether she likes it or not! :D

Dress: M Butterfly, Wimbledon - £8
Leggings: H&M - £5.99

They're also not in shot but look at my gorgeous new shoes!!

I love them, I wore them solely on tour with Frank and even to Leeds festival! They were £35 from New Look and are current season. :) I love my new leopard print dress, such a steal at £8 too. What do you think of my outfit? Also sincere apologies for the terrible photos, ergh. Hope everyone is well!
Lots of love from Zozo xxxx

hello hair, meet manic panic (&tips on keeping dyed hair good!)

Friday, September 10, 2010
Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? I've got some time alone so I thought i'd show you all what happened when my hair met it's new best friend, Manic Panic hair dye, and talk you through how I became a little peacock head :) I heard about it from recommendations on my last blog post so THANKYOU all so much, it's been amazing!

Okay so firstly I'd bleached my fringe the other week, it didn't work particularly well but my hair had a lot of dye on it from previous well, life. So I firstly used a dye that stripped the colour out of my hair (the previous blue i'd used) which worked quite well and turned my hair a fit shade of grey! I forgot to take a photo haha, but i think that's probably for the better ;). Here was the lightening dye that I used:

Anyway that over I then bleached my fringe for the first time, which dyed my hair a seriously fit shade of orange!

(edit: haha at del in the background! oh hiyar!)

Ooh nice work scene kid! Haha. Anyway I then bleached over it again and it went a lot whiter, which was great. This is the bleach I used (I swear by this bleach to be honest, I used it for a couple of years to bleach my whole head).

Then I used the Manic Panic hair dye, which looks like this:

I picked mine up from Cyberdog in the stables market in Camden for £11. :) Anyway here are the results!

What have I been using to keep my hair feeling silky silky smooth and awesome bouncy? Well I spray it after every wash with...

Have you used Manic Panic dye before? What do you think about it? Do you use these products, if so what do you think of them, do they make a difference to your hair? I'm so excited about my new hair! So much love. Hope you're all well,
lots of love, zozo xxx

ramona flowers

Sunday, September 05, 2010
Hey! How is everyone? Slowly sinking back into the inevitable routine of September school/work/college/university? Rubbish, right. Haha.
Anyway I went and saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World the other day and it well, inspired say the least. I'd got a bit bored of my mousey brown hair for a while so I decided more than anything that I wanted to take a leaf out of the lead character Ramona Flowers' book and 'dye my hair every week and a half' - or, well, perhaps not quite that extreme. :) Because I love to dye my hair interesting colours I decided to go for a blue black all over and a blue fringe.

I dyed the hair all over with Schwartzkopf Cosmic Blue, bleached my fringe with Schwartzkopf Absolute Platinum and then dyed the whole of the top of my head with Stargazer Blue. Also that white mark on my face in the photo is on the mirror not on my face, lulz. 

Ramona and Scott Pilgrim

So what do y'all think? Does it look okay? The ultimate plan is to bleach my fringe again (as it's not as bright as i'd hoped) and then keep regularly changing the colour of it, i'm thinking, pink, green, red and blue. Or maybe just blue. I do really like it. Has anyone got any tips on good dyes/how to retain the colour/just...anything in general? Has anyone else seen this film and if so what did you think of it? I'm missing blogging so will try and get back into the swing of things soon, I know I say that a lot but I genuinely am going to try! 
Lots of love, Zozo Flowers xxx