Facebook competition! Win two Barry M Nail Paints

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Alright! :) Just popping my head around the corner to tell you about my new little competition i'm running to welcome The London Lipgloss to that modern phenomenon often known as Facebook.
With The London Lipgloss being on Facebook you can catch up with my news, views and reviews wherever you are and in little tidbits of information handy for your Facebook feed. Or you can just read my random status updates, purely up to you ;)

All you need to do to be in with the chance of winning two Barry M nail paints of your choice is to simply 'like' the Facebook page. Woah, that's easy. Really? Yup. Just press 'like' and i'll enter you straight in. Nice! It's even easier because there's a tiny little box just to the right -------> of my blog where you can press 'like' straight away! Or click this massive Facebook picture to go straight there.

The competition ends midnight Sunday 1st August so you better get involved and get liking my face as soon as possible :)

Lots and lots of love (and normal blogging will resume soon, i'm totally on it now)
Zoe xxxx

five models own swatches, 2000 trees and what i've been up to!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Hello! How are you all? Oh i've missed my little blog so so much. It's funny that when you're in a full routine and busy at uni/work you find more time to blog than you do when you have days off. I'm still doing the classic Zoe thing of filling up my days so much i'm 1. late for everything cause i'm always in a rush and 2. constantly thinking about what on earth i'm doing/where i'm meant to be! I've been staying mostly with my friend Amy as she's my bestest and she also dropped a massive bombshell on me the other day by telling me she was moving to Ibiza :( only for a while though but i've been making the most of Amy days as they're getting fewer and fewer as time goes on. I'm really enjoying this summer so far though, although a tiny bit upset the football is over. Ben and I both got a little teary as we watched Spain lift it up to glory. It's just been such a lovely way to start the summer and there's been such an incredible atmosphere around London and i've truly loved it.

I'm constantly writing little bits of blogs on the 'notes' section of my iPhone on the go and i've got such a big list of things to write it spills twice over. Unfortunately i've a feeling this might be the last one (unless I can squeeze a cheeky one in tomorrow) until after the weekend as I'm off to 2000 Trees festival with Team Frank Turner (which mostly consists of me, my friend Jack, and Frank). But I'm going to keep a two day festival diary about my outfits, experiences and coping with seriously minimal makeup...eek. Needless to say i'm very excited although a tiny tiny bit nervous cause i've no idea how to get there just yet...i'm sure it'll get sorted. I'm sure... *does nervous twitching*.

However, I was very excited the other day to receive my first Models Own order. I bought one in store when it came to Boots in Oxford Street but this time I bit the bullet and ordered five brand new shades.

The shades I chose were Pink Blush, Raspberry Crush, Purple Poppy, Silver Spangle and Matt Black. In the photo above the first two look really similar but they're not at all, it was late at night and I had to take the photos indoors so no nice natural sunlight. 

Pink Blush

Raspberry Crush

Purple Poppy

Silver Spangle

Matt Black

swatches of all of them in pure sunlight! the people on the street thought i was bonkers..

Purple Poppy

Pink Blush

Raspberry Crush

Matt Black

Silver Spangle

They're all lovely, some take quite a few coats to build up but the matte one especially gives a gorgeous finish. I am a magpie so anything with sparkles is a win, so of course I love Silver Spangle! Pink Blush is a true rose pink compared to Raspberry Crush which looks red in some lights, berry in others and almost fuchsia in others! Purple Poppy is a true rich blue purple. They are all lovely and i'm pretty pleased with the colours I picked! I'd recommend Models own polishes but like I said I do find it takes a few coats to build them up. They retail at £5 each. 

And just to finish this blog post here are some photos of my life lately with little annotations :) Enjoy!

copyright zoelouisehellewell the tremendously talented talons (mouthful!) play brudenell social club, leeds.

dancing the night away with Amy

 spending precious time with my boy <3

partying with my gap girls: ezgi, me, amy, serife

me beating my boyfriend at bowling in center parcs

3pm world cup drinking with my best lad alex

copious amounts of these with Amy!

copyright zoelouisehellewell. pretty much living in my friend del's shed

playing football with ben's nephews

 sitting by the river in kingston with abi, scar, dave, del, jarryd, ed et al

meeting my brand new cousin izabella :)

but overall, getting into the swing of things, having fun and generally loving the summer :)

All the photos above are my own so don't steal them please! :) 
What do you think of Models Own? Will you be at 2000 Trees? Any recommendations for bands I shouldn't miss while i'm there? Tell me about your summer! Until next time,
Love, Zoe xxxxxx

fotd featuring new body shop baked products

Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Hey all. Hope you're all well. Oooh I am pleased Spain went through tonight. More tasty Torres on my tv! And they're a good team...obvs. Anyway on to more pressing matters, I decided to try and give these new Body Shop Baked to Last eyeshadows a go. I've used some Mineralize products from MAC before and understand that they work better wet, but I do totally hate that layer of 'film' you get when you spray your brush. If you read my Body Shop event post you'd have seen the little tip Chase Aston passed on to us, which was to spritz your face first and then apply the shadows with a dry finger straight onto the lid. I'd never tried baked products/mineralize shadows like this before so I thought i'd give it a go! Here are the results:

So my application is a litttle messy but come on, it was my first go with my fingers! Let me off! :) On my eyes I used:

Body Shop Baked to Last eyeshadow in Copper
Body Shop Baked to Last eyeshadow in Moonstone
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Eldorado
MAC Feline Kohl Power
MAC Opulash

I decided to use my new Elemis toner as a base which felt lovely but is obviously an expensive way to go! Probably not again...haha. You can use any face spritz, or Fix + or even just water. Spritz it over your eyes (closed!) and let it dry a little before dipping a dry finger into the eyeshadow and place it on the eye.



And here's a couple of grim pictures of my face of the day, eek! 

NARS Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc mixed with
MAC Face and Body in White
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NC15
Body Shop Blush in Coral
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC5
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil

And here's a nice little close up of the Body Shop blush, also from the Baked to Last collection :)

Overall I like these eyeshadow shades, I think when applied wet the colour pay off is excellent, and to be honest I found the whole process quite easy and I didn't spend any longer on my makeup than I normally do. I also liked the blush shade but I think next time i'd try just the pink shade on it's own as I swirled it around and it was a little bit shimmery. I'd recommend these for a go but they're still on the pricier side of things with the eyeshadows priced at £9.50 each. 

What do you think of my eye look? Do you use mineralized/baked products and if so do you have any tips to pass on for the best way to get pigment out of them? What do you think about this collection? Do let me know, I love to hear your thoughts!

Oh and I noticed today the lovely Leanne made a post using the Quartz eyeshadow from the same range, and she shows a different way to use them so click here to pop over to her blog and check out alternate uses for the eyeshadows!

edit: sorry forgot to state that all the body shop products featured in this post were provided by the body shop for review for free and were not paid for.
Lots of love, Zoe xxx

aussie aussome volume tribe party!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Why hello there lovely ladies! Two weeks ago I was so lucky to be invited to the Aussie Aussome Volume Tribe party :) I was allowed to bring my friend Amy with me so we both trundled along excitedly waiting to see what hair treats were lying wait in store for us courtesy of the gorgeous ladies at Aussie & 1000 Heads PR.

me on the left and amy on the right - picture by harriet

particularly bad photograph of my outfit, cheers amy!

The outfits we wore! Upon arrival at the venue we were greeted with warmth and a lovely glass of champagne. We got chatting to some of the other girls from the tribe including Sophie, Harriet and Dena among others. We were then told about Aussie's volume haircare range and how to use it, aswell as sharing some tips among each other. 

 amy submitted quite a few hair tips! :)

We were then so luckily treated to a new hairstyle from the swinging 60s. This of course was a bit exciting for both Amy and I as we're both big lovers of this era and well, big voluminous hair! Amy opted for a gorgeous beehive look while I went for a full on Brigitte Bardot.

We both could not have loved our hair more! I didn't want to leave as I knew it meant i'd have to wash it out, noooo. We were also spoilt and treated to the products used on our hair and i'm telling you i've not put mine down since. I've actually used both products every single day since. I will pop up a review and tutorial on this hair style soon :) Here are some more photos of the night and i'd just like to state that all of these pictures and all of the ones above (apart from the two in my flat) are from the 1000 heads Flickr account which you can find here.

I had a truly amazing evening, thank you so so much Aussie and 1000 Heads, in particular Emma ! I was honoured to be invited and I had an amazing evening and I speak on behalf of Amy aswell whos eyes were opened to the world of events and has now been inspired to write her own fashion and hair blog so well done Aussie! Thanks millions! Here is the official Aussie blog on the event.
What do you think of Aussie? Have you been to any of these events? What do you think of our hair after they worked on it?
Love, Zoe xxxx

summer hats and stereo rose msf

Monday, July 05, 2010
Good evening! How are you all? Thought i'd share with you todays outfit of the day, a casual relaxed summer affair but with a twist - introducing my new friend - the straw hat! It's actually a mens hat, proof that any hat can be worn in different ways.

bit of a lookbook pose sorry about that!

Tee - Rock Rebels Los Angeles £25
Shorts - Gap £38
Converse - £30/£40 i forget
Hat - Gap £15

I absolutely love this weather, oh my life, isn't it just glorious?! 

So today I was waiting with baited breath to see if my MAC order I had placed on Thursday (on my iPhone, in the middle of the forest with hardly any signal, I will not repeat this again!) had arrived. 5.30 rolls around and i'm starting to get annoyed, cause I know full well the DHL warehouse is actually in Vauxhall, and I live in Clapham Junction (it's about 3 minutes on the train) and I go past it everyday! I knew my parcel was sitting in there and I was thinking if i don't get it I will actually go round there and ask for it! 6pm and it's at my door! Very pleased. Being a super good girl (i'd spent £50 in MAC last week lol oops) I only ordered the one item i'd wanted for a while. What was it? Obvs...Stereo Rose MSF. I wanted Petticoat as well but only went for Stereo Rose for now. Here it is in all it's glory:

Isn't it beautiful? I see it as a very rich coral pink with just enough shimmer to make a lovely glow. Here's some swatches:

Welcome to my MSF family Stereo Rose :) I absolutely love Mineralize Skinfinishes, I love the look of them on my skin and the feel of them and i'll be honest, they look gorgeous in the pan too! I would recommend them as they're pretty suited to most skins, but they always release a few different shades so you'll find one that suits you! I now have a highlight, and a soft blush and a more pigmented blush. Perfect!

left to right - perfect topping msf, stereo rose msf, porcelain pink msf

Here's how Stereo Rose compares to my other MSFs:
top to bottom: perfect topping msf, stereo rose msf, porcelain pink msf

Mac Mineralize Skinfinishes retail at £19.50 for 10g of product.
What did you think of In The Groove? Did you buy Stereo Rose? What are you wearing in this weather? How do you feel about straw hats? Haha :D
Let me know! I love your comments lots.
Love, Zoe xxxx