Monday, June 28, 2010

just to let you know of tomorrow i'm off on holiday for a week so there wont be any blogs up until next Monday! super sorry cause I really wanted to get some blogs up as a lot of exciting things have happened but I guess i'll just have to wait! Haha. Hope everyone is well. Here are a few pictures from the events I attended last week, both will be up with full descriptions and blogs next week once I return :)

picture courtesy of Harriet

I was lucky enough to attend the Aussie party for Aussome Volume last thursday and I got to take my bestie friend Amy which was aussome....haha...and we had much fun and both had our hair styled into beacons of shining volume that neither of us wanted to take out. Blog to follow!

And also The Body Shop event which was lots and lots of fun! Leanne, me and Sarah pictured above had so much fun getting covered in glitter and learning about their new products....

Blogs will be up asap I promise. Stay tuned and take care, enjoy the sunshine!!
See you next week, lots of love, Zoe xxxxxx
Monday, June 21, 2010

i dyed my hair and i liked it

Hey! Gosh how did it get so late? Rubbish. How is everyone? Just to let you know I managed (i have no idea how) to get to 300 followers :-O crazy! So super soon I will be running my competition. Thankyou so so so much, I'm so grateful. I never asked for followers and to see so many people loving my rambles and crazy posey pictures is just such an honour, i'm thrilled beyond belief. Thankyou all muchly! So today I decided it'd been too long since i last dyed my hair and the brown was really fading into a kinda mousey brown, which was nice, but I felt like a change. So I popped to boots and picked up...

The colour I chose was 89 - Bitter Sweet Chocolate :)

So I grabbed my special hair dye tee, one of Ben's old Hundred Reasons tees...

And...voila ! Results:

Okay so what do we think? Honestly? :D Hope everyone is well and again sorry for the late night post!
Lots and lots of love from Zoeeeee xoxoxox
Sunday, June 20, 2010

unrelated and belated

HELLO! LOOK! I'M ALIVE! Haha. I'm so so sorry for being so bloody useless and all I can really really say on the matter is my life has caught up with me, over taken me and i've been running a breathless relay for the last week or so trying to catch it up. I've been staying at my friend Amy's for a while and i've been out and about every single evening for the last few weeks. Ouch. I've got some seriously exciting things to talk about but i'll come to them later! First lets talk about what everyone is talking about - the World Cup!
Now, as a avid pioneer of casual event fancy dressing the World Cup is something that not only gets me excited about football but about the summer, my friends and above all the love for my country and team. I chose to celebrate this in the only way I truly knew how...definitely creating my own football strip!

What do we think!? :D (totally not serious, btw)
England Shirt - JD Youth Boys £25
Shorts - Gap (so old i forget)
Socks - Internationale £2.99
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood £87

Okay so it's not a complete England strip but I totally think that is the fun of it. I went to a football themed party on Friday and everyone loved it! I love getting into the swing of things and being a huge part of such a cultural event. I sneakily slipped into an England shirt for little boys (now I swear i'm not this small but boys aged 7-8 are getting fatter, no seriously?) and some old Gap shorts i've re-discovered and I really wanna encourage as many of you girls all over the world to get up and get down and get outside (little cheeky Frank Turner lyric for you) and become part of the beautiful game. You don't even have to watch the football or know about it but the atmosphere around these areas is incredible and I know it's the same all over every little part of the world right now. I got creative with young kids shirts and old shorts and some cheap socks and even if you just paint your nails you'll begin to feel excited :) !
Another reason why i've been MIA is that I've really been trying to watch every single game. Currently three games a day is proving a feat and I have had other "life" events getting in the way, haha, but not only has it pushed me to get outside with my days but has helped me re-connect with so many of my friends! I'm absolutely determined to prove this summer is gonna be a scorcher and i've never really felt happier than I do right now.

Went off on one a little bit there but that's just a tiny insight into my mind at the moment, haha. Here's some more silly football photos...

There you have it, beauty queens can be football queens too! :)

So what has thelondonlipgloss been up to then hmmmmm?
Well she's been daring, and brave and signed up to a lot of new things she wouldn't normally. First thing - going to a festival completely and utterly alone. Terrifying no? Yeah, I am a little, I wont lie. I've got my first EVER festival VIP/Photo pass and i've not stopped grinning like the Cheshire Cat since. I'm off in mid July to Cheltenham to photograph a lovely festival called 2000 Trees. It's kinda my first "real" work if you will, i've stringent guidelines, rules and regulations. I've been told where and when I can stand on the stage, where I can go and more importantly what must be collected from me after the festival. This is pretty huge for me and i'm stoked beyond belief to have been invited. I will keep a little festival diary while I am there and publish it all here so you can all see my lovely skanky face with minimal makeup! Haha. :)

This weekend I went to Leeds to photograph a band called Pulled Apart by Horses with my friend Del. I had an amazing time, this is so so so shameful but i've never been up north in the UK and I absolutely loved it! Got to meet and hang with the bands and take photos and just generally a wicked time. I'll pop some photos up if anyone is interested :)

Also a lovely friend of mine called Elliott Morris just released a new cd which features full inside/outside artwork by me so hop on over to his myspace and check him and the cd out. He plays rhythmic solo guitar, comparable to Newton Falkner - and Ell is only 18. He's brilliant, and i'm sure he'll be a success very very soon!

Phew I feel like i've been typing forever.

Anyway, let's talk about what's coming up as part of thelondonlipgloss over the summer:
Summer fashion (obvs!)
The essential girl's festival guide (but do check out alittlebird's too - huge inspiration)
Ben talks male 'beauty'
Prom make up and fashion
Style Icon series

And of course a whole host of random reviews, eyeshadow tutorials and some more outfit looks that'll keep you busy all summer!
So just to clarify; i'm still alive, and i'm gonna come back and get you better than ever! Teehee.
Can't wait. Kisses, Zozo xxxx
Wednesday, June 09, 2010

barry m pure turqoise vs barry m blueberry ice cream

Hello! Hope you're all well! Sorry my posts have been a bit short lately, I honestly think I blogged myself out! Haha. Just needed a little break. I promise there will be more blogs soon and I really really need/appreciate your feedback cause it's not only a huge help when writing posts but helps me progress. Also as a little sidenote, I will have a competition at 300 followers and as you can see i've only got 9 to go so get linking! Hehe. :)
Anyway this post is a little comparison that I noticed and thought might be quite helpful for some people. The fight today is between two of Barry's shades, we have Pure Turquoise in the blue corner and Blueberry Ice Cream in, well, the blue corner..

(i didnt realise until after i took this and put everything away that the sticker was upside down haha sorry!)

So as you can see they are already quite similar, but from first impressions Pure Turquoise is well, a bit more turquoise. On the nail they both apply very similar, good quality coats and strong after one. (The photo below is one coat)

pure turquoise on the left and blueberry ice cream on the right

So you can see that while Pure Turquoise is different it still kinda looks the same. Now I bought Blueberry because I was bored in Superdrug (always deadly) and it wasn't until I got them home that I realised the similarity. They're still different enough to the eye to be slightly different shades but if it's that kind of colour you're after i'd go with one or the other, skip one, as they're pretty similar. I'd say to anyone that already owns PT not to bother with Blueberry but then at £2.95 a pop, it's not a huge disappointment ! :) Cheers Barry!
Do you own either of these shades? Was this post helpful to you at all? Sorry it's a bit short and sweet!
Lots of love, Zozo xoxoxo
Friday, June 04, 2010

style icon - pixie lott

Hello! How is everyone? I've been in bed all day today sporting a horrendous stomach ache, thanks for that, oh-so-reliable body! But nevermind, I still wanted to blog and to blog i am!
So now for a second part of my style icon series, this time focusing on the sweetheart that is Pixie Lott. New to the british music scene last year she caused a storm and went on to be one of the more successful acts of the year earning her a reputation as a pop songstress! Pixie has a very boyish style but maintains her girliness by wearing cute dresses and shorts but often teaming them with slouchy tees and converse. I love her style and I think it's quite easy to replicate and make your own :) I actually went a bit crazy and made two Pixie looks because I love her style so much! This first look was inspired by a mix of Pixie's looks, her love of shorts and blazers but in my own style.

Top - Topshop (last season but back in), £16
Shorts - Gap (from about three years ago!), £25
Blazer - H&M (last season) - £15
Shoes - Converse - £40

And the second look is a play on her boyish style but maintaining girlie charm!

Top - - £35
Shorts - Gap (this season) - £32
Shoes - H&M (last season) - £25
Headphones - £25

I love both of these outfits and will be wearing similar things now the sun is out in full force! I think Pixie has a fun playful look that you can really experiment with, band tees, slogan tees and shorts or cutesy dresses. I actually own one of the bracelets Pixie wears in one of her photos and I scoured my flat to find it but couldnt anywhere :( waaa!

And just to refresh your memory here are some photos of the real Pixie!

What do you think of Pixie Lott? Do you like the looks i've created inspired by her? Do you like these Style Icon posts, if so i've got more planned including Kristen Stewart, Fearne Cotton and others! If you have suggestions you think would suit me let me know! Or that you wanna see :) Let me know what you think about this post.
Lots of love, Pixie Zoe
Wednesday, June 02, 2010

topshop nail varnish review - gypsy night

Hello. Hope you're all well. I've been a bit down today, not entirely sure why, i guess we all have our off days. But then to make matters worse I slipped in the wet shower where my flatmate used it earlier and it really hurt! So i've been feeling a bit "bleh" this afternoon and skipped off all my plans to go out for a walk and sat in my bed instead. To console myself I painted my nails nice and pretty. Ive gone a bit nail varnish crazy these last few days, i've bought 7 new polishes and not even tried them yet! So expect lots of posts like these haha. Anyway the one i'm focussing on today is from the new Topshop Core range of make up and it's called Gypsy Night.

Here's a little swatch of it on my nails :)

I love the shade I picked, it's gorgeous. Black with multi dimensional glitter that sparkles in the light. It's got lots of colours of glitter but the one that seems to stand out the most is an orangey-goldy tone. The brush is mid-sized so it's really easy to apply, I found there was hardly any mess around my nails and it covered my nails well. The only thing - which may be individual to this shade - is that it is very sheer. It's a glitter polish though which normally takes a few layers to build up. This one in particular I used three coats to make it really bold. The polish cost £5 from Topshop, and I think it's available in most Topshop stores :).

in the sunlight :)

How do you feel about Topshop make up and Topshops polishes? I've been raving about them quite a lot so I promise this is the last post for a while! Hope this helped anyone deciding about their products.
Love Zozo xox

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

bank holiday fun times and some cheeky mac

Hello! How is everyone?! Oh i've missed blogging this last week, i'm pretty glad to be back in the driving seat again. Last Friday I went over to Cambridge to see my family as we had a few things planned and had a couple days off work so it's always nice to chill out for a weekend. In the end there was absolutely no chilling out at all and we ended up rushing from one place to another, every single day. It's so difficult to find enough time to fit in seeing everyone we want to see :(. I had such a lovely weekend though, seeing lots of old school Cambridge faces from my old college days at a gig in the Junction, seeing old St. Neots friends in the local pubs and generally having such a lovely time. It's such a lovely feeling to pop back and know there are always old faces smiling at you - you truly know your friends when they stick by you forever even though you don't live at home any more and i'm so fortunate to have such a lovely group of mates who still come and party with me whether it's London or St. Neots! I love them!

Anyway, I had a wonderful bank holiday. How was yours? What did you all get up to? Please let me know in the comments, I love to hear your stories - it's all a big part of this community and it's great!

While I was in Cambridge I simply couldn't resist checking out the new MAC store, and to my surprise it was very quiet and surprisingly easy to shop, the MUAs left me alone to browse and grabbed my items really quickly - i'd recommend it if you're in the Grand Arcade area. As my biggest MAC weakness is and will always be their eyeshadows, I went in with one intention only - get some new eyeshadows! Haha. So in the end I picked Shimmermoss in the To The Beach packaging and then Swish as I don't own a pink like it.

 Some swatches of the eyeshadows without flash then with flash :)

Overall I didn't think a huge amount of the To The Beach collection, i'm not completely sure it's my style though, and none of the other eyeshadows popped out at me. I think it's a nice way to get into summer but it felt a bit lackluster to me. I do like the green packaging in the flesh though, it looks a lot better than it did on the Internet. Shimmermoss is one of the permanant ones and it really is a lovely shade, I think seeing the little shell in real life was what tipped me over the edge to pop it in my purchases and I do think the little seahorse design is lovely, so don't be put off by first impressions!

So those are my tiny MAC additions, what do you think about the shades I chose? I'll do a look using them later in the week (i'm quite tired at the moment so let me off....pweez?) How did you rate To The Beach? For me it's not as good as Style Warriors but it's still a "nice" collection. Nothing wow but some nice bits to own.

Coming up on The London Lipgloss, I have some eye looks planned, as well as some more summery (weather permitting) outfit ideas. Look out for a new post popping up later in the week aimed at male beauty, including reviews and information! I will be adding more to my Style Icon series, this time focussing on Pixie Lott, and also a review on Topshop's nail varnish as I picked up the most beautiful shade of polish i've seen for a long time! Please please please let me know if theres ever anything you prefer to read or anything you want to see me write, It means a lot to me to hear your input & feedback!

 look at all the sparkles - oh em gee. i LOVE IT!!!! :D

Also i'd like to say a little thankyou to Shopaholic for mentioning me in their blogs to check out, you can read their original post here :)

Lots of love and bank holiday kisses, Zoeeee xoxox