little bit of uni work

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Hey! This is gonna be a short and sweet post i'm afraid as i'm snowed under with paperwork for the final stretch at uni. (2nd year) I've been fiddling about with make up and trying to create a photograph based on some of my crazy dreams. Every single night since i can remember I have a horribly vivid dream and I always wake up remembering it. I'm interested in dreams, where they come from and the effect they can have on people, and I was working with that to try and create a set of photographs. They are all shot on digital, and then digitally enhanced using Photoshop.

All the makeup, however, is genuine and created entirely off the top of my head (which is why it's a bit rubbish). Please let me know what you think, i've been having a bit of a crisis of confidence these last few days, especially seeing as i've blown it up to A3 size and now I hate it.

Anyway that is the final image i'm going to use. I have several meanings behind it but i'll let you make your own mind up. Please do comment though with any thoughts, I really value what you have to say.

Look at my cheeky tunnel haha ooooops...probably should have photoshopped that out.

Eyes are made from entirely Sleek Circus palette with Sleek false eyelashes and a lil bit of Bourjois liner.
Lips are in "Perversion" by Urban Decay.
Skin is a mix of NARS Sheer Glow and a lot of MAC White Face and Body
Blush is MAC Tippy

Do let me know what you think or even the meaning you've taken from it! 
Lots of love, Zo zo

vivienne and me

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Hello! Isn't the weather simply glorious?! I'm thrilled the sun has come out, I can only hope bank holiday next week is the same *crosses fingers* :D. How were your weekends? I spent yesterday at work all day and then we went out for my birthday celebrations. My friend took photos so i might upload some when I get sent them...depending on how horrific they are..haha. Anyway, here is my outfit from what I wore out last night :)

Dress: £25
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood at £88
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

So as you can see I went a little Viv crazy, this is totally not how I normally dress at all, i'm very much a high street girl through and through but as I got some birthday money I decided to treat myself to the shoes which I love so dearly (but had to really justify to my mum), and the necklace was a gift. I have to say, the shoes are incredibly comfortable even though they are made of rubber and I would certainly buy another style if I had the money! I love this dress so much, the ruffle skirt and stud detailing is gorgeous. It was an absolute steal at £25 on as well. I love this site!! I felt really nice all night especially in my shoes and it was a lovely birthday treat. Heh. *blushes*

I actually curled my hair loosely and did dark brown smokey and gold eyes, but this was re-created today and my hair is rubbish and my make up minimal...sorry, boring! Hopefully when I get the photos there may be at least one nice one of me I can update this post with lol.

And heres a lovely lil close up of the shoes :)

What do you think of the boohoo dress? Do you shop on boohoo too? Am I justified in spending all that money on the shoes (a lot of money to me)!? What do you think of my outfit? Let me know, your comments makes me beam with happiness. Cheeeeeeesy!
Enjoy the sunshine, lots of love Zoe xoxoxox

boots 3 for 2 inc models own and more topshop make up

Friday, May 21, 2010
Evening! Today I decided at around 6.30pm that I actually wanted to go shopping today (after debating about it all day) and trundled off down to Oxford Circus. I didn't actually manage to get what I had in mind - more on that later - but I did take great advantage of Boots 3 for 2 offer across all cosmetics and picked up a couple more Topshop make up bits.

So of course while I was in Oxford St I remembered the Boots there had Models Own already, and although there werent a huge amount of colours, which was a bit of a disappointment, I did spot one that wasn't anything like any other nail varnishes I have in my collection. The shade is called Magenta Pearl and its a really sparkly true magenta. I love magenta, its one of my favourite colours and we all know I love sparkles! Sold! It was £5.

Also on the 3 for 2 I grabbed Maybelline's The Falsies mascara as i'd been curious to try it for some time and get another mascara that took the weight off my poor Lancome Hypnose that gets used all the time and isn't really easily replaceable...too much money!

the brush from the front view

from the side view - you can see the curved shape brush

I will do a before and after review on this later after i've roadtested it out on a long day at work! The last item that I picked up (for free on the offer!) was another Barry M Dazzle Dust. I originally wanted Petrol Black but they didn't have that in stock so I got number 22 - Black Gold.

Then from Topshop I grabbed two more pencils - one crayon in Orb and one kohl in Saddle.
swatches without flash

swatches with flash

Orb is a really delicate silver glitter, which is really perfect for work or days when you don't feel like a lot of makeup. These crayons work well on the waterline and this is something i'll pop on quickly before work to open my eyes up and add a little bit of sparkle! Saddle is such a gorgeous mahogany brown with red undertones and isn't like any other pencil I own. I keep going for brown pencils over black at the moment, they seem very flattering without being too harsh. Orb was £6 and Saddle was £4 - a steal! Their pencils are both creamy and long wearing, the kohl in particular is so soft and incredibly easy to use.

Then I decided to go for one of the cream blushes. I've never tried cream blush before and seeing as the Topshop ones are only £6 and very pigmented I thought i'd go for it. I'd heard such great reviews, and before I shell out £15-£20 for a MAC/Nars/Illamasqua one I thought i'd get familiar with using cream blush and how it felt. If anyonehas any recommendations on the best way to apply it please let me know, i'm a complete beginner! The shade I chose was Flush.

The second picture is probably a lot truer to the actual colour of the blush, it's not as orange as it appears in the first photo. I love it, it feels silky and turns from creme to powder feel on application.
Well that was a bit of a mammoth post! What do you think about my shop shop? Do you own any of these products, and do you like them? Also please comment with any tips and tricks about the blush. What do you think about Topshop's make up? I genuinely am rating it, all the products i've picked out so far have been amazing - i've reached for Sun Shower every single day since I bought it!
Lots of love, Zoe xoxoxo

i've got a nautical themed pashmina afghan

Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Good evening all, and I hope everyone is well. Thanks for pushing my followers over to 250, i'm stoked! Every follower is noticed, I click and read all about you when you follow me so I really do appreciate every single one of you.
Anyway i've been playing about with my new Sleek iDivine Circus palette, heehee. It's genuinely encouraging me to be bright and colourful and actually, I really like it. I'll be honest, on first impressions this palette does not do it for me at all. When I took it home after the event my boyfriend went "ooh free face paint!" and does look a lot like face paint. But I swatched them in colour order and maybe it's just the law of the rainbow but they instantly looked a lot better and I started to get excited.

swatches, top without flash bottom with flash

In the end I decided to play with the blues, i will play with the oranges and pinks next. This is the look I came up with, I've decided I feel like a mermaid when I wear it :) haha. This colour is going to my head...

The products I used were:

Primarily the Sleek palette but I used Urban Decay's Eldorado as a highlight and I used a tiny bit of MAC Birds and Berries.
The three shades I used from the Sleek palette were the green, the bright matte blue and the deep shimmer indigo blue:

Eldorado was used in the inner corners and as a highlight, then the Sleek green on the inner corner followed by the sleek matte blue on the middle of the lid. Then a tiny amount of Birds and Berries with the Sleek shimmer blue in the crease. I lined with Topshop Midnight crayon, then a tiny dab of Topshop Sun Shower in the inner tearduct - literally because i'm addicted to it. Finished with MAC Greasepaint stick on the waterline and GOSH Perfect N Shape Mascara on the lashes :)

What do you think? :) I love your comments! I'm excited about playing with this palette a bit more, and integrating it in with my existing eyeshadows. Also the shadows are a lot more pigmented than I thought they'd be, hats off Sleek!
Zoe xoxoxox

Also if the title confused you, honestly, where have you been! Jokes. Click the photo below to find out what it's about...and swoon over some Samberg <3

Disclaimer: The Sleek palette was given to me for free at the event but the rest of the products were purchased by me, with my hardearned student money.

get him to the greek

Monday, May 17, 2010
Hello! Hope you're all well. B and I were lucky enough to watch one of the very first screenings of Get Him to the Greek at Leicester Sq last night. There was a Q+A with the director Nicholas Stoller and stars of the film Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. It was really awesome to see them both in the flesh, I have previously met Russell before but i'm a big fan of Jonah so that was really good. Unfortunately the screening was full of young teens and the questions that were asked were all rubbish, I felt sorry for all of them because 1. they were only asking Russell questions and 2. they were badly thought and nothing to do with the film, for example there was a girl who asked Jonah what he was doing later. Brilliant. I'd have genuinely liked to know a lot more about the film before I got a chance to see it and the thought behind the film. Nevermind.
I'd recommend this film, it was enjoyable but at the same time I felt like it was all very obvious. He's a rockstar, he does rockstar things and this is the 'industry'. I sorta disagreed with the portrayal but whatever, it's a film, a lot of people believe that is what the industry is like so that obvious cliche is fairly set in stone. It's the same with everything in this genre of film, it's all magnified. I enjoyed it though, it was cringeworthingly funny.

I thought i'd show you what I wore out to the cinema - please excuse my horrible face in all these photos, argh! :)

 change of scenery, welcome to my kitchen and our broken blind! the boys were watching a film in the lounge :(

Dress: We Walk
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Necklace & bracelet: Accessorize

Very shortly after I bought this dress - which was about 2 years ago - the same one was used on Effy in Skins, so it became more readily available in Topshop (coincidence or not?! haha), anyway it's still in there now. I can't remember the price, I want to say £45 but that might be wrong.

Also an update on the Topshop Make Up (previous post) I wore the Sun Shower pencil all over my eyelid tonight and I am pleased to report no creasing! I did use UDPP which may have helped but I loved the overall look for it and the fact it didn't crease was a bonus. I think I will do a look using the pencil all over soon if you want to see it?
How was your weekend? Are you going to see this film when it comes out? What do you think of my Effy dress? Haha :)
Lots of love, Zoe xoxox

topshop make up

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Evening! I'm afraid i've jumped on the topshop make up wagon too! Oops. Contrary to what a lot of other bloggers have been saying I actually really love the packaging. I like that twee topshop font and "drawn" style they adorn all their shops/bags/clothes and now make up with. I think it's a great design, it's very obvious to any consumer it's by topshop and it stands out in my make up collection. I was in a massive rush when I bought these items unfortunately so I ran in with little time and grabbed a couple of the crayon pencils.

The top one is the SS10 Crayon in Sun Shower, and the bottom is from the Core collection, and the shade I chose was Midnight.

Sun Shower is a true yellow gold and Midnight is a deep navy blue with silver twinkles.

 sun shower


without flash, midnight and sun shower

with flash - midnight

with flash - sun shower

Sun Shower cost £7 and Midnight cost £6, which i'd say was fair pricing for the pencils. Because it's topshop i also got 10% student discount :). They glide on smoothly and softly - almost comparable to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. I've worn them both on my lower lash line for a work day and they smudged only a small amount although Midnight did smudge more than Sun Shower. There wasn't any fallout from the glitter in Midnight and it's not overly chunky or overbearing like the Barry M kohls. I was so impressed with these i'm going to pop in again and pick up and couple more. They also had regular kohl pencils which were £4 and were just as smooth and creamy. 
Thumbs up from me so far Topshop although you're not quite MAC! What do you think about topshop's make up collection? Is there anything in the collection you'd recommend to me? Are you going to pick up anything from their make up range? Let me know, your comments keeps me a-smilin'!
Zoeee xox

bonne anniversaire

Saturday, May 15, 2010
Howdy! I promise this will be the last birthday gift related post, sorry for weighing you down with a million birthday posts but I thought it might be nice to show you the gifts I got, and the things I like etc.

So here are a few of the things I got, I didn't include them all as some were like shampoo, conditioner etc. :)

From Ben I got,

Soul i-D, a book of i-D's greatest collaborators and some of their body of work. We all know i love i-D and this is like everything that's been amazing in i-D brought together.

LUSH Rock Chick gift box. This box includes Rock Star soup and Creamy Candy bubble bar. Love the paper!

Accessorize deer necklace which I love love love!

classic silly pose with Kitty!

 LUSH shower gel in Grass

MAC Viva Glam Gaga, i've wanted this lipstick for so so long, really pleased to invite it into my lipstick collection. Ben knew I'd wanted this for ages, he is a very nice boy! Some lovely gifts.
As another birthday present actually on my birthday he took me on a champagne flight on the London Eye and then to dinner at Gordon Ramsays restaurant Foxtrot Oscar.

From my sister I got,
Babyliss straighteners

some Barry M Dazzle Dusts <3

Soap and Glory Scent-sationalism

From Ben's brother, wife and two kids I got,
Barry M nail paints, I asked them to choose the colours and I love all three! L-r, Navy, Pink Flamingo and Raspberry. I'm sure there will be swatches soon :)

We all know how I feel about Ugly Betty, I love her so much.

From my Aunt and Uncle I got,

A gorgeous necklace and ring set both from Accessorize :)

From my mum and dad I got,

MAC Eyeshadow in Twinks

Rimmel lipstick in Pink Champagne. They also got me the Vivienne Westwood necklace in previous post :)

So as you can see I was spoilt rotten! Rotten. I'm so so grateful for everything. I also got some stuff from my Nan and some gorgeous incense, sweeties and cookbook from my other Aunt, aswell as a bag of Hotel Chocolat goodies and some shampoo & conditioner from ma+pa aswell as money from various family members. Didn't want to include everything or it would have been the longest blog post ever. Plus i'm always massively weary about posts like these, i'm not sure how interesting they are to read for one and i'm worried i look like a brag artist. I'm not! 
Anyway, as per if you'd like to see swatches of anything please let me know in the comments. Normal un-birthday related posts will resume soon! Hope you're all well.
Zoe xox