a lush bubble bath and russell howard

Friday, April 30, 2010
...Although sorry Bicky, not together ;)

Hey! So i'm still fairly new to Lush, i've only tried a few of their things. This is a post about their bubble bars, which are pretty much any baths' best friends. I discovered them last year and i'd recommend them to everyone. Here is a little post that shows you how they work and what they're like.

The one I used today was Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar, which was limited edition, sorry. But I had two to use up so I couldn't wait to pop it in my bath! I have written before about The Comforter, and if you're looking to start with bubble bars i'd recommend that as a great starter.

this one had glitter in it :)!

So the first step (apart from owning a bath) is to crumble as much or as little of the bubble bar into your bath, just under where your water goes. You don't have to use all of the bar infact I wouldn't ever use more than half, cause it makes so many bubbles. You can even use just a tiny amount to create a small amount of bubbles, is up to you.

After a while you see the water goes coloured depending on which bar you pick. Of course, this one went red. I usually swirl the bath round to help the bubbles, but I live in a rented flat and have a rubbish bath where the water comes out slowly.

No photoshop, this is the real bath colour!

In the end, this is the amount of bubbles half of the bar produced. Again, rented flat.

And to finish, here is a (bad) picture from Tuesday when I was lucky enough to see this weeks Russell Howards Good News being filmed :)

What do you think of Lush's bubble bars? Is there anything you'd recommend for my bath from Lush? Or a Lush product I simply cannot live without? Are these kinds of posts helpful to Lush newbies like me? Let me know in the comments, it really helps me write my blog! Have a wicked bank holiday.
Love, Zoe xox

20% off at MAC

Friday, April 30, 2010
Just a quick heads up for those of you in London, Carnaby St annually host events, and one of them is 20% off most of the stores in the area. As a consequence, this means you ladies can get 20% off at the MAC pro store! I'll warn you though, the queue to get 20% at MAC usually starts round the block from 9am...

Grazia Carnaby St event, 20% off 13th May.

You can register for your entry voucher here. Let me know whos going down on the day, maybe i'l see some of you there!
Zoe xox

berry ice cream nail paint and some gosh bargains

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Good evening! Hope you're all well. I apologise if you've already seen swatches of these nail paints before but I hadn't seen any. I'd love to see swatches of the others if you have them :) let me know! Anyway here is a swatch of Barry M's new Ice Cream nail paints, the one I chose was number 308, Berry :)

Overall I think it's a great shade but I was disappointed at the quality of the paint, it seemed to be a lot thinner than the normal Barry M paints. This took me three coats to build up, which is a lot more than usual - for example Pure Turqoise which I wrote about last week was strong colour with the first coat. I love the colour though, it's very reminiscent of MAC's eyeshadow in Vibrant Grape :).

Then on my usual bargain hunt, I popped into Superdrug. I of course noticed the huge line of GOSH cosmetics reduced all down to £1 and immediately started hunting! The only things I was interested in was a nail paint and a lipstick which I found buried underneath a load of eyeshadows, yeah! I got both of these for £1 each.

GOSH Nail paint in 585 Bright Passion and GOSH Lipstick in 108 Cute.

Just to give you an example of what the lipstick looks like here are some swatches compared to other pinks:

Top: GOSH Cute
Middle: MAC Pink Plaid
Bottom: Maybelline Ambre Rose

I love them both, very pleased. Search your Superdrug and see if they have any reduced lines, you can sometimes find some gems :)!
Sorry if this post was a bit boring. Do you own any of the new Barry M shades? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear your voice!
Zoe xox

Also todays background comes from the new Alexander McQueen clothes piece and an advert in this seasons' i-D magazine...definitely worth investing in!

style icon - katy perry

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Hey, hope you are all well. :) Now I don't know how you feel about Katy Perry but personally - I love her. She's not as kooky as GaGa but maintains an individual look sitting firmly between innovative and feminine. This makes her a great style idol. A Katy Perry look is very fun loving, bold with colours, and her clothes are a bit different to the norm. Now i'm not as lucky as Katy with money, or figure.. however there are many ways you can work around that and make her style your own. This look was inspired by Katy's album cover and her general 50's nautical style.

Top - H&M (current season), £7.99
Shorts - Tara Starlet, £55
Tights - American Apparel, £12
Shoes - Office Outlet - £10

I absolutely loved wearing this look! I've never ever worn such bright heels and nails before and I loved the nautical vibe. I really felt like Katy! Haha. This photo was taken after the night I wore it but on the night I wore very black outlined eyes (think Dita), and pink lips. I would definitely wear this again in the summer, with tights or without. I wore the shorts a lot last summer and I absolutely adore them, they go with almost anything!

I wont include my jewellery as it's all stuff i've talked about before, but I wore my new camera necklace, my blue anchor bracelet and my pink anchor ring :)

(seriously, how ridiculously over the top posey is that?! hahaha)

And just to refresh your memory, a couple of pics of the real deal. 

If you like this kind of celebrity inspired outfit post, let me know. I had a lot of fun doing this and would definitely write more posts using inspiration from celebrities. Also if theres someone particular you like or would love to see someone elses take on a celebrity style, i'd love to hear from you!
As always let me know your thoughts! Do you love Katy as much as I do? What do you think about the nautical 50s style floating around at the moment? Would you wear something like this/do you own anything similar? I do adore your comments millions, they really do make me smile :)
Lots of love, Katy Zoe ;)

it must be some kind of...hot tub time machine

Monday, April 26, 2010
Hey! How are you all? Oh, I have been AWFUL at blog posting. Very, very sorry. Wow, since i've been a bit away from the mac i've had a load of new followers! Amazing. I can't believe i've been blogging for about 2 and a half months and I have 126 followers! Overwhelmed, thank you all so much and welcome to my blog. Remember you can also connect with me on twitter.

So anyway I popped over to Central today to kill a bit of time before Ben and I went to the cinema. Ben won free tickets to see Hot Tub Time Machine in Fulham. Anything called that is clearly going to be...fantastic...haha. Anyway the short of the story is, i'm very very glad it was free..

I had a couple of hours to myself to of course I popped to MAC and then to Urban Outfitters. I bought Retrospeck in the pan, and Pink Plaid lipstick.

I popped Retrospeck in my palette, if you remember I bought a 4 pan palette recently because I had Trax kicking about in the pan. Since then Trax has still been neglected because it's by it'sself in the palette now..haha..so I thought if I filled it I might reach for it more :)

In the palette now is Retrospeck and Trax so if anyones got recommendations for two more to fill this one, it'd be very appreciated! I'm thinking maybe a taupe-y/brown shade and then a blacker shade. I think then I've got a highlight, and either the purple or the brown with the black to darken. If that makes sense. Or should I fill it with more purples, like a pale pink and then a darker pink? Suggestions very welcome! All my other eyeshadows are in the pot, I dunno whether to pop them in a 15 pan or not...I do feel forever terrified I might drop the whole thing one day..

Pink Plaid lipstick. It's a matte finish.

Compared to my other MAC lipsticks, l-r: Culture Class, Pink Plaid, Nude Rose, Honeylove, Gentle Simmer, Assertive

I absolutely love Pink Plaid, it's one of those shades that for me is like my lips but better. I've got pretty pigmented lips so it's just perfect. It's a matte finish too so I can either layer with lipgloss or leave for a striking finish. It's not one i've looked at before, but it's my birthday in two weeks and I've put quite an extensive list on my birthday list of lipsticks so I went in today looking for something different. I think it's my new favourite :)

Then I went into Urban Outfitters and bought a new top. It's got braces attached to it. Cost me £30.

Also just to add to this ridiculously long post this is my eyeshadow of the day, with a twist.

Lots of pinks and purples, I used Urban Decay's Eldorado, MAC Trax, MAC Fig.1, NARS Mekong aaaand...MAC blush in Tippy! Yes, blush. And I wholeheartedly recommend it. It came out as a lovely vibrant pink, so different for me! So break all the rules, that's right, I'm going to continue to break all the rules!

Oh oh oh ! And this is my new necklace. Love it!

It's from Accessorize and it's £8 :)

This is the end of the post now, I promise. What do you think of the things I bought, do you own any of them? Can you recommend me some more eyeshadows for my palette too? Have you seen Hot Tub Time Machine, and what did you think? Love your comments I do, I do, I dooooo-oooooo!
Zo-zo xox

all aboard the love train!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Hey, hope you've had a good mid week so far! I have been busy again (I swear to god I don't stop ever..ohhh life) and snowed under with Uni bits and bobs. Loads of positive things, I went straight back on Monday and was asked straight away about a collaboration with a theatre so i've been planning that whilst writing up for my Internship, the aftermath of the essay and then on top of that trying to think of beautiful ideas for photographs, while planning a full shoot for the lovely Frank. Phew! Anyway, rambling..
I have a wicked Katy Perry inspired outfit post coming up which I shall try and get up tomorrow, and some more eyeshadow looks including the Black and Gold tutorial which featured in my post here. So lots of stuff coming up :). If theres anything in particular you ever want to see, get in touch. I sometimes get a lil stuck for ideas and would love your input.

This is a short but sweet post giving some of the love back to my favourite bloggers, those who have interested me every single day and who's blogs I read permanantly. I'd recommend checking every single one of these girls out, they're each talented and all different so it makes for a brilliant, varied read. I do plan and have planned out a little giveaway for people who have supported my blog and generally been lovely to me these last two months...but more on that later this month. It's not going to be wholly "conventional" for a giveaway...
So in no particular order, here are my top 5 beauty reads this week :)

She posts so much I know I always have something to read, different posts on swatches, reviews, telling me about products I've often not heard of before. Incredibly informative yet so interesting at the same time. 
The London Lipglosses favourite daisybutter post:  http://daisybutter.blogspot.com/2010/04/childhood-memories.html 
A gorgeous reminisce about our lovely childhood days - a break from the norm and a refreshing, nostalgic read!

Her blog posts are so varied i'm always drawn to her blog. Her reviews are to the point, and well informed. She makes great FOTD's and inspires me to be braver and bolder!
The London Lipglosses favourite emeraldgreen88 post: http://emeraldgreen88.blogspot.com/2010/04/indian-wedding-inspired-fotd.html
I love this so much, exploring make up from other cultures and working them into a bold night time look.

This is an intelligently written and gorgeously put together blog that is constantly telling me new information. I've learnt loads from Bicky's blog, about animal testing and which products use what chemicals that I feel better informed about the things i'm buying. She goes the extra mile to make sure her blog posts are different from everyone elses, and uses products i've often not heard of.
The London Lipglosses favourite tasteslikeglitter post: http://www.tasteslikeglitter.com/2010/04/tigi-bed-head-superstar-shampoo.html
She explores shampoos that use SLS and found the Tigi Superstar range that doesn't, and writes about the difference it makes to your hair routine.

I love Daisy's blog because it's so girlie! She's always posting blogs of excellent products she's bought and what they look like on, and how to wear them. I love her MAC hauls, and she does a lot of nail varnish swatching, which is just so so helpful when buying nail polishes! 
An example of her "favourite series" something that explores Daisy's must haves, and favourite beauty products from skincare to make up. Here she talks about foundation and writes a brilliant review about Stila's Liquid foundation.

Lillian does such beautiful FOTD's it's hard not to fall in love with her blog. She recently explored Illamasqua and it was eye opening for me as I don't know much about their products. She knows a huge amount about all different types of make up brands and is not afraid to experiment with products in an unconventional way. On top of that, she's a Wimbledonian student too, like me! Yay WCA! 
The London Lipglosses favourite lillianfunnyface post: http://lillianfunnyface.blogspot.com/2010/04/fotd-from-last-week.html
Such a gorgeous and unique FOTD. We all know how scared I am of colour, and Lillian's pale complexion (same as mine) makes me feel like I want to grab all my make up and play play play! Very inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed this post and pop on over to these gorgeous blogs, they're all worth your time.
Oh by the way, as a little footnote, all of the photographs on the right hand side of my blog are clickable, click them and you may find a little video, or song, or related web page about the photo! Just a lil secret there. :p
See you later in the week! Zoeeeee xo

three ways to rock birds and berries eyeshadow (liberty of london)

Monday, April 19, 2010
Hey everyone! Hope you're all well and this volcanic ash cloud hasn't got too many of you down. On the plus side (probably the only plus side) there haven't been any planes over London and it's quite beautiful, surreal, but beautiful. Those of you back at Uni today, I feel your pain. I feel it!
I had a busy weekend, our flat was invaded by about 7 boys (thanks, Ben!) and i've had a 3500 essay to chow down on. Because of the essay I had to miss out on seeing one of my bests, Amy, so i'm totally looking forward to a weekend full of girlie fun this weekend off!

Now the only piece I bought from MAC's Liberty of London collection was the Birds and Berries eyeshadow, and I absolutely love it. I don't own any other eyeshadows close to it, infact i'm more or less a neutrals girl, so i'm going to show you how to work it into your neutrals, if you're the same as me. Of course if you're bold and brave you'll be mixing it with other blues and bright colours you already have, I am envious. But I don't own the entire MAC range (awww maaan) and so this is how I plan to integrate it into my eyeshadow collection :)

So this is Birds and Berries:

Look one: Soft brights

Products I used:

Urban Decay eyeshadow in El Dorado
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Baked
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Vert
*Birds and Berries* (MAC)
MAC eyeshadow in Night Maneuvers
Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner in Black
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black (Style Black)

In this look, Birds and Berries is blended softly into the crease with golds and greens on the lid. I blended it softly so it could be worn during the day. If you were after a more dramatic look, layer up the colour to build intensity.

Look two: Sparkles and Blues

Products I used:

MAC eyeshadow in Shroom
*Birds and Berries* (MAC)
MAC eyeshadow in Fig.1 
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Eldorado
Lancome Hypnose Mascara
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black (Style Black)

In this look, Birds and Berries is used all over the lid as a wash. It is complimented by Fig.1 darkening the crease and bringing a new dimension to the colour, and Urban Decay's Eldorado bringing a bit of sparkle to the under eye.

(not sure what the random splodge in the corner of these photos is about, i wasn't concentrating obviously! very irritating >.<)

Look three: Neutrals go pop!

Products I used:

MAC eyeshadow in Shroom
MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters
MAC eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive
NARS eyeshadow in Mekong
*Birds and Berries* (MAC)
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Style Black
Lancome Hypnose

This look is a standard neutral fave - mix it up by using Birds and Berries underneath the lower lash line. The green undertones in Sumptuous Olive help to draw the blue into the look, and make this stand out but flow together all at once!

So there you go! Those are just some of the ways i'll be wearing my Birds and Berries this summer! 
What do you think of these kinds of posts? Should I do more focusing on just one eyeshadow or was it all too much information? Do you own Birds and Berries? Is there another sweet, sweet combo i've totally overlooked, please let me know all your secrets! As per, I adore your comments.
Love, Zo-zo xo

pure turquoise and my modest nail varnish collection

Monday, April 19, 2010
Hey there! How are you doing? Sorry for the gap in posts, been snowed under a horrible 3500 essay! Done now, thankfully.
Ooh look at me, a mid afternoon post! So nice to have some time on my hands. Speaking of things on my hands, this is a little post dedicated to my new favourite polish - Barry M's Pure Turqouise. Now, I am very scared of colour and gradually getting it back into my life - yes, even on nails! You'll see in my nail varnish collection post that I stick to pinks/blues/dark reds&purples. Never in a million years would I normally go for such a bold colour. But, I picked it up on a whim and I actually love it! Been getting compliments all day. Oh how superb your polish is, Barry!

And because I know you're all just as nosey/obsessed as me, here is my first ever "collection" photograph post..I have a very small nail varnish collection compared to a lot of other beauty bloggers but I love every single one of my polishes dearly. I am still after some new OPIs..just Enchanted Beauty Stop has so many and i'm dreadfully indecisive I never know which one to go for :(. Generally I love nail varnish and a new one in particular but I spend more of my money on make up rather than nails. But i'm pleased with the ones I gots :D lucky I am. 

All photos are from http://thelondonlipgloss.blogspot.com and are not to be distributed anywhere else :).

Zoya is my favourite brand, just can't always afford. I love my one OPI and my one Kitty MAC :). I love GOSH and it's affordability. :) If anyone wants the names of any of them, let me know.What is your favourite Barry M polish, am I missing a gem? I know i've asked before and I read all the suggestions but I am so unsure about a new OPI...tell me one you LOVE?! 

Zoe xo

ps. I can't stop listening to Devils Spoke - Laura Marling...

yeaaaah, it's a party in the u.s.a

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Hello! Hope you're having a super week. Thanks to all my new followers, welcome to the london lipgloss. Pop by and say hello, i'd love to meet you all. It's super easy now as well if you have Twitter, you can find mine here.

So i'm well into that old school levi's commercial/classic american jeans and shirt look so this is my take on a high school American preppy look for summer:

My tee is part of the new collection at Gap (i swear i'm not a robot) and for once it's something of theirs I actually love. I had barely started my shift before I snatched it ready to be purchased later. I'm not American, either. I just love it! It originally had the sleeves down but I pinned them up cause, well, i dunno. I just liked it better.

T shirt - Gap, £15
Shorts - made by me out of old jeans, read here
Shoes - Converse, £45
Socks - Internationale - £2.99

This whole slouchy festival season/americana look is in right now and it's pretty much the only trend I feel happy in conforming to. It's very much my permanent style and i'm absolutely loving it. I've been pretty off put by all the florals in every high street shop right now, floral isn't my cup of tea. I love kitsch, vintage and shabby looking things but the style doesn't feel right on me, I am envious of other girls who look like porcelain dolls when wearing this style (note, Zoella).

The t shirt is fairly apt at the moment as i've been teaching myself to memorize every US State. I was put to shame a few months ago when I could only name about 6 and I wanted to work hard to learn every single one. I've been on sporcle.com which is a brilliant site if you're a quiz geek like me and i've just got it perfect. I stopped a month ago and did it again yesterday and I knew every single one. Boom! I've since moved on to countries of Europe...i'm on around 80%. 

Anyway this is my face of the day: (this is my first ever real close up photo of my face, bit scared. be nice!)

I'm wearing:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC15 mixed with MAC Face and Body in White
YSL Touche Eclat
MAC Blush in Tippy
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Porcelain Pink
MAC Sheer Select Pressed Powder in NC5

MAC Creme Color Base in Gilded Ash
Urban Decay e/s in Eldorado
NARS Mekong
MAC black e/s from Devoted Poppy palette
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner
MAC Feline Kohl Power
Lancome Hypnose Mascara

MAC Lip Liner in Naked (bought from the lovely Charlie's blog sale)
Maybelline Ambre Rose Lipstick

I was going for a whole Ke$ha vibe with big smudgey black eyes and chunk loads of glitter! If anyone wants a tutorial let me know but I felt this post was too long already to include!

What summer trend are you going for? Are you a quiz fiend like me? On a scale of 1-10 how silly are those socks? Haha! I know I always say it but I read EVERY comment and often wait and refresh to see if there are any new ones *blush*. It makes it all worthwhile!
sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, Z xo