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Monday, March 29, 2010
Hey all! I hope you are all well. Unfortunately i've got a horrible tummy bug which is not fun at all so today no photos of my ugly mug for blog purposes! I'll try post something a bit more exciting tomorrow or Wednesday, sorry.
How was your Monday? Whats new this week in the world of Zoe, well. Here are my quick in's and out's!


- Ecstatic to have confirmation that the incredible Frankle got a slot at Reading and Leeds (so deserved) so I shall be looking forward to that at the end of the summer, if you're going leave a note in the comments, i'd love to meet you! Speaking of other festivals I also will be at 2000 Trees and Latitude, if you're heading down to those too?

-I am currently working on photoshoots with two other artists which is incredibly exciting, look out for posts on those soon.

-I am planning my 21st birthday extravaganza for May and wow it's hard work. I'm putting on a gig with some acoustic artists, indie bands and a ska band. I don't want to jinx it yet but i'm so major excited!

-My boyfriend (Ben) and I have two exciting holidays to look forward to, I'm telling you I cannot wait for a break, it's only March but I feel exhausted!

-100 followers on my blog! Need I say more? Stoked.

-Yesterday I made Hello Kitty shaped cakes with a cake mould I got from Japan and they're amazing!! Treat. You'll have seen my twitpic if you have me on twitter. (add me i love talking to you!) 


-Ben is playing a gig on Wednesday but it's in Cambridge and I can't get the time off work :( sadface.

-Not having any time to go shopping! Argh! I want new clothes and shoes!

-Ugly Betty having about 2 episodes left, i'm gutted.

-Feeling poorly sick, need I say much else?

-I've been so busy lately running around i've actually had no time to eat, or sleep. I'm worried before long i'll run out of steam! Thank god for days like today, I think we all need a day or two to re-cooperate every now and then :).

So I'm feeling blessed my In's are outweighing my Out's this week and although there are always issues going on and I have a very poorly member of my family i'm keeping a positive outlook. You always need to keep chin up :).

Anyway I was so lucky the other day to receive a brand new award made by Kirsty who has an incredible blog and is a sweet lovely girl. I feel honoured to have receieved this, it's a gorgeous award!

1. Thank the person that gave this to you :) Go on, give them a virtual hug!
2. Copy the award and put it on your blog.
3. List 3 things you love about yourself 
4. Post a picture you love (e.g a person you adore etc.)
5. Tag 5 people you wish to pass this award on to :)

Okay I mentioned above how awesome Kirsty is but i'm so grateful to have her as a reader, she's always commenting first and she always makes me smile! I wholeheartedly recommend her blog, it's jam packed full of great articles and beautiful photos :).

Three things I love about me? Oh dear. Narcissistic ! Haha. Not really...
1. I'm proud of how far i've come in the last year with my photography and i'm proud of where it's going forward to, there are big things on the horizon and I'm ready to jump up high and grab them with both hands.
2. I love the flat I have with my partner and our friend, i'm proud to call our little London home our own.
3. I love being happy and I'll strive to be the happiest, your days are too short to waste! I love that i'm productive and even if there's nothing to do i'll take a walk through london and gaze up at buildings i've never noticed before. :)

The photo that never fails to make me smile..

This one is one of my own, (don't steal it pleeeease) it was taken during Frank's music video shoot for The Road (i'm in around the end bit) he'd been awake for 24 hours playing gigs and someone had just cracked an awful Michael Jackson joke - it was after the day he died - and Frank just fell onto the mic, where I captured this photo.

This is a cheeky google steal from here of Andy Samberg - my ultimate love. It sums up how silly he is and I love the cheeky grin he's rocking. Plus I love him in a shirt. Haha. :)

I would like to tag:
Abby - her blog always goes the extra mile with photographs and detailed writing. I love reading her posts when they pop up in my reader, a great honest read.
Jen - her blog is beautiful. She's inspired me countless times to pop into charity shops and to recycle, create new looks from older clothes. She's got incredible style and knowledge. A must read!

Sarah - there's a reason why Sarah is on 1000 followers, and it's because she writes passionately and informatively. If she's written a review on something, I trust it completely. Her blog is a go to for the ultimate make up and beauty knowledge.

Abbie - i'm new to Abbie's blog but every single post has been so well thought out. She's got new ideas that no one else has published and I love her enthusiasm, her passion clearly shows. She writes about magazines as well as make up and it's a varied, interesting read.

Tali - i always go to Tali's blog, it's such an interesting read with reviews that are interesting and actually relevant to me. I love the effort she goes to with the length, detail and photographs on her blog, she's one of the most popular bloggers and it's so easy to see why, it's so deserved.

Lots of love, Z xox

fire in our bellies and furtive little feelings

Friday, March 26, 2010
Hello! Happy 100 followers!! Squeee! I'm so pleased. (I'm always gushing in these opening sentences but it honestly baffles me silly that 100 people want to read this, honestly!)

I've had a busy couple of days, as I mentioned in my previous post I went to take photos of my friend Frank Turner who played at the Roundhouse in Camden. After he sorted me a photo pass I suddenly realised I didn't have a ticket, and was terrified they wouldn't let me stay after the first three songs I could photograph. I normally follow him into little venues that don't really care very much about things like this and i'm not an established photographer really so i'm not used to venues like Roundhouse, Brixton etc. Anyway after snapping the first three songs (and absolutely loving it!) I was escorted out of the venue to leave. I walked past the front desk and the woman ushered me over, I found out she had saved me a standing ticket so I could get back in!!! I've honestly never been so overwhelmed by someone's kindness! She didn't have to do that, at all. So I ran back in as quickly as I could, found all my friends and sang my heart out all night. One of the best nights in a long time. :)

Anyway I was going to show my outfit I wore but I decided instead i'd show the eye look I did, just to mix it up a bit - i've done a few outfit posts lately.

Products I used:
No7 Sultry Eyes Palette (the highlight and the pale purple)
MAC Trax
MAC Fig 1.
MAC Devoted Poppy (black - Fall Deeply)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Bourjois Liner Feutre in Black
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara
MAC Feline Kohl Power
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in El Dorado

MAC 219
MAC 217
MAC 213

First apply Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base to the eyes. Then take the 213 and apply the highlight from the No7 palette on the inner third of the lid. Then apply the pale purple from the No7 palette to the middle third and blend softly with the highlight on the inner third. Take Trax and apply to the outer third, and softly into the crease and then blend gently into the pale purple. Using Fig.1 through the crease with the 219 blend softly on the inner and slightly on the outer crease. Take the highlight and blend to soften out Fig 1. on the outer crease. Blend a little of the Black in the outer corner and soften into Trax+ Fig 1. Put the highlight underneath the eyebrow to highlight then blend softly into the crease. Using the Bourjois liquid eyeliner, carefully line the eyes with a thin line on the top of the eyelid. Take it gradually into a wing at the sides (think Winehouse/Gaga). Blend a little more of the Black on top of the line to soften it out.
Line the eyes with Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Corrupt on the lower lash line, and then use Feline Kohl on the waterline.
Finish with Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara primarily on the top lash as opposed to the bottom lash.

Sorry I feel like these photos are a bit rubbish, I always leave it until late in the day to do posts and miss out on all natural lighting. It's a lot brighter in real life :( !

The London Lipgloss of today was:

Mac Dazzleglass in Internationalist. It's from the permanant line and is a bright blue pink with big speckles of bright blue sparkles. My lips are very pigmented and so this pink very almost matches my lips so when I wear it alone it looks just like my lips are coated in a gorgeous coat of blue sparkles. It's not a conventional choice but I love it, and it's really different for a night out.

And finally to finish, here are a couple of pictures from Frank Turner on Wednesday:

Thanks for sticking with this long post! 
Lots of love, Z xox

a million different mike leigh movies

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Oh wow, I can't believe i'm 3 followers away from 100. What? Absolute madness! I'm over the moon, thanks trillions and squillions ^.^ !
So I mentioned in yesterdays blog that i'd been away for the weekend and I thought i'd show you some of the outfits I wore at home while I was visiting my family.

This was one I wore mid week to meet some of my old friends for some coffee. (obviously recreated in my flat, haha)

I'm sticking my belly out? No idea.

Blazer: H&M - £30
Vest : H&M (old!)
Leggings: H&M - £5.99
Shoes: Primark - £8?
(I didn't realise I was wearing so much H&M!)

My bag is Mischa Barton at ASOS and was about £25/£30 I think?

stop telephoning me!

Top to bottom:
Sailor necklace - I can't remember where I got this from, i bought it in Cambridge. The anchor is broken but I still wear it!
Telephone necklace - Accessorize £6
Anchor bracelet - Acessorize, it was a gift
Close up of Primark shoes

Close up of the studs on the collar on the H&M blazer

I only bought this blazer two weeks ago and I absolutely adore it, it has a huge place in my wardrobe already. I feel like it goes with almost everything and it's a bit different because of the studs on the shoulders. I know it's not really the right weather for flat shoes but I adore these Chanel looking Primark beauts and could not resist wearing them! I opted for a simple face with just MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15) mixed with Face and Body in White, MAC Ripe Peach blush, Benefit Get Even Powder, Bourjois Liquid Liner and Gosh Lift n Shape Mascara.

I finished with the infamous GOSH Darling:

I'm so so naughty, for a blog with Lipgloss in the title I've hardly talked about my favourite lipglosses, argh! I'm having a lipstick month and I PROMISE there will be more lipgloss love soon <3

Tomorrow i'm off to see my friend Frank Turner who i've been photographing on tour for the last year and a half and the blog title is from one of his old songs when he used to sing in a hardcore band, Million Dead. I'm really looking forward to it. The other day I received the DVD from one of his live shows and theres a lot of horrible shots of me in it haha so if anyone loves Frank check out the bright blonde haired girl, oh, it's me! (Yes i used to have BRIGHT blonde hair - more about that later). 

Anyway just to finish these are a couple of shots that show the journey I've followed Frank on this last year and a half..

Both photos are copyright protected and owned by Zoe Louise Hellewell - do not republish. (please!)

Balancing on a table in Banquet Records, Kingston to selling out Shepherds Bush Empire. I think you'll agree, thats a pretty successful journey so far! If you've not heard of Frank before check out his music, you'll love it.

Do you own any of the items I featured? What do you think about H&M? How is your week so far? Do I deserve a slap on the wrist for not featuring my lipgloss more? Your comments make me smile! Let me know what you thought :)
Love, Z xox

can you create make up for theater using only drugstore make up?

Monday, March 22, 2010
Hello! Don't hurt me - i'm so sorry for not blogging in a week or so! I've been visiting family and pretty busy. I'm back though and I fully plan on writing as much this week - there's been a lot of new ideas floating around my head.

This is a little play around with a bit more adventurous make up - my take on Tim Burton's Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.
I absolutely loved how he worked to bring her to life and I wanted to experiment with the same make up in my own style.

So. This is the twist. I personally love Lauren Luke, Kandee Johnson, Michelle Phan etc and the amazing looks they do recreating celebrity looks or film/tv/theater characters but 99% of the time they use expensive make up, or make up designed for theater. Now I can't always get my hands on make up for theater - never mind afford it! And although I use MAC cosmetics I can't always afford to waste money on colours just for the character i'm doing. Also as a small child I had horrible allergic reactions to thick, cheap face paint, and since then i've not ever dared put it on my face again. (It burnt. And really, really hurt.)

So I decided to try and create some looks using only drugstore make up (brands i'd previously tested on my skin to make sure they were okay!), to see how they would compare. This is in practice for my own photography designs. As I have no make up credentials it's hard to get hands on make up cheaply, i can't go to conventions or use industry discount cards. I wanted to make something easily accessible to the mass market, and hopefully you can help me with good drugstore products I can use for others!

Edit: i forgot to actually include the products I used, doh! So anyway I used...
MAC Face and Body in White (okay not drugstore, cheeky but i did pay only £10 from a blog sale for it! thrifty!)
ELF Studio Concealer Stick
2True White eyeshadow (used to set the foundation)
Sample pot (cost 99p or something) from Lily Lolo pure white finishing powder
Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow in 58
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Rimmel Lipstick in 160 Rose Passion

If you like the look I am more than happy to make a photo tutorial. Let me know in the comments!
Again. I have absolutely zilch make up qualifications, zero, none. So it's a bit crap, i know. And the lines aren't perfect and the skin isn't as white as I wanted. Also I don't own a red wig and didn't want to pay a lot of money for one I wasn't sure i'd use again (not halfassed, i am a student!!)  Please bear those in mind when commenting! :)

Love, the Queen of Hearts :p xox


Sunday, March 14, 2010
Hello! Hope everyone is well and so far having a great weekend. Thanks again to all new subscribers and welcome to my blog :)

This evening I went for a few drinks at one of our favourite bars in Battersea, the Ink Rooms. It's a bar full of old 50s decor, jukeboxes and American memorabilia. The walls are painted with Sailor Jerry paintings and it's got this old punk and rockabilly vibe about it. I love it so much!

image taken from

Anyway this is what I wore out this evening:

Denim Shirt from Gap
Print tee from We Walk
Wet look leggings from H&M
Lace up heel boots from H&M

Quite casual as I knew we were only going to the bar but I love the wet look leggings with the denim shirt and heels. 

 dont forget the bag!

I'm really loving this denim shirt at the moment, it works really well as a lightweight jacket/cardigan over the top of long tops and dresses. I'd really love to sew some shoulder pads in for the ultimate 80s look! :)

My jewellery from top to bottom:
Rose ring - Accessorize £8
Plane necklace - Accessorize £5
Cross-stitch locket necklace - Urban Outfitters £4.99

And the London Lipgloss of tonight was:

Okay okay, I cheated. No lipgloss today. I really fancied quite a matte-ish finish deep red, so I wore MAC's Culture Class lipstick from Royal Assets 2007 (or 2008? i forget). Such a beautiful deep red, one of my favourites. I don't wear red much but this one is totally wearable and I think compliments my NC15 skin better than a brighter red. 

Unfortunately I can't make it back home (Cambridge) to see my mum tomorrow - or today now - which i'm quite sad about but i'm going back next weekend to see her instead :). Also I bought MAC Face and Body in White from Goss's make up sale and i'm so so excited to receive it next week. Because it's a pro product I can't get hold of it at all and i've wanted it for so so long! Other than that well i've not bought anything this weekend, wow, what a surprise for me! 
What are all your plans for the rest of the weekend? Are you embracing the denim shirt trend? What do you think about teaming denim with wet look leggings? Please let me know what you thought, I absolutely love to read your comments!

Lots of love, Z xox


Thursday, March 11, 2010
So last week I was awarded this award by the lovely Emily and I was absolutely thrilled! I write pretty much my thoughts/art/loves and I honestly can't believe that one other person wants to read it let alone 62! In less than a month I can't seriously believe the positive outcome and all the new people i've loved reading all about. I honestly had no idea there were so many other likeminded girlies out there and it's awesome. Beats reading Grazia on a lunch break! So lots of thank you's to all of you. Means a lot. *soppy ramblings over* haha

I've decided to tag eight - only some - of the blogs that have seriously inspired me and that i'm already addicted to reading. This past month has been awesome and i'm thrilled I chose to begin writing on blogger!

Lots of love, Z xoxox


just a second, it's my favourite song they're going to play

Tuesday, March 09, 2010
Evening, hope you are all well. So what i'm showing you is probably my favourite eye look at the moment. Without realising it I subconciously do the same eye look more often than I should (considering the amount of eyeshadows that often get neglected in my collection, sorry eyeshadows) and it's become one of my favourites to wear on a night out or even just for dinner in the evening.

Products I used:

MAC Shroom Eyeshadow
MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow
MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow
MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow
MAC Amazon Eyes quad (I used the Amazon eyeshadow - the golden highlight)
MAC Devoted Poppy 6 Classic Eyes palette (I used the Fall Deeply shadow - the black)
MAC Mineralize Quad in Oddbits
YSL Touche Eclat
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Corrupt 24/7 Eyeliner
Lancome Hypnose Mascara

MAC 213 Brush
MAC 217 Brush
MAC 219 Brush
Ruby and Millie angled Brush

First apply Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base to the eyes. Then take the 213 and apply Shroom on the inner third of the lid. Then apply All That Glitters to the middle third and blend softly with Shroom on the inner third. Take Sumptuous Olive and apply to the outer third, and softly into the crease and then blend gently into All That Glitters. Using Woodwinked through the crease with the 219 blend softly on the inner and slightly on the outer crease. Take Amazon and blend to soften out Woodwinked on the outer crease. Use the angled brush to draw a line over your lid on the outer third with the Black from Devoted Poppy and slightly take out in the corner to a point. Blend a little more of the Black over the top to soften the line into Woodwinked. Put Amazon underneath the eyebrow to highlight then blend the gold from Oddbits over the top. Use a tiny amount of Touche Eclat in the very inner corner of your eye to reflect the light.
Line the eyes with Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Corrupt on the lower lash line, and use the Gold from Oddbits over the top to add extra sparkle dimension!
Finish with Lancome Hypnose Mascara primarily on the top lash as opposed to the bottom lash.

(ew my skin on this flash setting! grey!)

And here are some of my face charts that I did yesterday, not sure how great they are, even after doing a few I still find putting powder on paper much more difficult than on skin! 

What do you think? I realised I forgot to take swatches of all the eyeshadows I used, sorry. If you'd like to see swatches let me know and I'll edit this post with the swatches in! Do you make face charts? For art, or just for yourself? It seems like a good way to keep track of your make up looks - although a couple of my friends looked horrified that i'd used MAC on paper! Let me know your thoughts :)
Lots of love, Z xoxox
*the title of this post is from Lady Gaga - Telephone

why i don't blog as much as i should

Monday, March 08, 2010
(sorry it's a terrible iphone photo - this is my lounge this evening! also not all my makeup is pictured)
Evening ladies! I'm still new to blogging and I'd love to give you an insight into a bit about me and the art I constantly work on creating. My flat is a constant pickle and a huge mess - and this is normally why. Just wanted to show you some of the planning going into my photoshoots and work, this is just one of hundreds of face charts, sketches, pictures and drawings that I put into my sketch book to create my own photographs! Phew. I'd show you the state of my bedroom but it's embarrassing, theres paper EVERYWHERE!

This is all part of my (ongoing) photography work and also a huge part of a brand new street art collaboration with a street artist using my own idea of "making over" a plain wall with real make up. Stay tuned and hopefully you'll see more (especially if you live in London, might pop up on a wall near you!) It's fair to say it's heavily influenced by Alex Box, i-D and Interview magazine (pictured - love that Penelope shoot!) I am planning on doing a huge huge piece in Leake St, London  - a legal graffiti spot - very soon, using lipstick, eyeshadow, powder, blush, lace, glitter, ribbon. If anyones interested in coming down or possibly helping out, let me know in the comments, i'd love to meet other likeminded souls!

So I can only apologise for the inconsistant blogging - hopefully you'll understand why - i'm probably dying under a huge pile of paper!!

Lots of love, Z xox

spring colour sunday

Sunday, March 07, 2010
Happy Sunday all! I hope you are all well and thanks again for subscribing, it means the world to me! I don't want this blog to turn into a list of things I buy but you'll come to learn (if you've not already) that I bloody love shopping! Dont we all, come on. Hehe. Anyway I promise i've written some other posts just need to take the photos. Looking to do more clothing posts and eye looks. Let me know if theres anything you really want to see, or enjoy reading on this blog. Your feedback helps me improve!

So I actually bought the MAC stuff on Thursday when Spring Colour Forecast hit stores - yes, I went straight from Wimbledon after work at 5 to Carnaby St by 6 - phew - and I picked up the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre, a 219 brush and an empty 4 pan palette. Not the most exciting of MAC trips I'm afraid but the Ripe Peach blush excited me so much i've waited until today to use it! For some reason I wanted the first time I swatched it to be for The London Lipgloss. I love sharing exciting make up things with you ladies!

Ripe Peach Blush Ombre (I know the background is actually Too Fabulous but I loved the card!)

l- r - palest part, swirled all round, darkest part
It's gorgeous. I can't even explain how beautiful it is in real life, i am over the moon I bought it. I own a fair bit of MAC but only one blush and it's Tippy from the Hello Kitty collection so this is a brilliant investment for me personally. A wearable peach that compliments my NC15 (or more like NC10) skin.

 I bought an empty 4 pan palette, honestly just because one day I went a bit loopy and bought Trax (pictured) in a pan instead of a pot?! God knows why. So it was just kicking around my make up storage in the little box they came in and thoroughly annoying me every time I looked. It was getting massively neglected as well. Thing is, I have more than enough pot eyeshadows to depot into a 15 pan but I'm so unsure whether to do it or not! So if I do i'll remove Trax and keep this one just for travel. Either way I had to store Trax somewhere because it was driving me bonkers! Silly, right?

Then I bought the 219 Pencil brush. I already have the 213 and 217 (aswell as the 168) and i'm slowly but surely trying to build my collection of MAC brushes when I see fit. I was grumbling in my last eye post I didnt own a good crease brush and I felt it was time to buy this one i've wanted for so long!

Can anyone recommend a good cheap place to buy brush rolls? The numbers on mine are rubbing off worse from being thrown in and out of a standing up pot I swear!

And today I picked up this necklace from Urban Outfitters. In the sale from £23 to £4.99?! Can't argue with that.

My boy swears by the Dark Angels face cleanser from Lush so I took this as the perfect opportunity to grab one of the Space girl bath bombs. Review later!

top to bottom - Peko chocolates (Japan), Mario Kart chocolate eggs (Holland), Whopper Balls (USA), Ghirardelli chocolate bars (USA), Caramel Kit Kat (Japan)

And all these goodies from Cyber Candy! Cyber Candy is a sweetie shop that sells candies and chocolates from all over the world. I am in lust with America (I honestly feel like my life at the moment is all priming and planning for a future over there) and so of course I get a little US fix from this shop! As well as loving Hello Kitty and Japan, this store ends up getting a lot of my money! Gotta love London for little gems like this.

So yet another cheeky and naughty shopping post. Gosh I am dreadful. What have you all been up to this week? Can someone please let me know if either Hush, Hush Rose Lipglass or Gold Dust lipglass from SCF are worth purchasing? Did you buy Ripe Peach? If not which Blush Ombre did you buy? Or did you feel it was overrated? Let me know! :)
See you later in the week! Z xoxox