Thursday, November 04, 2010

switzerland trip and flying the flag for aussie colour mate angels everywhere!

Hello! How are you doing? I've returned from my little Swiss trip with Del and Biffy Clyro! We had an incredible time however i'm stupidly poor now. Switzerland is a very expensive country indeed. However we saw the bright side, tried not to let it get to us and had a really lovely time anyway. Here are some photos of the trip:

The Biffy gig was incredible, we had a really great view and on top of that, i've now been invited to photograph Biffy at their London date - Wembley Stadium. Cue excited Zoe face! Very pleased indeed and really not only made the trip worthwhile but got me excited about the future again. Here are a couple of my Biffy photos:

What do you think?

Okay so i've been a naughty girl again, and dying my hair! This time i popped manic panic hot hot pink on top of my after midnight blue....and this is what happened..

Whoops - about to rectify those skanky chipped nails right now! It's much much brighter in person, and i'm a lot happier with it.
What do you think of Switzerland? Are you a big Biffy fan like me? Do we prefer purple zozo or blue zozo? Be honest!
Am now off to paint my nails with some wicked skull transfers i just bought, and plan my hairdo for the Aussie event in London tomorrow - who's going? See you there!
Lots of love xxxx


  1. You look like you had an amazing time.
    I've only had a breakfast stop in Switzerland but loved what little I saw. Huge beautiful lakes and snowy mountain tops. :-)

  2. You look lovely in these pics! New hair is gorgeous... I do think I prefer the purple!

    Biffy pics are truly AMAZING. I am so jealous of people who take beautiful photographs but glad you share a couple with us and ever so excited for you regarding wembley gig!

  3. great pics miss :) mon the biffy! love those lads. I was in interlaken and bern over the summer, and switz was defo theeee most expensive place we visited on our europe travels! but man, it is a bloody lovely place! glad you had a nice wee time xx

  4. Hello gorgeous - loved meeting you last night at Aussie :). Your hair looks amaaazing in these pics...And fairly jealous you get to see Biffy!

    Keri xx