Thursday, November 18, 2010

series: christmas party season dresses: LBD

Hello! It's nearly christmas time! Starbucks red cups are out, the Coca Cola advert has been on tv and the stores are filled with sparkle for your christmas parties. So that means it's totally party time! I'm gonna bring you my favourite christmas party dresses to give you inspiration to go out and be merry this holiday season. Now, everyone knows about the LBD, right? Of course i'm a big fan of this, every single girl has a gorgeous black dress that fits them and makes them feel amazing. I had one previously, but I think i've just found a new replacement. Now of course, this being my blog it's obviously not a plain black's got quite a lot of studs on it. But that's okay, we like studs here. Enter H&M, with this beaut:

Dress: H&M  £24.99
Shoes: H&M  £14.99
Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly £15
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood £85
Hair flower: River Island £2.99

I wore this outfit out in Kingston the other night, and while I was severely overdressed for a mid-week punk/emo/ska night, I loved it. H&M is rapidly becoming my favourite store, I always manage to find things I love in there.

I figured that seeing as the dress and the shoes were both quite a big statement I thought i'd go with minimal makeup, so influenced by Dita Von Teese I rocked the upper lid eyeliner and mascara, with foundation and a tiny bit of MAC's Creme Cup lipstick (although most of it had rubbed off by the time Del had got a picture of me I was satisfied with!)

Anyway thought i'd try my best to get on top of outfit posts again, as they're probably my favourite kinds of posts to do. What do we think of them and the idea behind this series? Gotta go find myself some sparkly party dresses now!

What do you think of my new LBD? It's pretty much my new BFF! Haha. How do you feel about H&M, do you shop there a lot or do you skip it? Is my hair still good? Haha. *is cheeky*
lots and lots of love, zozo xxxx


  1. Oooh look at you, you hot little mamma! Looking verrrry nice, I love it! And yes your hair still looks amazing!

    I do really love H&M although I sometimes wish they would sort of the merchandising a bit just to make it all look a bit more 'tidier' cos sometimes I just see the rails and rails of stuff and can't be bothered looking!

    And of course, I love my LBD! It's always there when I'm having an 'I have nothing to wear moment'.

  2. you look fit mrs :) love the hair, and the outfit is gorgeous xx

  3. Ah you look gorgeous...I love the shoes, the dress, the can't beat a bit of sparkle this time of year :)

  4. I absolutely lvoe your outfit! It's stunning, and your hair just looks better and better everytime I see it!

  5. That LBD looks great on you! I have yet to find one!

  6. It looks great, I love your headband xx

  7. wow~ gorgeous!! your hair color is stunning. and the dress fits you great!

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