Sunday, November 14, 2010

blondiesque at bartok camden

Hello ladies! So if you follow my twitter feed - and if you don't its right up there ^ - you'll have seen that last wednesday I tweeted that I was off to Camden to do some modelling for a Blondie themed fashion show. In the end it turned out to be more like a photoshoot but it was still awesome fun. Thought i'd share with you some of the professional photographers' photos from the night. These themed nights happen at Bartok all the time and I think i'll be doing another soon so please come down if you live in London, it's a wicked night out! The girl with the red hair and stripey tee is my friend Abi, and she dj's at Bartok every Wednesday. :) Anyway here are the photos!

totally proving that shades are not a good look for me^

It was so much fun! Not entirely sure about my face in any of the photos but there we go. I was more of the 80's punk Blondie, but I really think that Lizzie and Meesh (blonde hair + red dress girls) were the most convincing Blondies! We discovered that Abi (red hair) makes an amazing Gaga! Nevertheless we had a right giggle all doing each others makeup and fishing around for clothes to wear. :)
What do you think of the photos? Also pink hair is still a bit new, eek, do we like or do we prefer the blue? Hehe. Let me know what you thought.

Also i'm running a bit dry on blog inspiration at the moment, what kind of posts do you wanna see more of/less of? Please be honest, it helps absolutely loads!
Lots of love, Zozo xxxx


  1. I really like your pink hair, especially the purple/blue-ish tone to it!

  2. I love how you've put your hair up! The pink bit looks kind of like the icing on a black-hair-bun. :)

    For what it's worth, I like outfit posts.

  3. Looking lovely!! I definitely prefer the pink hair - you may have converted me from pink-hater to lover!
    As for inspiration, I honestly think what your doing right now is fab. Esp enjoyed to Aussie vlog so maybe even more of those?!


  4. Your hair looks gorgeous.
    Love the pics, looks good fun.


  5. your hair looks great pink! I prefer the peacock / teal colour but thats just what I would have :p stunning x