Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the mysterious colour changing korres lipstick surprise!

Hey ladies! You may have noticed I did a little spring cleaning on my blog, cleaned up the header and sorted the pictures etc. Hope it's a bit better! Anyway, the gorgeous team at Zuneta.com sent me a few products from their website to review, which you can read much more of here. I thought i'd share a little bit on my blog too, cause y'know, it's nice to share.

The shade they sent me was 17, which is described on the website as 'a fun rosy pink'

It's super cute. I love the packaging, feels classy and sturdy. Here's a swatch of it.

Lets stop right there. Anyone spot anything wrong? Yeah...that's not pink...that's red! Let's try it on and see what happens...

Yup. Definitely red! Weird because it's totally pink in the pot...
I can't get my head around this lipstick at all, it's gorgeous and it's moisturizing but it's totally not the colour I expected it would be! Has anyone else had this problem with Korres lipsticks? Has anyone else tried the Korres Guava lipstick, what did you think? I'd say it's definitely worth £15 as it lasted hours, even with drinking, but I just wish it'd been the pink I so wanted - although I do actually really like this coral/red colour, I think it goes quite well with my hair! What do we think? Please let me know in the comments!

Lots of love, Zozo xxx


  1. I got a lot of Korres products last Easter from one of my mum's friends and the Guava lipstick was one of them, and I thought it was fantastic! The shade I got was 25 and it looked nude in the pot, but slightly pink on application (very light pink though). I still love it. All of their packagings are wonderful and I love their masks (specially recommend the Wild Rose and the Honey ones). The face powder is quite nice too.
    17 looks great one you by the way♥ :3

  2. That colour suits you hun! :) xx

  3. Very strange. The colour does look good on you though. Dying to try korres products xx