Monday, October 18, 2010

a little update on me, my hair, and my life!

Hello lipgloss eaters! How are you all doing? I hope everyone is well and enjoying the half term if you're a student or a teacher. I've actually decided to take a year away from Uni - with the possibility of not returning, in the hope of finding a new job. So things are a bit hectic and also a bit emotional for me at the moment, as i'm struggling to come to terms with this last minute decision. More on that later.

So as we know i've been sporting a blue Ramona hairstyle for quite a while now, but what happens when you don't have any time at all to re-dye it?! Well, surprise surprise, it goes a bit green. Totally not intended but i'm trying to make it work as much as possible...

 sorry, all the photos in this post will be from my iphone - it's new age fun with a vintage feel ;) (please click that its bloody hilarious)

So yeah, it's gone a bit of a funny mint green shade. Bleh. Nevermind. I'm trying to rock it as hard as much as possible, and i've been using my KMS Hairplay Dry Shampoo inbetween washes to try and keep it fresh and actually i'm a bit of a dry shampoo convert. I hated the stuff until I tried the KMS one, and yeah it is like £18 a go but it's wicked, and it's not left my overnight bag since - and I pretty much live out of my overnight bag! You know when Gaga once said that she had no home and her suitcase was her home, i'm a bit like that at the minute. *sigh* Anyway yes I am planning on dying it again, however now i've seen Katy Perry's new hair i'm pretty tempted to do it like that...

Ahhh Perry I do heart you. Thoughts in the comments box please! Where should my hair go next! You decide!

So it's been bloody freezing in the UK these last two weeks and I decided I really wanted some kind of fur, the plan is to buy a fur coat (faux of course darling!!) and I went into Topshop and saw this gorgeous shawl/scarf and could not resist.... here's me playing about with it for a 50s inspired video shoot for Mr Turner:
Also featuring my new favourite dress ever - £25 from H&M and i've worn it out so many times I can't even remember how many now, but it is gorgeous. It has the option of straps which are coated in those cute little studs that are on the top of the dress (that you can just about see!) The scarf from Topshop was £25 and again, ive not taken it off! It's come with me everywhere and it's so so nice to snuggle up in on the cold train in the morning to work.

So as mentioned earlier i've not been at Uni. I'm currently travelling back to Cambridge every Saturday night/Sunday morning, staying with my family and i'm interning at a music pr company in Cambridge on Mondays and Tuesdays, then returning to work full time at Gap on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. While helping Del with gigs in the evening and photographing other gigs in London. Phew! However I am pleased to report that the internship is going well, I love it! Spent all day today checking press releases and generally feeling the buzz about Weezer and it's so exciting. Hopefully soon I can do this full time because I absolutely love it.

Speaking of Del..

On the 30th October we're travelling to Switzerland as i've been given the opportunity to photograph Biffy Clyro and Oceansize and i'm so so so excited I might burst! Biffy have sold out Wembley arena so to photograph them will be incredible, and it'll be nice to spend some time with Del too. We spent saturday night wrapped up in the duvet, watching x factor and eating cookies and it was absolute bliss. Very happy at the moment with Del and I hope it continues that way! :)

Biffy Clyro

Anyway there's a little Zozo update! Mega sorry i've not had much time to comment and read your blogs, I miss it. Hope everyone is well and I hope to see you soon! Lots of love,
Zoeeee xxxxx


  1. I actually really like the green hair! My sister's always dying her hair different colours and I think green works! I love Pezza's pink/purple hair!!
    Glad to hear you're happy at the mo, I'm getting a bit sick of uni so I kinda get where you're coming from with having a year away, sooo tempting!!

  2. Lovely lovely pictures of you, Missy. Can't believe that you get to photograph Biffy Clyro!!! I love them. That's amazing, well done, sooo happy for you. Have the best time. x

  3. Great update mrs :)
    So very jelous of Biffy Clyro- I need to get good at photogrpahy or something, lol
    Loving your hair, it does look AMAZING blue, but you sre rocking the green shade aswell.
    Hope the internship carries on being good, and the life plan sorts it self out

  4. I think the green hair looks gorgeous! Especially with the curls you have in the first picture (: Could you do a tutorial on how you got your hair like that? Do you think it turned green due to using a certain shampoo/product ? Love it! (:

    Congratz on the big deal! Hope you let us know how it went.

    xx Nik

  5. @Laura Ooh what colour has your sister got? Is she using the same dye as me? I know I love her hair too, dammit I love everything she does :(!! Thankyou, yeah, well the thought of going back was giving me the fear and I just thought, you know what, I shouldn't have to deal with this so i'm not going to, i'm gonna do what I love and to hell with it!! :)

    @alison aww thankyou eeee! i'm so excited about it. del has known them for years so he's just like psssffh whatever whereas i'm jumping up and down like BIFFYBIFFYBIFFY! haha

    @steph glad you liked it, blog was so due an update, i felt bad for neglecting it so long. poor baby blog. thankyou, i'm so pleased to be doing the internship so it's a big step hopefully in the right direction, just hope i can impress them enough!

    @nik i was actually thinking about doing my first youtube tutorial about the curly hair cause thats how i've been wearing my hair everyday! i'll squeeze some time in to do it later this week? :) i think it went green cause when i bleached it, i still had black dye in my hair, and the bleach didn't take completely. i realise now it's like hair was ginger so the blues faded into the orange and gone green. i plan on tripping to cyberdog again and picking up this white lightning kit they've got that should then make my hair proper electric blue! but yeah excessive shampoo addict here, totally does not help >.<! and thankyou so much :)

    thankyou all for your kind comments, its so nice to see that even though i dont blog as regularly/consistently any more people still read! means a LOT to me. fankcooo *smiles* xxxxx

  6. She used to dye her whole head but the bleach was wrecking it so she's now got brown hair with just a bleached bit of fringe which she changes quite often, I think she uses Directions? She's got loads of little pots of hair dye scattered around her room haha. At the mo she's got a purple fringe but before that it was blue/green and before that it was pink! Pose-y pic of her here

  7. Ahh, I went to See Biffy in concert! They're awesome, I hope you have an awesome time.

    L x
    Half Dressed