Friday, September 10, 2010

hello hair, meet manic panic (&tips on keeping dyed hair good!)

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? I've got some time alone so I thought i'd show you all what happened when my hair met it's new best friend, Manic Panic hair dye, and talk you through how I became a little peacock head :) I heard about it from recommendations on my last blog post so THANKYOU all so much, it's been amazing!

Okay so firstly I'd bleached my fringe the other week, it didn't work particularly well but my hair had a lot of dye on it from previous well, life. So I firstly used a dye that stripped the colour out of my hair (the previous blue i'd used) which worked quite well and turned my hair a fit shade of grey! I forgot to take a photo haha, but i think that's probably for the better ;). Here was the lightening dye that I used:

Anyway that over I then bleached my fringe for the first time, which dyed my hair a seriously fit shade of orange!

(edit: haha at del in the background! oh hiyar!)

Ooh nice work scene kid! Haha. Anyway I then bleached over it again and it went a lot whiter, which was great. This is the bleach I used (I swear by this bleach to be honest, I used it for a couple of years to bleach my whole head).

Then I used the Manic Panic hair dye, which looks like this:

I picked mine up from Cyberdog in the stables market in Camden for £11. :) Anyway here are the results!

What have I been using to keep my hair feeling silky silky smooth and awesome bouncy? Well I spray it after every wash with...

Have you used Manic Panic dye before? What do you think about it? Do you use these products, if so what do you think of them, do they make a difference to your hair? I'm so excited about my new hair! So much love. Hope you're all well,
lots of love, zozo xxx


  1. I love it, blends well with the black as well. Are you dying it every week and a half now?!

  2. thankyou! almost, i'm trying not to but it's hard as it keeps fading and i'm addicted to it looking proper bright haha. it's staying like this for a bit, the manic panic has been great at not fading so far. :) xxx

  3. I thought the blue fringe was good, but this is ace!! LOVE IT.

    Could you do a review of the Body Shop hair product? I stumbled across it today but i dunno if its really worth the money. Would rather stick to something that works fine for me than try out something new xp

  4. I used Manic Panic once, but my favourite dye for funky colours was Directions. They did a perfect green that seemed to stay in for ages, and it was only £4 from a sort of hippy shop/piercers. (I'm talking in the past tense because I've got a sensible job now, boo!)

    I think I'll try that Aussie spray, my hair goes flat about 2 minutes after I put wax in it these days, it's getting too long I think.

  5. LOVE IT :) It's super pretty!
    You've made me want to do something with my hair now

  6. You look goooorgeous :) I wish i was brave like you to do anything with my hair! haha xo

  7. I have used Manic panic when I was younger to get red hair, but it quickly turned orange )= If I remember well, this is not a permanent hair dye, is it?