Monday, July 05, 2010

summer hats and stereo rose msf

Good evening! How are you all? Thought i'd share with you todays outfit of the day, a casual relaxed summer affair but with a twist - introducing my new friend - the straw hat! It's actually a mens hat, proof that any hat can be worn in different ways.

bit of a lookbook pose sorry about that!

Tee - Rock Rebels Los Angeles £25
Shorts - Gap £38
Converse - £30/£40 i forget
Hat - Gap £15

I absolutely love this weather, oh my life, isn't it just glorious?! 

So today I was waiting with baited breath to see if my MAC order I had placed on Thursday (on my iPhone, in the middle of the forest with hardly any signal, I will not repeat this again!) had arrived. 5.30 rolls around and i'm starting to get annoyed, cause I know full well the DHL warehouse is actually in Vauxhall, and I live in Clapham Junction (it's about 3 minutes on the train) and I go past it everyday! I knew my parcel was sitting in there and I was thinking if i don't get it I will actually go round there and ask for it! 6pm and it's at my door! Very pleased. Being a super good girl (i'd spent £50 in MAC last week lol oops) I only ordered the one item i'd wanted for a while. What was it? Obvs...Stereo Rose MSF. I wanted Petticoat as well but only went for Stereo Rose for now. Here it is in all it's glory:

Isn't it beautiful? I see it as a very rich coral pink with just enough shimmer to make a lovely glow. Here's some swatches:

Welcome to my MSF family Stereo Rose :) I absolutely love Mineralize Skinfinishes, I love the look of them on my skin and the feel of them and i'll be honest, they look gorgeous in the pan too! I would recommend them as they're pretty suited to most skins, but they always release a few different shades so you'll find one that suits you! I now have a highlight, and a soft blush and a more pigmented blush. Perfect!

left to right - perfect topping msf, stereo rose msf, porcelain pink msf

Here's how Stereo Rose compares to my other MSFs:
top to bottom: perfect topping msf, stereo rose msf, porcelain pink msf

Mac Mineralize Skinfinishes retail at £19.50 for 10g of product.
What did you think of In The Groove? Did you buy Stereo Rose? What are you wearing in this weather? How do you feel about straw hats? Haha :D
Let me know! I love your comments lots.
Love, Zoe xxxx


  1. 1. I bought Stereo Rose, I love it.

    2. I have a few other MSFs and feel much the same as you do. Previous to Stereo Rose, By Candlelight was my favourite. I might go back for Petticoat.

    3. I love straw hats!!


  2. :O you got stereo rose!
    It was all sold out when i tried to order it :(
    amazing outfit by the way :)

  3. Hey lady.
    you look awesome as always. Loving the hat :)
    I am sad we missed each other at TBS too.
    we def need to get together...maybe when you come down my way for your tat we should rendezvous with Leanne as well. :)yay!

  4. Stereo Rose is so pretty. Cute outfit. xo

  5. Love this outfit, its gorgeous!
    You so hot I'm jelous :)

  6. Stereo Rose is so perfect and pretty! I have porcelain pink and it doesn't show up at all on my NC15 skin. :(