Tuesday, July 13, 2010

five models own swatches, 2000 trees and what i've been up to!

Hello! How are you all? Oh i've missed my little blog so so much. It's funny that when you're in a full routine and busy at uni/work you find more time to blog than you do when you have days off. I'm still doing the classic Zoe thing of filling up my days so much i'm 1. late for everything cause i'm always in a rush and 2. constantly thinking about what on earth i'm doing/where i'm meant to be! I've been staying mostly with my friend Amy as she's my bestest and she also dropped a massive bombshell on me the other day by telling me she was moving to Ibiza :( only for a while though but i've been making the most of Amy days as they're getting fewer and fewer as time goes on. I'm really enjoying this summer so far though, although a tiny bit upset the football is over. Ben and I both got a little teary as we watched Spain lift it up to glory. It's just been such a lovely way to start the summer and there's been such an incredible atmosphere around London and i've truly loved it.

I'm constantly writing little bits of blogs on the 'notes' section of my iPhone on the go and i've got such a big list of things to write it spills twice over. Unfortunately i've a feeling this might be the last one (unless I can squeeze a cheeky one in tomorrow) until after the weekend as I'm off to 2000 Trees festival with Team Frank Turner (which mostly consists of me, my friend Jack, and Frank). But I'm going to keep a two day festival diary about my outfits, experiences and coping with seriously minimal makeup...eek. Needless to say i'm very excited although a tiny tiny bit nervous cause i've no idea how to get there just yet...i'm sure it'll get sorted. I'm sure... *does nervous twitching*.

However, I was very excited the other day to receive my first Models Own order. I bought one in store when it came to Boots in Oxford Street but this time I bit the bullet and ordered five brand new shades.

The shades I chose were Pink Blush, Raspberry Crush, Purple Poppy, Silver Spangle and Matt Black. In the photo above the first two look really similar but they're not at all, it was late at night and I had to take the photos indoors so no nice natural sunlight. 

Pink Blush

Raspberry Crush

Purple Poppy

Silver Spangle

Matt Black

swatches of all of them in pure sunlight! the people on the street thought i was bonkers..

Purple Poppy

Pink Blush

Raspberry Crush

Matt Black

Silver Spangle

They're all lovely, some take quite a few coats to build up but the matte one especially gives a gorgeous finish. I am a magpie so anything with sparkles is a win, so of course I love Silver Spangle! Pink Blush is a true rose pink compared to Raspberry Crush which looks red in some lights, berry in others and almost fuchsia in others! Purple Poppy is a true rich blue purple. They are all lovely and i'm pretty pleased with the colours I picked! I'd recommend Models own polishes but like I said I do find it takes a few coats to build them up. They retail at £5 each. 

And just to finish this blog post here are some photos of my life lately with little annotations :) Enjoy!

copyright zoelouisehellewell the tremendously talented talons (mouthful!) play brudenell social club, leeds.

dancing the night away with Amy

 spending precious time with my boy <3

partying with my gap girls: ezgi, me, amy, serife

me beating my boyfriend at bowling in center parcs

3pm world cup drinking with my best lad alex

copious amounts of these with Amy!

copyright zoelouisehellewell. pretty much living in my friend del's shed

playing football with ben's nephews

 sitting by the river in kingston with abi, scar, dave, del, jarryd, ed et al

meeting my brand new cousin izabella :)

but overall, getting into the swing of things, having fun and generally loving the summer :)

All the photos above are my own so don't steal them please! :) 
What do you think of Models Own? Will you be at 2000 Trees? Any recommendations for bands I shouldn't miss while i'm there? Tell me about your summer! Until next time,
Love, Zoe xxxxxx


  1. Whoop for Brudenell Social Club! My friend lives just down that road :)

  2. pink blush looks lovely!
    Lauren x

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  4. I have an award for you :)

  5. Aww your cousin is adorable!!!

  6. You probably get this a lot, but you look SO much like Carey Mulligan who is also beautiful!
    I love your blog and keep updating!


    :) x

  7. The nailpolishes are so pretty and it looks like you've been having lots of fun! :)