Tuesday, July 06, 2010

aussie aussome volume tribe party!

Why hello there lovely ladies! Two weeks ago I was so lucky to be invited to the Aussie Aussome Volume Tribe party :) I was allowed to bring my friend Amy with me so we both trundled along excitedly waiting to see what hair treats were lying wait in store for us courtesy of the gorgeous ladies at Aussie & 1000 Heads PR.

me on the left and amy on the right - picture by harriet

particularly bad photograph of my outfit, cheers amy!

The outfits we wore! Upon arrival at the venue we were greeted with warmth and a lovely glass of champagne. We got chatting to some of the other girls from the tribe including Sophie, Harriet and Dena among others. We were then told about Aussie's volume haircare range and how to use it, aswell as sharing some tips among each other. 

 amy submitted quite a few hair tips! :)

We were then so luckily treated to a new hairstyle from the swinging 60s. This of course was a bit exciting for both Amy and I as we're both big lovers of this era and well, big voluminous hair! Amy opted for a gorgeous beehive look while I went for a full on Brigitte Bardot.

We both could not have loved our hair more! I didn't want to leave as I knew it meant i'd have to wash it out, noooo. We were also spoilt and treated to the products used on our hair and i'm telling you i've not put mine down since. I've actually used both products every single day since. I will pop up a review and tutorial on this hair style soon :) Here are some more photos of the night and i'd just like to state that all of these pictures and all of the ones above (apart from the two in my flat) are from the 1000 heads Flickr account which you can find here.

I had a truly amazing evening, thank you so so much Aussie and 1000 Heads, in particular Emma ! I was honoured to be invited and I had an amazing evening and I speak on behalf of Amy aswell whos eyes were opened to the world of events and has now been inspired to write her own fashion and hair blog so well done Aussie! Thanks millions! Here is the official Aussie blog on the event.
What do you think of Aussie? Have you been to any of these events? What do you think of our hair after they worked on it?
Love, Zoe xxxx


  1. Aw it looks like you had a lovely time :) Your dress is so pretty, look gorgeous in the photos! xx Michelle