Sunday, June 20, 2010

unrelated and belated

HELLO! LOOK! I'M ALIVE! Haha. I'm so so sorry for being so bloody useless and all I can really really say on the matter is my life has caught up with me, over taken me and i've been running a breathless relay for the last week or so trying to catch it up. I've been staying at my friend Amy's for a while and i've been out and about every single evening for the last few weeks. Ouch. I've got some seriously exciting things to talk about but i'll come to them later! First lets talk about what everyone is talking about - the World Cup!
Now, as a avid pioneer of casual event fancy dressing the World Cup is something that not only gets me excited about football but about the summer, my friends and above all the love for my country and team. I chose to celebrate this in the only way I truly knew how...definitely creating my own football strip!

What do we think!? :D (totally not serious, btw)
England Shirt - JD Youth Boys £25
Shorts - Gap (so old i forget)
Socks - Internationale £2.99
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood £87

Okay so it's not a complete England strip but I totally think that is the fun of it. I went to a football themed party on Friday and everyone loved it! I love getting into the swing of things and being a huge part of such a cultural event. I sneakily slipped into an England shirt for little boys (now I swear i'm not this small but boys aged 7-8 are getting fatter, no seriously?) and some old Gap shorts i've re-discovered and I really wanna encourage as many of you girls all over the world to get up and get down and get outside (little cheeky Frank Turner lyric for you) and become part of the beautiful game. You don't even have to watch the football or know about it but the atmosphere around these areas is incredible and I know it's the same all over every little part of the world right now. I got creative with young kids shirts and old shorts and some cheap socks and even if you just paint your nails you'll begin to feel excited :) !
Another reason why i've been MIA is that I've really been trying to watch every single game. Currently three games a day is proving a feat and I have had other "life" events getting in the way, haha, but not only has it pushed me to get outside with my days but has helped me re-connect with so many of my friends! I'm absolutely determined to prove this summer is gonna be a scorcher and i've never really felt happier than I do right now.

Went off on one a little bit there but that's just a tiny insight into my mind at the moment, haha. Here's some more silly football photos...

There you have it, beauty queens can be football queens too! :)

So what has thelondonlipgloss been up to then hmmmmm?
Well she's been daring, and brave and signed up to a lot of new things she wouldn't normally. First thing - going to a festival completely and utterly alone. Terrifying no? Yeah, I am a little, I wont lie. I've got my first EVER festival VIP/Photo pass and i've not stopped grinning like the Cheshire Cat since. I'm off in mid July to Cheltenham to photograph a lovely festival called 2000 Trees. It's kinda my first "real" work if you will, i've stringent guidelines, rules and regulations. I've been told where and when I can stand on the stage, where I can go and more importantly what must be collected from me after the festival. This is pretty huge for me and i'm stoked beyond belief to have been invited. I will keep a little festival diary while I am there and publish it all here so you can all see my lovely skanky face with minimal makeup! Haha. :)

This weekend I went to Leeds to photograph a band called Pulled Apart by Horses with my friend Del. I had an amazing time, this is so so so shameful but i've never been up north in the UK and I absolutely loved it! Got to meet and hang with the bands and take photos and just generally a wicked time. I'll pop some photos up if anyone is interested :)

Also a lovely friend of mine called Elliott Morris just released a new cd which features full inside/outside artwork by me so hop on over to his myspace and check him and the cd out. He plays rhythmic solo guitar, comparable to Newton Falkner - and Ell is only 18. He's brilliant, and i'm sure he'll be a success very very soon!

Phew I feel like i've been typing forever.

Anyway, let's talk about what's coming up as part of thelondonlipgloss over the summer:
Summer fashion (obvs!)
The essential girl's festival guide (but do check out alittlebird's too - huge inspiration)
Ben talks male 'beauty'
Prom make up and fashion
Style Icon series

And of course a whole host of random reviews, eyeshadow tutorials and some more outfit looks that'll keep you busy all summer!
So just to clarify; i'm still alive, and i'm gonna come back and get you better than ever! Teehee.
Can't wait. Kisses, Zozo xxxx


  1. ZOE! adoring your version of the footy strip, wahooo! and YES the kids are getting chubbier and chubbier.. Wee chubbs :( Boo! but yay for us! So glad you're back *double thumbs up* and WOWZERS about the festival - what a faaab opportunity, fair looking forward to your posts about it! ♥ i envy your legs, you look mega lovely! can't believe we're halfway through the year but the sun is a lovely warm welcome ^___^ xxxx

  2. Loving the outfit!
    And gosh you were in leeds! i leave an hour out of leeds! its such a lovely place hope you enjoyed it up north lol!!
    thanks for being my first follower by the way :)


  3. So much better than manky nylon footie shorts and trainers which look gross on everyone.

    Why DO people wear trainers? They are vile. Bleuch!

    Your take on it is well cute.

  4. THERE you are! :D
    Haha I can't believe you're so tiny that you had to wear a boys 7-8 top... mental!
    Glad you've been having a good time whilst you've been neglecting me ;P naahh just kidding. SO HAPPY FOR YOU About the 2000 Trees thing! Can't wait to see your festival diary :D

  5. You're adorable! I absolutely need those shoes!


  6. @*jules I absolutely swear. was a little worries about writing that i bought a tiny boys shirt incase people thought i was being funny about weight or whatever (i eat lots!!) but i picked it up and i was year old boys are not this fat I SWEAR?!?! seriusly awkward times when i bought it, the guy knew instantly it was for me..eek. thankyou so much, i cant wait either !! :D

    @SOPHIEsticated it's quite alright! hope you're enjoying blogging. oh awesome! yes i absolutely loved leeds, i want to go back now. its a shame we only had the one overnight stop cause i felt i could have spent much longer there.

    @jaljen haha yeah i'm not a big fan of trainers. i like my hi-tops but they're not even close. actually i dont think i ever wore trainers as a kid...only a little kid, those boss ones with the little lights in! thankyou, i couldnt resist to be honest, especially with my shoes being the right colours for england..haha :D

    @leanne i'm alive!! ive missed my wee lil blog i have. not neglecting you!! aaaahhhh thankyou, i'm absolutely thrilled, im terrified but thrilled. so so excited! im wondering whether to take a tiny little camera so i can record..hmmm..wonder if i can find an iphone app that does that... *ponders* :) xx

    @dreams that glitter thankyou! :D hehe. i would recommend them so much, really comfortable. dont think i'll be taking them to 2000 trees though! haha

    thanks lots for the lovely comments all :)
    we're singing for england, en-ger-land!!

  7. Very cute football inspired outfit! Kids clothes do seem to be getting bigger!!