Friday, June 04, 2010

style icon - pixie lott

Hello! How is everyone? I've been in bed all day today sporting a horrendous stomach ache, thanks for that, oh-so-reliable body! But nevermind, I still wanted to blog and to blog i am!
So now for a second part of my style icon series, this time focusing on the sweetheart that is Pixie Lott. New to the british music scene last year she caused a storm and went on to be one of the more successful acts of the year earning her a reputation as a pop songstress! Pixie has a very boyish style but maintains her girliness by wearing cute dresses and shorts but often teaming them with slouchy tees and converse. I love her style and I think it's quite easy to replicate and make your own :) I actually went a bit crazy and made two Pixie looks because I love her style so much! This first look was inspired by a mix of Pixie's looks, her love of shorts and blazers but in my own style.

Top - Topshop (last season but back in), £16
Shorts - Gap (from about three years ago!), £25
Blazer - H&M (last season) - £15
Shoes - Converse - £40

And the second look is a play on her boyish style but maintaining girlie charm!

Top - - £35
Shorts - Gap (this season) - £32
Shoes - H&M (last season) - £25
Headphones - £25

I love both of these outfits and will be wearing similar things now the sun is out in full force! I think Pixie has a fun playful look that you can really experiment with, band tees, slogan tees and shorts or cutesy dresses. I actually own one of the bracelets Pixie wears in one of her photos and I scoured my flat to find it but couldnt anywhere :( waaa!

And just to refresh your memory here are some photos of the real Pixie!

What do you think of Pixie Lott? Do you like the looks i've created inspired by her? Do you like these Style Icon posts, if so i've got more planned including Kristen Stewart, Fearne Cotton and others! If you have suggestions you think would suit me let me know! Or that you wanna see :) Let me know what you think about this post.
Lots of love, Pixie Zoe


  1. You look gorgeous! Love the more casual look with the Converse and headphones. So cute, and very Pixie indeed!

    I really love Pixie. I like that she's a bit curvy and normal looking. I want her to be my friend! :) x

  2. You little stunner you! I would have guessed the first look was Pixie inspired without having read any of the post :) and I LOVE the shoes in the second look! xo

  3. i still have those gap shorts too!! x

  4. You and Pixie are super pretty :)
    I love these style icon series. Looking forward to Ms Cotton's debut. I heart her.

  5. Despite wearing denim shorts and a T-shirt I manage so NOT to look like you or Pixie Lott.

    Could be the 30 years age difference and a few pounds (er, stones!!).

    You look great. I'd love to see a splash of bright colour though. I know she looks mostly neutral/monochrome but there is that blue bangle AND those purple hot-pants are amazing!

    Love the way you're standing nonchalantly in the road! Best shot.

  6. I LOVELOVELOVE the first look especially, that jacket is TO DIE FOR. I don't really like Pixie that much in terms of music and stuff but I admire her style.
    Love these style icon posts - can't wait for more! X

  7. @Jen thankyou, I think she'd be a great friend too! i like her cause she wears high street clothes and mixes things up tomboy/girlie and i think she'd be a right lovely girl! haha

    @leanne haha not fact! but fankcoo. oh yay im glad you recognised it was pixie inspired, means im doing something right haha!

    @cat yes they're so so old school! i still like them haha :)

    @milly well, Pixie is super pretty! i love fearne too, i wanna buy some of her clothes from i just cant decide what will suit me! thankyou, im glad you like them :)

    @jaljen never too old to dress how you feel! yeah, i do have some purple hot pants now i think about it, aaah dammit. i think my boyfriend was getting annoyed with constantly going back out, then in, then out and taking photos with neighbours watching. i might explore it again though. thankyou :D xoxox

  8. I adore Pixie Lott's style- and you've captured it so well! You look fab x

  9. Fab looks, those shorts make your legs seem to go on forever!!

  10. Love the idea! Your look is very pretty, chilled out too.