Monday, June 28, 2010

just to let you know of tomorrow i'm off on holiday for a week so there wont be any blogs up until next Monday! super sorry cause I really wanted to get some blogs up as a lot of exciting things have happened but I guess i'll just have to wait! Haha. Hope everyone is well. Here are a few pictures from the events I attended last week, both will be up with full descriptions and blogs next week once I return :)

picture courtesy of Harriet

I was lucky enough to attend the Aussie party for Aussome Volume last thursday and I got to take my bestie friend Amy which was aussome....haha...and we had much fun and both had our hair styled into beacons of shining volume that neither of us wanted to take out. Blog to follow!

And also The Body Shop event which was lots and lots of fun! Leanne, me and Sarah pictured above had so much fun getting covered in glitter and learning about their new products....

Blogs will be up asap I promise. Stay tuned and take care, enjoy the sunshine!!
See you next week, lots of love, Zoe xxxxxx


  1. Hope you have a great time on holiday x

  2. I looove the dress in the second picture! :D

  3. Have a great holiday! Glad you had fun at the events! x

  4. Jesus shitting christ I look like a big jelly monster next to you two! Hahaha

    Have a lovely holiday, we will miss you! xo

  5. Helloo,
    I found you on 'Where's Harriet' and straight away loved your hair! I've always wanted a sort of 'Scene' cut but becuase i have woefully volumous hair, it would all be too much! Looking down you posts, colouring your hair was DEFINATELY a great decision, i love it!
    Im a COlour Mate Angel, so maybe we shall meet on of these days :)