Wednesday, June 09, 2010

barry m pure turqoise vs barry m blueberry ice cream

Hello! Hope you're all well! Sorry my posts have been a bit short lately, I honestly think I blogged myself out! Haha. Just needed a little break. I promise there will be more blogs soon and I really really need/appreciate your feedback cause it's not only a huge help when writing posts but helps me progress. Also as a little sidenote, I will have a competition at 300 followers and as you can see i've only got 9 to go so get linking! Hehe. :)
Anyway this post is a little comparison that I noticed and thought might be quite helpful for some people. The fight today is between two of Barry's shades, we have Pure Turquoise in the blue corner and Blueberry Ice Cream in, well, the blue corner..

(i didnt realise until after i took this and put everything away that the sticker was upside down haha sorry!)

So as you can see they are already quite similar, but from first impressions Pure Turquoise is well, a bit more turquoise. On the nail they both apply very similar, good quality coats and strong after one. (The photo below is one coat)

pure turquoise on the left and blueberry ice cream on the right

So you can see that while Pure Turquoise is different it still kinda looks the same. Now I bought Blueberry because I was bored in Superdrug (always deadly) and it wasn't until I got them home that I realised the similarity. They're still different enough to the eye to be slightly different shades but if it's that kind of colour you're after i'd go with one or the other, skip one, as they're pretty similar. I'd say to anyone that already owns PT not to bother with Blueberry but then at £2.95 a pop, it's not a huge disappointment ! :) Cheers Barry!
Do you own either of these shades? Was this post helpful to you at all? Sorry it's a bit short and sweet!
Lots of love, Zozo xoxoxo


  1. I really like the pure turquoise one, I don't think Ive seen it before actually! Might keep an eye out tomorrow in superdrug!

  2. I love Barry M's Blueberry... in fact, think I'll paint my nails with that tonight! Yay!

  3. As a seasoned polish addict I see a lot of difference in them :) haha, I much prefer Pure Turquoise, I like my blues to have a little bit of green to them!

  4. @lily yeah its so so pretty :D

    @jen hehe yay! glad i swayed your decision ;)

    @leanne well you would! haha cheeky! hmm i see difference and then i think, aahh similar! but im not a complete varnish-a-holic so one is probably enough for me. i see enough green in the other to seperate though. dunno im rubbish at colours, id be dreadful in a dulux shop "BUT THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!!"


  5. I own the turquoise one and resisted getting blueberry ice cream because i figured they'd be so similar.
    I couldn't justify owning both!

  6. you can totally see the difference on your nails . I think i prefer Pure Turquoise, though, blueberry ice cream is more of a sky blue than turquoise

  7. i have both, and cyan blue... and all 3 are verrrry similar!! loved this post x

  8. I had blueberry. But didn't use it. It's in my giveaway for my non-UK readers. The UK peeps (peep) will get Misas.

    I am over cremes. Cremes are over.

  9. Thanks for this :) I have the turquoise, but I'm always eyeing up the blueberry every time I go past a Barry M display - I never twigged that they were so similar!

  10. I prefer the turquiose though they are pretty damn similar!

  11. I love the turquiose hun! they suit u a lot. I really love your blog. Hope you could follow mine as well. thanks so much