Tuesday, June 01, 2010

bank holiday fun times and some cheeky mac

Hello! How is everyone?! Oh i've missed blogging this last week, i'm pretty glad to be back in the driving seat again. Last Friday I went over to Cambridge to see my family as we had a few things planned and had a couple days off work so it's always nice to chill out for a weekend. In the end there was absolutely no chilling out at all and we ended up rushing from one place to another, every single day. It's so difficult to find enough time to fit in seeing everyone we want to see :(. I had such a lovely weekend though, seeing lots of old school Cambridge faces from my old college days at a gig in the Junction, seeing old St. Neots friends in the local pubs and generally having such a lovely time. It's such a lovely feeling to pop back and know there are always old faces smiling at you - you truly know your friends when they stick by you forever even though you don't live at home any more and i'm so fortunate to have such a lovely group of mates who still come and party with me whether it's London or St. Neots! I love them!

Anyway, I had a wonderful bank holiday. How was yours? What did you all get up to? Please let me know in the comments, I love to hear your stories - it's all a big part of this community and it's great!

While I was in Cambridge I simply couldn't resist checking out the new MAC store, and to my surprise it was very quiet and surprisingly easy to shop, the MUAs left me alone to browse and grabbed my items really quickly - i'd recommend it if you're in the Grand Arcade area. As my biggest MAC weakness is and will always be their eyeshadows, I went in with one intention only - get some new eyeshadows! Haha. So in the end I picked Shimmermoss in the To The Beach packaging and then Swish as I don't own a pink like it.

 Some swatches of the eyeshadows without flash then with flash :)

Overall I didn't think a huge amount of the To The Beach collection, i'm not completely sure it's my style though, and none of the other eyeshadows popped out at me. I think it's a nice way to get into summer but it felt a bit lackluster to me. I do like the green packaging in the flesh though, it looks a lot better than it did on the Internet. Shimmermoss is one of the permanant ones and it really is a lovely shade, I think seeing the little shell in real life was what tipped me over the edge to pop it in my purchases and I do think the little seahorse design is lovely, so don't be put off by first impressions!

So those are my tiny MAC additions, what do you think about the shades I chose? I'll do a look using them later in the week (i'm quite tired at the moment so let me off....pweez?) How did you rate To The Beach? For me it's not as good as Style Warriors but it's still a "nice" collection. Nothing wow but some nice bits to own.

Coming up on The London Lipgloss, I have some eye looks planned, as well as some more summery (weather permitting) outfit ideas. Look out for a new post popping up later in the week aimed at male beauty, including reviews and information! I will be adding more to my Style Icon series, this time focussing on Pixie Lott, and also a review on Topshop's nail varnish as I picked up the most beautiful shade of polish i've seen for a long time! Please please please let me know if theres ever anything you prefer to read or anything you want to see me write, It means a lot to me to hear your input & feedback!

 look at all the sparkles - oh em gee. i LOVE IT!!!! :D

Also i'd like to say a little thankyou to Shopaholic for mentioning me in their blogs to check out, you can read their original post here :)

Lots of love and bank holiday kisses, Zoeeee xoxox