Sunday, May 23, 2010

vivienne and me

Hello! Isn't the weather simply glorious?! I'm thrilled the sun has come out, I can only hope bank holiday next week is the same *crosses fingers* :D. How were your weekends? I spent yesterday at work all day and then we went out for my birthday celebrations. My friend took photos so i might upload some when I get sent them...depending on how horrific they are..haha. Anyway, here is my outfit from what I wore out last night :)

Dress: £25
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood at £88
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood

So as you can see I went a little Viv crazy, this is totally not how I normally dress at all, i'm very much a high street girl through and through but as I got some birthday money I decided to treat myself to the shoes which I love so dearly (but had to really justify to my mum), and the necklace was a gift. I have to say, the shoes are incredibly comfortable even though they are made of rubber and I would certainly buy another style if I had the money! I love this dress so much, the ruffle skirt and stud detailing is gorgeous. It was an absolute steal at £25 on as well. I love this site!! I felt really nice all night especially in my shoes and it was a lovely birthday treat. Heh. *blushes*

I actually curled my hair loosely and did dark brown smokey and gold eyes, but this was re-created today and my hair is rubbish and my make up minimal...sorry, boring! Hopefully when I get the photos there may be at least one nice one of me I can update this post with lol.

And heres a lovely lil close up of the shoes :)

What do you think of the boohoo dress? Do you shop on boohoo too? Am I justified in spending all that money on the shoes (a lot of money to me)!? What do you think of my outfit? Let me know, your comments makes me beam with happiness. Cheeeeeeesy!
Enjoy the sunshine, lots of love Zoe xoxoxox


  1. i've never heard of boohoo before.. but i think i'll definitley have a look now, your dress is lovely! and the shoes are rather unique, i've not seen any like them around. very sweet look. :) x

  2. Aw your outfit is gorgeous! Those shoes are so beautiful :) I'm glad you had a nice night out! XO

  3. i think you can definitely justify the vivs when the dress was such a steal - especially as you look so pretty! i love your look here, hope you had a great birthday too!

    my favourite trick is to catch up on topshop/miss selfridge bi-weekly, then head over to boohoo or missguided and see if they have any replicas. cheap? yes. savvy? yes!

    i've just started following you and glad i did!

    elle x

  4. That dress is sooo lovely, they do some really nice things on boohoo but unfortunately they seem to stop just before chubby girl sizes haha :(
    Hope you had a good time! xo

  5. I love your dress! And those shoes are to die for. <3

  6. The shoes are so ridiculously beautiful! Are they still for sale on ASOs? I need them! Oh and I love Boohoo. They do some really great designs, and are cheap too, which is a bonus :).


  7. you look sooo lovely! i absolutely adore the dress & i'm totally in love with those shoes!! :) xxx

  8. Love the dress, u rock the whole outfit very well! The shoes are LOVELY, i need them in my life please :)

  9. I have never been overly in love with the shoes, but they look truly amazing on. I want a pair now :(

  10. I love the prices on boohoo but find it hard shirting thought their website for things I like :S Your shoes are great, Personally I couldnt justify it but heyho!! hehe xx

  11. Those shoes are fab, and am very envious of your viv necklace!! Love boohoo, pretty clothes at good prices, whats not to like!

  12. Love them, and that dress is really cute too xxx