Saturday, May 15, 2010

topshop make up

Evening! I'm afraid i've jumped on the topshop make up wagon too! Oops. Contrary to what a lot of other bloggers have been saying I actually really love the packaging. I like that twee topshop font and "drawn" style they adorn all their shops/bags/clothes and now make up with. I think it's a great design, it's very obvious to any consumer it's by topshop and it stands out in my make up collection. I was in a massive rush when I bought these items unfortunately so I ran in with little time and grabbed a couple of the crayon pencils.

The top one is the SS10 Crayon in Sun Shower, and the bottom is from the Core collection, and the shade I chose was Midnight.

Sun Shower is a true yellow gold and Midnight is a deep navy blue with silver twinkles.

 sun shower


without flash, midnight and sun shower

with flash - midnight

with flash - sun shower

Sun Shower cost £7 and Midnight cost £6, which i'd say was fair pricing for the pencils. Because it's topshop i also got 10% student discount :). They glide on smoothly and softly - almost comparable to the Urban Decay 24/7 pencils. I've worn them both on my lower lash line for a work day and they smudged only a small amount although Midnight did smudge more than Sun Shower. There wasn't any fallout from the glitter in Midnight and it's not overly chunky or overbearing like the Barry M kohls. I was so impressed with these i'm going to pop in again and pick up and couple more. They also had regular kohl pencils which were £4 and were just as smooth and creamy. 
Thumbs up from me so far Topshop although you're not quite MAC! What do you think about topshop's make up collection? Is there anything in the collection you'd recommend to me? Are you going to pick up anything from their make up range? Let me know, your comments keeps me a-smilin'!
Zoeee xox


  1. i also have sun beam and think its great. i smudge it over eyeshadow to add some gold shimmer x

  2. oo I've not seen a review on either of these two products!
    My topshop isn't stocking the make up so I'm going to order some online, I think i might add sun shower to my basket :p

  3. The packaging is so cute, we love the polka dots!

    Cellardoor Magazine

  4. Those colours look absolutely stunning, really good review hun. Thanks xx

  5. Love the look of that navy crayon!

  6. This is the first review I've seen on the eye crayons so thanks! The gold is a lovely colour, Iwonder if its at all greasy? I find some in that kind of formulation can be.
    Love the blog!x

  7. I've just come across this blog today and I love it! I go the sun shower crayon and I'm going back for the midnight crayon and one of the blushes. I got a lip polish too which I like! Great blog, love Andy Samberg!!!!!